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Dick Cheeney

The irrational attacks on the Obama administration over the past several months by former VP Dick Cheeney took a turn for exposure yesterday. While appearing on the ABC show, “This Week”, a couple things became very clear. Cheeney’s very sharp, and very inappropriate for a former office holder, attacks on the administration were dulled down. Either somebody got to him and told him to throttle back or because this is the first time since the attacks began that he has met the media in person. Most of his attacking has come from his house, e-mailed to Politico, therefore he didn’t have to answer any questions. The other thing that became clear is his irrational responses to questions of the difference between the handling of the shoe bomber and the “Undie-Boy” bomber. You can’t respond by saying it’s a different time and circumstances. Sorry, Cheeney, not this time. Another point to be made is that despite his attacks, the current administration is following almost all the standards, policies, and procedures of national security set by the Bush administration. Two major changes instituted by the Obama administration are the discontinued use of “advanced interrogation tactics”, a code term for torture and water-boarding, and the banning of foreign retention of captured “accused terrorists”.

President Obama has been way too slow in moving detainees from GITMO to American jails, charging them with a crime, and trying them. These people have been held in Guantanamo for up to many years without being charged! Part of the Obama plan was to show the world, lead the world, to a more decent humane way of handling these situations. The thought being, in the future our allies will be much more supportive of us on the world stage, and that the countries without a stake in the world action will become stronger allies of ours because we comport ourselves in a more civilized way. The message to the enemies is, we will kill you or catch you and try you, and if found guilty, will either sentence you to death or to life terms in a super max prison. Attorney General Eric Holder’s biggest problem was when he made such a big deal of trying Khalid Sheik Mohammad in the South Manhattan Federal Court. He did this without consulting with the President first. By making a big production of this situation, he has awakened all the wing-nuts to what a “the sky is falling” disaster that will be the result of trying KSM in New York City. I guess they thought it might alert al Qaeda to make NYC a target for a terrorist attack! That would be a novel move. Now Mayor Bloomberg even caved in to the tea-baggers.

Cheeney is desperate to re-write the history of the United States from 2001 to 2008. I guess even he has figured out what a disaster he and Bush caused. But, as Vice President Biden said yesterday, “you can’t re-write history and you can’t have your own facts”. Biden, forced to get in the gutter where Cheeney lives, only long enough to cover Cheeney’s false accusations, did a great job of showing, with facts, how much the present administration has accomplished in this “war on terror”. They have killed 12 of the top 20 targeted persons of al Qaeda. They have kept the leadership of al Qaeda on the move so much that they can’t get anything accomplished. To Cheeney’s delight, Obama has pumped over 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan to fight a non-existent enemy. He has increased to attacks by drones nine-fold since Bush left office. This is where Obama is losing his base. The drone attacks are being carried out in Pakistan, not Afghanistan. So the U.S. has engaged yet another sovereign country in a military action. The problem with the drones is they kill many innocent Pakistanis too. The “surge” in Afghanistan produced a mis-fired rocket that killed twelve innocent Afghans. This is really an internal conflict. It’s the corrupt Karzai regime versus the Taliban. The Taliban only want control of Afghanistan, not world dominance.

Another question came to mind yesterday while watching the Sunday talking head shows. What significance does Liz Cheeney have? She was a bureaucrat in the State Department under Bush. Why do media types give her a venue to spew her father’s revised look at history? I always knew Dick Cheeney as being an evil dark-side operative, but I think his daughter might be right of ol’ Dad! Cheeney himself still loves the war option. He’s backing Obama on the greater occupation of the sovereign country of Afghanistan, and without saying it directly, wants to engage Iran in a war. It doesn’t end with him. He can’t even show remorse for the tens of thousands of people killed in Iraq. The is a chicken-s**t war hawk, that took seven deferments to avoid being drafted and sent to Vietnam. He loves, with the rest of the chicken-s**t neo-cons, loves to send our troops into harms way. This is not a very stable human being.

David Brooks, of the New York Times, said it kind of right yesterday when he noted the distractions and the moral grounding the politicians have caused by making national security a political talking point and wedge must be ended. These discussions need to be carried out by the nations leaders behind closed doors. Those involved must be willing to give and help work toward a united front on security matters. Biden had to go public yesterday because Cheeney’s relentless attacks needed a response. But it should be over now. Both sides need to shut up, stay out of camara and microphone range, and get to work. If Liz Cheeney is going to seek public office, why has she tied herself to this polling champ? Dick Cheeney’s approval rating was 19 when he left office. He is a meteoric star now having risen to an approval rating of 35. She better hurry, when stars get bright you know what happens next! Thank you.
Cam Obert


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