Dana Perino-Bush Press Secretary

    According to the neo-cons, the eight years under President Bush were a wonderful time of  “Camelot”. Our country didn’t suffer a single attack on the homeland, according to Bush press secretary Dana Perino, now of Fox News. They thought all they had to do was spread a lot of lies about Iraq being a dangerous enemy of ours on the verge of launching weapons of mass destruction toward us. It worked. We invaded Iraq, a sovereign state, based on lies. That alone should have gotten Bush and Cheeney impeached! When it became clear there were no weapons of mass destruction, the story was switched to Iraq birthing and harboring terrorists therefore it was the duty of the U.S. to invade. That also proved to be a lie. Under Saddam Hussein, terrorists were not permitted to be in Iraq.  Well once that story was invalidated by the truth, Cheeney just claimed that Hussein is a bad guy and needed to be removed! Based on that, why didn’t he move on to the next sovereign free state to “remove a bad guy” from leadership. I digress!

    Ms. Perino, in stating the country was completely safe from enemy attack from January 2001 to January 2009, forgot a few quite significant events during that time span. I may be wrong here but, wasn’t the country attacked on 9/11/01? How can she have forgotten that? It’s only been the rallying call for the “right” since the day it happened. Talk about spinning a tragedy into political gold! Even the television show, “Family Guy”, parodied the call of 9-1-1 when Lois Griffin was running for mayor. She tried an issue based campaign but was getting nowhere, so Brian the dog convinced her to start responding to every question with 9-1-1! It worked. The citizens rallied behind her and the 9-1-1 cries! Sorry, I digressed again! How about the infamous shoe bomber? Remember, it took President Bush six days to respond to that debacle. It was weird too, in that the “liberal press” didn’t say a thing about the tardiness of the President’s actions. Then official Washington was under attack for several weeks from anthrax. Another terrorist attack. I guess by killing or attempting to kill people with a harmless looking white powder doesn’t count as an attack. 

     Beginning with the Clinton administration, the problems of the national security community have been, at least, discussed. There was and still is a huge disconnect when it comes to the CIA, FBI, NSA, Defense, State, the White House, and since its start, Homeland Security. We now have seven bureaucracies with over-lapping responsibilities.  Talk about a cluster-f**k!  Whether it’s pride, conceit, or selfishness, these agencies are not on the same page. The powers-that-be for about the past fifteen years can’t seem to get it fixed. There really is a simple solution. Take the ant-terrorism parts of these agencies, merge them into one agency, make them responsible and accountable for their mission and duties, have them report to one person, who in turn reports to the President! Simple, right?

    Since Barack Obama took office as President, the U.S. has had one attempted act of terrorism. That was Christmas day courtesy of “Undie-Boy” on flight 253 to Detroit.  Obviously, he failed. His grundies got a little charred and more than likely his sex life may be curtailed for a while. Too bad for him, but he should be healed in time for his life in prison, where I assume he’ll need his equipment. The first call for firings came within hours when Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano proclaimed everything was handled properly. Technically, she was right. “Undie-Boy” was immediately brought under control and hauled off to jail. That was correct. But, the right-wingers blamed her for not knowing all the screw-ups leading to him finally being stopped. This was where the problems with our seven security agencies comes into play. They had  knowledge of the kid’s father reporting him to the embassy, they had knowledge of him being in Yemen, they had knowledge of the kid’s failed attempt to get a passport clearance to England, and they had knowledge that U.S. bound airline passengers do not have to be screened by the newer state of the art airport security scanners. The problem is these valuable bits of information were never connected, so Homeland Security had no idea of what really was going on preceding the burning Jockeys. But, according to the righties, Napolitano should be fired and Obama should be impeached because of this situation. It also didn’t help things when the person to head the TSA’s nomination was held up by a single imbecile, Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC), because of his concerns about the employees at TSA organizing. God forbid, we should have happy and contented employees to protect our airports and seaports. Oh, the nominee is an African-American man, LA police chief and very highly qualified.

     The screaming from the right had already begun with the moving of the GITMO detainees to homeland prisons and the trials for these criminals to be held in our Federal Courts. The right-wing is claiming these are war criminals or enemies of the state and should be tried sans legal aid in military tribunals. Apparently the right-wing in this country has no faith in our criminal court system. The Federal Courts have so far tried and convicted over 370 terrorists and potential terrorists and have sentenced them all to life in a prison. So far, they have not lost a single case, nor will they. Another point of fact is not one of these prisoners has escaped nor has there been any terrorist activity near any of the prisons where they are housed.

     So the authorities took Undie-Boy into custody, questioned him for fifty minutes and read him the Miranda Rights. Oh no, how are our security agencies supposed to get information from him once he gets “all lawyered up”?  The whole line of crap started with non-only than head neo-con,  chicken hawk, and war mongerer himself, Dick Cheeney. Most of the terrorist convictions in Federal Court came when Cheeney was Vice President. They were all “lawyered up”, but I guess it’s okay under the Bush-Cheeney team. Even the “shoe-bomber” was “lawyered up” and tried in Federal Court. But that was different, right?

   Now for some truth, I’ve already mentioned the success rate in Federal court in cases with terrorists, I’ve already mentioned the failure rate of these prisoners escaping prison, I’ve already mentioned the serenity and peace surrounding the prisons housing these convicts, what more is there? Well, there is the “lawyering up” issue. By United States law, any person being tried of a crime is accorded access to legal assistance, even in military tribunals. So take that Susan Collins(R-ME). The alarmists, after the lead of Cheeney the chicken hawk, are under the misguided belief that once read the Miranda Rights and “lawyered up” , the prisoner won’t talk. Wrong! Sorry again, Senator Collins. According to the FBI, Undie-Boy is singing like the proverbial jail house canary! In fact, according to the particular security agency, they have gleaned a lot of valuable inside information about al Qaeda in Yemen, etc. They also expect to get much more. 

    Proof again. I say this all the time, it’s about reading, studying, researching, and understanding the topic before engaging your mouth. The righties still haven’t caught on. I will agree with them on one thing, and they play it up to the hilt, Americans are more easily guided by fear-mongering and lies than they are facts and common sense. Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Dan Bennington Says:

    You should really stick to writing about sports. You don’t come across sounding like a bitter old lunitic.

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Daniel, how does this narrative make me sound like a bitter old lunatic? As I am want to do, I have only pointed out the facts and how they relate to the story. I’m not sure how commenting on current events using facts and common sense can make me me sound like a bitter lunatic. In a nut shell, the right thought they had 100% ownership of national security concerns, but the facts are now proving other wise!

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