When I woke up this morning I was greeted on the local newscast with the news of my candidate for Governor, Steve Kelley, dropping out of the race. This was very disturbing because I feel he never got a chance. He didn’t have the money to compete and therefore couldn’t get his message out. I believe if the democrats and independents had really taken the time to listen to Steve and his message for the state, he would have gotten much more support. His is a message of merging coalitions. Take the best of all the scattered parts and ideas and make a policy. It’s much less divisive and more inclusive for all concerned. Steve has very strong ideas about the improvement of our sagging education system. I think it’s the best plan offered by any of the candidates. Obviously, his overall progressive stance would turn the state in an upward direction. What we need more than anything in the Governor is honesty. We have survived in Minnesota for two terms of Tim Pawlenty twisting facts and truths for his campaign to preen himself for a higher office. The no tax hike has been a fraud. Just look at what going out your paycheck and ask where did the tax cuts go? They went from the state to increases in local taxes to cover such non-essential things as education, infrastructure maintainance, etc. Well, back to the drawing boards for this writer to find a suitable candidate for Governor.
Raging lunatic Michele Bachmann is at it again! Now she is strongly opposed to potential legislation to heavily tax the millions of dollars AIG is about to pay its executives. Because AIG has refused to pay the government back the bailout money that was handed them, now the government is forced to take it back via taxation. What is she thinking? This is just the stuff the tea-baggers are enraged about and she is going against them. I’d say its pretty clear who is bankrolling Bachmann’s existence in the political world. For proclaiming being a part of what was once called the “moral majority”, this is certainly an immoral and unethical choice of bedfellows she has made.
C’mon 6th District residents, wake up! This woman is an embarrassment for the state of Minnesota and the USA, and it’s clear she serves the powers of Wall Street and not the concerns of Main Street, Minnesota.
I actually laughed yesterday watching Senate Minority leader Mitch McChinless(R-KY) talking about the process the security agencies are using with regard to the “Undie-Boy” bomber. He is still sticking by the right’s talking points, that Undie-Boy was only interrogated for 50 minutes before being read his rights and shuttled off to jail. Truth is, and McChinless knows this, through coöperation from the kids’ parents, since being read his rights and getting “lawyered up”, he is now providing the FBI with lots of useful information about al Qaeda in Yemen. As a point of fact, any detainee, whether in a civil court or military tribunal, by law, is allowed legal representation! So Senator McChinless, how about some truth, how about an end to the destructive negative rhetoric, and how about learning about the issues before engaging your mouth? I’m stunned everyday at the insidious hate that has infected the Republican party. It’s sad and baseless. This is what happens when the leadership of the party, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer, et al, preach this non-stop!
I learned today that Senator Richard Shelby(R-AL), has personally held up 70 appointments. It has simply been because they were appointed by the Obama administration. Politics at its worst! The U.S. Senate has really become a dysfunctional institution. The minority has become the party in power. They have already filibustered over 100 bills before them since Obama took office. In order for the Republicans in the Senate to learn a lesson two things need to happen. First, the Senate needs to restore the true filibuster and abandon the “shadow” filibuster that is in use now. The “shadow” filibuster makes it too easy for the minority to disrupt the business of government. The filibuster requires the person filibustering to hold the senate floor by talking non-stop. As soon as the Senator stops talking a vote can be taken immediately. The Senate did away with the traditional or real filibuster for fear it would bring the business of the Senate to a halt. Second, the Democrats need to keep bringing bills and legislation to the floor. Let the Republicans filibuster as much as they like. If the Republicans are successful in bringing the government to a halt, they will get killed at the elections. Remember when Newtie Gingrich shut down the government over a disagreement with a Clinton budget proposal. The Republicans were slaughtered in the next elections. Americans want our elected and tax paid elections to work, not senselessly obstruct.
They right may be enjoying a rise in popularity now, but the signs are starting to point to a massive collapse in their positives. You can only obstruct, say no, refuse to do your job as an elected tax payer paid official, and not offer options and alternatives to the proposed legislation for so long. The tax payers want to get this economy moving and they don’t really care who does it. The administration has blown a hole in every objection the right has had with them in terms a national security. The right-wing soon will be holding on to threads to keep their obstructionist movement going. The country will be pounded by President Obama about the lack of civility in the discourse of politics and government. Believe it or not, the people of this country do care about the process as much as the philosophy. It’s the process that creates the distrust in politicians and government. The people will soon demand the right-wing to get on board with governing the country. If they don’t, it just may be a good November for the Democrats! Thank you.
Cam Obert


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