Even him!

Contrary to popular right-wing talking points of late, any person being held by authorities in American jails, including military jails, is mandated by constitutional law to be read their rights and given access to legal counsel. What they are doing is simply misleading their flock and fear-mongering. The right-wing pundits, Rush, Hannity, Beck, et al, I can see doing that. These are not very well read people, and like Sarah Palin, rarely take the time to learn the facts before the hate spewing begins. It’s the elected officials, the Republicans, that scare me with their false claims. These are people elected by their constituents to be educated on all facets of American governance. This really bothers me to hear Eric Cantor(R-VA), John Boehner(R-OH), and Mitch McConnell(R-KY), claiming the “Undie-Boy” was interrogated for only 50 minutes before being read the Miranda Rights. So these right-wing nit-wits made such a stink about this, that the national security agencies finally had to had to correct the idiots from the right. The Undie-Boy has been interrogated extensively, his family has been interrogated in Nigeria and apparently the results have been very valuable so far and the FBI says they will get a lot more from him and his connected sources. Now the wing-nuts fly into a rage because the security agencies have reported on their progress. This after Senate Minority leader Mitch McChinless publicly chastised the FBI for being incompetent.

What has become so obvious is the Republicans in Congress have become so scared of the wing-nut right that they are now incapable of doing anything positive for the country. They are now so deeply stuck in this obstructionist mode they have no way out without exposing themselves as total spineless morons. I’m not sure why they would follow the uneducated lead of Rush Limbaugh when trying to fight a battle that simply does not exist! What the Pentagon, State, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, NSA, and TSA, with Eric Holder and the Department of Justice are doing is what they are supposed to do. The method is mandated in the Constitution of the United States! There have been three detainees tried and convicted in military courts in Guantanamo to date. Two of the three were given light sentences, they served them and were released back to their home countries. One of those two was the deeply hated and heinous criminal driver for non other than Osama Bin Laden himself! All three of these persons were read their rights and “lawyered up” before the trials. IT’S THE LAW. PRISONERS MUST BE GIVEN ACCESS TO LEGAL ASSISTANCE! As an aside here, since the September 11 terrorist attacks, 150 prisoners that were found associated with the terrorists from the attacks have been tried and convicted and are serving their terms in our super max security prisons. All total, there are 370 some convicted terrorists in prison in the country now. Our federal court system has a 100% conviction rate of those who were tried before these civilian courts. There were never any security problems or risks to the communities where they were tried nor have any of them escaped from our prisons. The only reason there is an outrage about moving the trial of these next few to Lower Manhattan District court is because the extreme right-wing, led by Faux News, etc. made it an issue to attack President Obama. Again, you notice they are totally ignorant of the facts here. The established track record shows a 100% conviction rate, no court-house shenanigans, and all 370 some prisoners tucked safely away in federal super-max prisons. Why don’t they ever bring up those facts while they’re yelling “FIRE” in the movie house?

Let’s draw some important facts here. The right has coined the term”enemy combatants” as a way of getting around the fact this is not a declared war. Congress is the only body or entity of our government that can do that. Congress or anybody for that matter, can’t declare war because the “enemy” is spread all over the globe and is not a particular nation. So, let’s stop claiming we are at “war” with the people from around the world, including ones within our own borders, that are out to destroy the United States. This is another reason of proof that imperialist occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan were pointless, not to mention the tragedy of millions of innocent lives taken and the trillions of dollars wasted in those fruitless efforts. Thank you “W” and Cheeney. Both chicken-hawks that never served in combat in their lives!

In conclusion, this is fear-mongering at it’s very best. You take an already, emotion-charged large issue, national security, find an aspect of it to fuel the flames with false claims, Miranda Rights and civil versus military court, and you get the unenlightened populace to follow. That is the tea-baggers, the birthers, and the town hall hooligans. It was their leaders, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, Michele Malkin Bill-O, Glenn “Lonesome” Beck, Ann Coulter, Britt Hume, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, Roger Ales, Rupert Murdoch, Tom Tancredo, et al. that incite them, encourage them, and I believe advise them against reading, studying, researching, and understanding the issues. It will only confuse them if exposed to facts! I only comment with truth, facts, and observations. I throw in funny nicknames, most of which I steal from others, to keep your interest. I only name-call when it warrants it. If I call someone a moron or an idiot it’s because they don’t see or use the facts I point out in the narrative. I’m not mean, but I’m blunt and I’m honest. I will call anyone out, regardless of their political preference, for being stupid or short-sided or not doing their work that their constituents elected them to do! Thank you.
Cam Obert


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