Security advisor-John Brennan

This has truly become the most ridiculous political fight over a non-issue I have ever seen! Granted, I will take the side of the administration on this one. This is a non-issue because everything, for the most part that the administration has done since taking office has been correct or has followed precedent with regards to national security. The progressive wing of the Democratic party is even angry with him for following so closely the steps the Bush administration took.

Lets take a look at some of the things this administration has done to in terms of our national security. They have been pulling combat troops out of Iraq and turning the policing of that country over to them. By doing so, we were now able to increase our combat troop presence in Afghanistan by 30,000. The administration seems to believe this was necessary, I believe it is not. The enemy which we seek is al Qaeda. They are now headquartered out of Pakistan. Why put troops in Afghanistan? The polling in that country suggests the natives do not like our occupation there. The Taliban is not our problem nor is it an international problem. They have intentions toward Afghanistan only. It’s an internal Afghanistan policing issue, not ours! Anyway, I digress. So we now are attacking al Qaeda posts in the remote mountainous area of Northwest Pakistan. We are doing this primarily with unmanned drones. The downfall here is the collateral damage. How many innocent Pakistanis are being killed and injured by these attacks? The right-wing has been very supportive of the troop increase in Afghanistan and the drone attacks in Pakistan until now. The new problem with the righties is that we are killing too many of the members of al Qaeda instead of capturing them to question them to get more information. Two problems with their premise. First, Pakistan is a free sovereign state. We can’t just go and start attacking. Second, the area where al Qaeda is hiding out is one of the most difficult ares on the globe to mount a ground attack. It is too mountainous and the climate is most inhospitable. It’s almost as if the right-wingers want their blood and they want to drink it too.

One of the first measures the administration took was to drop foreign ground retention of “prisoners”. When not on American soil it is deemed to easy for abuse and lack of oversight. One of the first things a country must understand when dealing with an enemy combatant is torture, abuse, and mistreatment only fuel the flames of hatred. Besides, in our society, we like to believe we are civilized and do not partake in such brutality. We need to be the beacon of decency for the world.

With the closing of Guantanamo, there are two benefits that people need to understand. First, the detainees will get faster trials, rather than languishing in a jail for months and years without being charged and tried in court. Second, it moves the detainees to our country’s soil so that they will not be forgotten and that due process can be done. It is in the Constitution, and it does not differentiate between domestic or foreign prisoners. They will be held in secure lock ups and once processed through and taken and tried in court, they will be prisoned in a federal super max facility. This is all a bunch of political huey the right is making over this.

The Constitution of the United States says that all persons detained for any reason will be given their rights. If a person is charged with a crime they will, by law, be mirandized. This is not open for discussion! I’m still don’t see where these wing-nuts are coming up with this pure BS. Yes, even the Nazi war criminals arrested in our country, people convicted of some of the most heinous crimes ever done to human beings, were tried in federal courts with legal assistance. It’s the law of the land! That’s what makes America great. We are not blood-thirsty savages that treat people like dirt. We are better than that and the current administration gets that.

Here is what I would recommend to make our national security better including the steps the administration has already taken. We need to bring back the troops and close down bases around the world. Probably not all of them, but why do we need over 100,000 troops stationed in Japan, South Korea, and Germany? I think it’s more important to spent the money on airport, seaport, and border security. Definitely start investing in full body scanning machines at all airports and passenger seaports. Join the best parts of the Departments of State, Defense, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NSA, and TSA into one unit that only works on matters of national security. That single agency would report to one leader who, in turn, would report directly to the President.

The leadership of our country, regardless of who it is and what political party they represent, must continue to reach out to nations that do or at one time present a danger to the security of our country. Some of these groups may never change in their feeling about the U.S., but we have to keep trying. It will show all the countries in the world that we are a decent and honorable people. If some choose to keep going in their barbaric savage ways, so be it. We just don’t need to continue “baiting” them to make them want to attack us in some fashion. It’s time to put more emphasis on our internal national issues.

If we can continue bringing the economy back, the focus needs to switch to taking care of us. We need a sharper focus on education, not just lip service via some pointless “no child left behind” crap. We need to understand the purpose of quality in education. It’s got to be considered an investment in the future of our country, not just processing kids through and making sure their teachers are teaching them how to take these meaningless tests. It’s a world economy, and because of our failing educational system, we are falling out of competition for our share of that world economy. Why can’t the tax-cutting Republicans view education as an investment?

We need a comprehensive health care program. A healthy populace is certainly more productive. If you look at the countries whose economy has passed ours, you’ll notice they all have some sort of national health care in place. Again, for you conservatives, it’s an investment. You like investing, right?

In conclusion, the security of our country is incumbant upon the administration and Congress to manage. This is very serious business and should not be played like a political football. John Brennan, of the Homeland Security Department and national security advisor to the President has a tough job to do. I believe, given the problems and playing field he has to work with, all aforementioned, he’s doing a great job. What he does should not be publicised nor politicized. When the Congressional leadership of the Republicant party publically goes after him, he must respond. Senators Mitch McConnell and Kip Bond as well as Congressman John Boehner all laid an egg this week with their false claims. All of their claims were shot down, some even by news reporters. They are all ill-educated on this issue and for the security of the country’s sake they need to shut their pie-holes! This is part of the right-wings never-ending disbelief that Barack Obama is our President. They won’t acknowledge that fact and will do anything, including a total obstruction of the Senate work to make their point. I say the Democrats need to call their bluff and let them filibuster the workings of government to a stop. Then we’ll see what happens in November! thank you.
Cam Obert



  1. Dan Bennington Says:

    Wow, for a non issue, you sure wasted alot of your precious time on it…:)

  2. tomobert62 Says:

    Why, I’ve heard it said that the WMD’s are in Yemen.

    Your older brother

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