With two events occurring over the past weekend, I must choose one on which to comment. I will give my thoughts about the Super Bowl today and save the Palin tea-bagger carnival for tomorrow!

I am going to buck the trend here and say I am disappointed at the result of the Super Bowl. I could be a fan of the New Orleans Saints, but as usual, the media has taken that ability away from me. Through the playoffs the media hype about the Saints has grown out of control. Okay, New Orleans had Katrina. Okay, the Saints have never been to the Super Bowl in their 43 year existence. Okay, the city of New Orleans is so poor and beat up they need a lift. With that being said, keep in the perspective where it belongs! It’s a game played by millionaires. Again, it is a GAME!

Unfortunately, the media hype took the joy of being a Saints backer away. The classier thing to do on a national basis, is to cover the game sans bias. I feel bad for the Indianapolis Colts. A quality organization that built and maintains that quality by doing things the right way. They have a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback in Peyton Manning, in fact by the time he retires, he may be regarded as the greatest to ever play the position. They are more of a grinder type team. For whatever the reason, they were flat for this game. Normally, Manning is sharper and normally their defense is much better. I think they forgot to bring emotion to the game. The Saints to their credit, took advantage of the Colt mistakes. This was what they did for most of the season. Either the Colts watched the film from the Saints prior two games or the Saints’ Gregg Williams did not employ the dirty, cheap shot, injure the hall of famer quarterback tactics in the Super Bowl.

I didn’t really find this years game to be very entertaining. It seemed to lack good strong defense. The teams’ best defense was to stay on offense. I find that kind of game to be boring. It is fun to Drew Brees working, because the Saints schemes allow him to be “flamboyant” in his play. Manning on the other hand, just a masterful mechanic. I believe the Colts will be there again next year, but I can’t say the same for the Saints. This is more a testament to the Colts organization than a rip on the Saints. I believe the Saints next year will have to face the two best teams in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. In my opinion, the Vikings were the best team in the NFL this year, with the Cowboys and Packers right behind them.

The point of this commentary today is that we need to keep football in the proper context that a “game” needs to be. I believe in the need for the existence of sports. The positives of having a sports franchise in your city far outweigh the negatives. It’s good to rally the citizens around a common goal. It promotes good community feeling, the operative term being community, not on a national level, except for sports involving international competition, i.e., the Olympics, Ryder Cup, Walker Cup, etc. When the national media chooses a sports entity within the U.S. to follow, report on, and support as nauseum, I believe it turns people against that team or individual. Examples include, the Cowboys of the past few decades, the Irish of Notre Dame, the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Patriots, this years Saints, and of course, Tiger. National news/sports media needs to be unbiased in the coverage of sports within the U.S. They can cheer-lead all they want with the Olympics, etc.

I was not a fan of the NFL for many years, I lost interest with the retirement of Daryl Lamonica from my once favorite team, the Oakland Raiders. That was a game of hard-working blue-collar players. It’s tough to watch these mega-millionaire prima donnas perform now. My interest was rekindled with the arrival of the greatest quarterback of all time, Brett Favre, to Minnesota. I’ve been a Favre fan for years, but couldn’t outwardly show it before because of the Packer fans.

I’m a huge fan of Brett Favre. I thought he was sensational this past season, easily the MVP of the NFC. He made so many of the Viking players better and he made the team better. His influence on Tarvaris Jackson was noticed as well. Jackson did great this season in his on field experiences. Brett might retire now or he might not! Oh well, life goes on. I don’t really care if he does or doesn’t return, it’s just a game! He’s played for all these years, he deserves to take his time to decide. I hope he comes back, but I’ll get by if he doesn’t. I have him to thank for my renewed interest in the game. Pro football is a game, that’s it, nothing more! People, you are adults, life doesn’t begin and end with the fortunes of your favorite football team! Get over it! The fact the Saints’ are the home-team for a beat up broken down city is just that. The whole country doesn’t need to be coached into supporting them because of that from the media! Thank you.
Cam Obert



  1. Shelly Karnis Says:

    We don’t agree this time. You should have run with the Sarah Palin commentary….so much more fun, she continues to confirm that she is a true nut case…but so was Hitler so we really can’t take our eye off the ball….speaking of the ball….. “Who Dat”

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