As the hate speech accelerates out of the right, the distrust of Washington and government grows. When the left and right wings were scolded by the President the other night and told to turn down the rhetoric, they haven’t responded. It began during the State of the Union address. Justice Alito showing the country what a low-class piece of human garbage he is, John(Suntan) Boner and Eric Cantor farting around during the address, not showing one bit of respect, a close-up of Mitch McConnell with a smug smarmy look on his chinless face while being challenged by the President to get in the ballgame and stop obstructing. The Republicans were challenged to start, at least attempting, to help govern the country as the were sworn to do in their capacities in Congress. The President had to implore, beg the Republicans to offer alternatives. The Senate Republicans have not offered one thing this year to help govern the country.

    The greatest weakness of Obama’s first year was his hard-headed idea the Republicans need to work with him. Why doesn’t he get the message? He has wasted so much time trying for “bi-partisan” developed legislation. Guess what Mr. President, the Republicans hate you, they are forever bitter about you getting elected, and they will never do anything to help move this country forward with you in office. Eric Cantor says the American public doesn’t like the policies of the Democrats. It’s not the process he says. Well Mr. Cantor, how would the public feel if they really tuned into the process? I tell you what, there would be rage like you can’t imagine! The Republican party has made it their mission to obstruct progress at every turn. They simply block the road, they don’t even offer alternatives. Why?  I’ll get back to that question later on.  Remember what the Congressional Republicans did to President Clinton in 1995? They obstructed or filibustered all Democratic or White House generated legislation to the point they shut down government and tried to blame the Democrats. It back-fired on them and the results were large Democratic gains in the next election. C’mon obstructionists do it again. You’re trying really hard to get it done! Another example of what Sarah Palin says, we don’t want to learn or get confused by facts or history, we just want Obama out!

    The hate-speech, the negative rhetoric, the all hands on deck attack on the President has finally begun work against the wing-nuts. Palin’s own tea-bagger movement is turning on its own. Even an empty head like Michele Bachmann flew the scene in Nashville. The teas-baggers that can’t afford the $595 admission price at the “convention” are turning on the ones that can afford it and the organizers of the circus! Palin, however, will still accept her $100,000 fee for speaking there. Another bruhaha is on the horizon in Arizona. What will the conservatives do. John McCain is seeking re-election to the Senate and his primary challenger is going to be non other than fascist JD Hayworth. Hayworth was blown out of his congressional seat in 2006, as a result of being too rigid of a conservative. Now Hayworth and the tea-baggers claim McCain is a moderate. Being a moderate in their eyes translates to being a card-carrying commie! Palin has already said she will support McCain. Whoops! Support a commie for a Senate seat. How shameful! Anyway, the meal continues as the extreme right-wing is eating itself!

    The gasoline that is powering the hate movement is of course the intellectual wing of the conservatives. The intellectual wing of the extremists are led by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill-O the clown, Glenn Beck,more on Beck in a minute, Sarah Palin, Britt Hume, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Anne Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Michele Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, and the forever bitter and fired journalist Bernard Goldberg. These are the heavy-weights the right-wing looks up to. If you don’t think Mitch McConnell, John Bohner, and Eric Cantor take their walking orders from that group your head is really buried deep in the sand. The only righty that doesn’t really listen to these people, or anyone for that matter is RNC chairman Michael Steele. I believe it’s because there’s not activity with synapses in his head. Back to Beck; How about the Faux News fake sting on ACORN. A totally set up “gotcha” that in the end proved nothing. No wrong doing, no indictments, no charges even! Well your boy, O’Keefe just got busted in Louisiana on felony charges. You guys just don’t get it. Hey Bill-O, your boy Scott Roeder just got convicted of premeditated, first degree murder for the shooting of Dr. Tiller in Wichita. Roeder gives you a lot of the credit for pushing him along to do the deed. Bill-O kept telling you someone needs to stop Dr. Tiller, he’s an abortion doctor and therefore a murderer. Again, you idiots just don’t get it. You haven’t figured out how damaging your hate-speech can be.

    Here is the confusing thing about the attitude of the Congressional Republicans and the right-wing pundits. During the entirety of President Obama’s term in office, the right has only said no. They have sat on their hands in Congress and not done one positive thing. The pundits keep railing about what a horrible President Obama is, Hannity and Limbaugh add what a horrible person Obama is as well, but they never have concrete data to back it up their claims. Only that Obama is too liberal, he’s leading us to socialism, he’s going to take over our health care, etc. This is how bad it is, I watched all the Faux News shows after the State of the Union address and not one of the Faux personalities could say a single positive thing about the speech, style or content. Hannity is actually hateful toward the President.  The politicians aren’t much better behaved. Today, John Bohner said the Presidents visit with the Republican congressional caucus won’t solve a thing. This was before the meeting took place! There’s an open mind! What is driving this hatred of the man who is President? They say they don’t hate him, but actions speak louder than words. They can’t intellectualize why they are so opposed to his Presidency. I think it there is a major distrust of a man of color leading our country. I’m not saying all the wing-nuts are blindly racist, but a large proportion of them are. Listen to them at the rallies. Do the leaders ever apologize for or ask the racist followers at their rallies to tone it down? No. What message does this send? It says our political and philosophical leaders on the right don’t think it is necessary to muzzle the worst of the haters. By not muzzling them, they are saying it is okay to rally against people because of their skin color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or physical or mental being.

    I only wish the disappearing numbers of classic Goldwater-Reagan conservatives would see this hate and fear-mongering and rise up to stop it. Start challenging these extremists, take your party back. Use your brains, that gives you the advantage out of the gate. Remember the rich party history, Nelson Rockefeller, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, George Romney, and even Arnie Carlson. Bring class and respectability to your party. I will never be a Republican, nor a party line Democrat, but I long for the days of respectful and classy discussion of the issues. Thank you. 

Cam Obert



  1. Brad Obert Says:

    I love it.

    Left disagreeing with the right = patriotic
    Right disagreeing with the left = hate speech.


    blah blah blah blah, we’ll see next fall who the people are listening to.

  2. Dan Bennington Says:

    Did you really think for one liberal second, that a speech alone would be enough to make people trust our politicians or anyone else for that matter. Maybe it is time to take a dose of reality. Trust is earned, and once lost is even harder to regain later.

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