Republican Senate

     President Obama seems to have been re-charged after his State of the Union address and “Question Time” with the Republican House Caucus.  The President is proving to America, once again, why we elected him. He is a very intelligent man with a total grasp and understanding of the issues.  He went into a live, unscripted 140 to 1 question and answer session with the House Republicans and killed them!  Americans really need to grasp this, here is a man who was in a “hostile environment” facing questions on all different topics from people who only had to know that topic for their question. Not only did the President out-smart them on their questions, he had to do it while the questioners droned on with the right-wing talking points before getting to the question! What the Republicans can learn from this is the importance of reading, studying, researching, and understanding the issue before engaging their mouths on the topic, particularly if you are sharing the stage with President Obama! Enough free advice for the GOP pols, but I really wish the pundits and their fans and followers would start to read, study, research, and understand the issue before talking about it!.

    Phase two of the President’s attack has been equally impressive. His new strategy of drawing the Republicans out in the open to explain themselves is beautiful. If the Republicans, particularly in the Senate, continue to obstruct, the President will continue to call them out and dare them to offer workable options or alternatives to the Democratic proposals and sitting legislation. The longer they obstruct, the more powerful the message from the President becomes. This will back-fire on the Senate Republicans. The American public will soon become aware of the fact their elected officials are doing nothing! They are drawing a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing! This is a disgrace. Normally if an employee of an entity doesn’t work, is unproductive, they are fired! These Republican Senators are unproductive therefore, they should be fired!

    I have always been dead set against term limits, but I’m wavering. The party leaders in Congress lately are showing me their real case is job survival. If they could get “poll numbers” and “approval ratings” out of their lexicons, maybe Congress would act and move in a more positive way. It’s getting painful to watch Reid, McConnell, Bohner, Cantor, Hoyer, Pelosi manuever in way to not make themselves look bad, or even try to look good. Both sides, the same old tired story! It very well could be the Supreme Court ruling putting the governence of the United States up for sale may take care of the entrenched incumbant problem. It does destroy the very foundation our democracy is based on but, it does “get the bums out”. In case you didn’t figure it out, this was me being sarcastic and remember sarcasm always has truth as its basis!

    I need to give massive props to Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for his Congressional testimony yesterday. He came out in favor of ending the “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy for gays serving in the armed forces.  Listen up right-wing, the Admiral cited “integrity” as the motivating factor to allow gays to openly serve. He said what’s at stake is the integrity of the gay service persons as well as the integrity of the U.S. armed services. That is a very smart and mature attitude about this subject. Now Secretary Gates needs to get behind the guys in uniform and move forward and the Senate needs to react in kind. The public opinion polls now show 79% of the American people are in favor of allowing gays to openly serve their country. The conservatives are now more 50% in favor! This should have never even been an issue. The ban was driven by old thinking homophobic politicians that believe gays would prey on service people of their own gender. Of course, there is absolutely no evidence to prove this.  The homophobes on the right also say gays in the military would wreck moral. Again, no evidence to prove it, in fact, there are over 20,000 gays serving now, and that doesn’t seem to affect the moral of the troops. Anyway, keep your foot on the gas pedal Mr. President, lets get this act of civil injustice past us!

     Minnesota had it’s party caucusses last night. I attended my precinct caucus. After attending party caucus night twice now, I’m still perplexed about something. What’s the point of these meetings? What’s the point of the caucus-endorsement process? A lot easier method seems to be to go through the primary process to find the party nominees and any ballot issues, then convene a nomination and platform convention. I think the current process is a long drawn out process that is a waste of peoples’ time and money.  Maybe I’ll have to run for Governor someday with the hope of changing the ass-backward way Minnesota conducts its political business. Not!

   Thanks for reading this and past issues of my blog. It seems to be going the right way, my readership is definitely trending up, so that is very gratifying, and I appreciate it. I would like to see more comments and inter-action, so if you have the time or are so moved to take my head off or agree with me, let us all know! Thanks again.

Cam Obert


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