I think President Obama made a very good speech last night. It was not in the league of some his important policy speeches but, it hopefully made an impact. Not the usual oratory of a pro, it was more casual or colloquial, often sprinkled with humor, some self-deprecating, some for big banking, the Democrats , and the Republicans, etc. He was making points that need to be made, this time in a different way.

   He did a great job with presenting his plans  to create more jobs. Directing 30 billion dollars to community banks to lend to small businesses. This is job creation by the private sector. If small businesses can get moving, they, in turn, will start adding employees. Speaking of banks, the conservatives are already complaining, Eric Cantor(R-VA) said the banks can’t loan money to small businesses because of the fees that Obama has proposed to charge the large banks that took stimulus money from the fed. The 30 billion goes to small banks that are not being charged the delinquency fees. He also proposed a one year waiver of  payroll taxes for businesses that add staff now. This is another move to strengthen the private sector therefore allowing them to grow their payrolls. The President has not forgotten about government growth jobs. Infrastructure updating and renewal. This creates jobs in the government and jobs for construction companies that will be doing the heavy work. These things will be funded in part by the payback money and interest earned by the government from the stimulus and TARP loans.

   The President is still encouraging the development of energy-saving products and processes. He wants the U.S. to keep pursuing renewable energy sources. Not only does this create jobs it encourages invention and competition to create forms of energy that will not keep us reliant on foreign fossil sources of energy. Tax credits granted to individuals and companies will help get this ball rolling. Jobs, energy creation, less dependence on foreign fuel sources, and an improved environment. How can anybody find fault with this concept? The right-wing will. I’ll go into that later.

    The President chastised the Senate for foot-dragging on the health care reform bill. He challenged the Republicans to offer their own plan that is as comprehensive as the bill before them. He scolded the Republicans for sitting back and doing nothing. Being obstructionists only stops progress, of any type. He informed them if they have a better idea, bring it. He also challenged them to start doing what they were elected to do, work. They must get in the game and start working with the Democrats to govern the country.

   I believe the President’s best moment of the address was when he went after Chief Justice Roberts and the voting majority in the court for their ruling on 1st Amendment rights to cover corporations. This ruling also allows foreign corporations to spend freely on our elections. The is “judicial activism” at the summit. Every time a candidate is nominated by a Democrat for a seat on the bench, the right-wing starts screaming they are opposed to “activist” judges. Here you go Republicans, Roberts and the Court just stepped out-of-bounds in terms of the constitution and over 100 years of legal precedents, to make up their own interpretation of the Amendment.

  That leads me into the most important thing that was covered by the President. The deficit of trust with our government. Again, Eric Cantor claims the country is angry about the policies, not the discourse of politicians and pundits about their opposing side. I agree with the President, it is the process, not the policy. The American people don’t know the policy because he, the President, and the politicians have failed to explain policy to the public. All the public gets is the lies, the rhetoric, and the name calling. Judge Samuel Alito’s behavior in Congressional chambers last night is indicative of what’s going on with regards to policy versus process. Anytime a Supreme Court Justice attending the State of the Union Address, visibly shows signs of disagreement and murmurs” the President is wrong” is an outrage. Where is the class? Where is the diplomacy? When I see that, my only impression is, geez, what a classless jerk!  The President went after everyone, the politicians and pundits for driving wedges into the interaction and governance of our country. My advice to the politicians and pundits is start reading, studying, learning, and understanding policy and legislation before opening your mouth. It’s the uneducated on the issues loud mouths that are creating the untrusting and suspicious attitudes of Americans. Granted, some choose to stay stupid and simply run around starting forest fires. Here’s a great commentary from one of the intellectual giants of our times; ” I thought President Obama spent too much time lecturing and not enough time leading.” That was Sarah Palin commenting on the Presidents address. This is an admission of guilt by Palin. Don’t lecture us, we don’t want to know the facts. We only want to be anti-anything Obama! She admitted before the world, they don’t want to know the facts!

   Good for you Mr. President! If nothing else comes out of this address, I’m hoping there may be a more civil climate in Washington. Americans will like that. They will actually start to trust the politicians and the government again. Trust, what a novel idea! How many of the tea-baggers, the birthers, the town hall trouble makers, and Faux News commentators will catch on? I’ll let you readers decide that! Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Dan Bennington Says:

    We are still a long way from Trust.

  2. Brad Obert Says:

    The assumptions and accusations you make in your piece are astounding. There are legions of democrats who think Obama is off track, your article makes it seem as though he has a mandate. He don’t. When banks are propped up by federal money, that is not “private sector.” I own 3 small businesses. If Obama really wanted to create jobs he’d relax the ridiculous neverending regulation, tax, fee, red-tape it takes to operate small business. I don’t want to borrow any money from a bank. Leave it to Obama again to talk about how borrowing money creates growth and success. It don’t. I don’t need to borrow any money, neither do those around me in small business, what we need is for our customers to have money to spend with us. How can our customers spend “their” money with us, when they send far too much to DC?

    Did you pipe up about “class” and outrage when moron Franken didn’t honor Lieberman’s request for more floor time? A long tradition? I didn’t read anywhere here where you’re upset about that. So I guess your equally as guilty as you accuse the right of being when it comes to blindly following party lines vs. principle.

  3. youandmedoweagree Says:

    There is precedent for what Franken did. McCain slammed a democrat down in 2002. Nobody even thought anything about it then, now with the parties as divided as ever, what Franken did was on orders from the leader because of time constraints, therefore it didn’t really matter who the recipient of the denial was.
    I am starting up two businesses myself, to be under the umbrella of one, and I need start up money. I can’t go to the SBA because I’m a white middle aged male so I’ve got no shot! I have to go to a local bank, hopefully I will succeed at it. Some operating businesses are open but on life support. They need loans to get back on track for growth.
    I only need money to get started. My ability to sell will get me going and growing. There is a lot of business out there, you have to work for it. There is a lot of money in the hands of customers. Their confidence is surging. The economy has grown 2 quarters in a row. The GNP grew 5.7% in the fourth quarter.
    I will succeed because I work tirelessly and am a great salesman. In this economy there are so many opportunities for success. Sitting back and blaming the President and the democrats for business short falls are now just lame excuses.

  4. Brad Obert Says:

    Lame excuses? I don’t care how good of a salesman you are, if your customer doesn’t have the money to buy your product, you’re not gonna sell it. Oh wait, I guess you could convince them to borrow the money, lol. Let me know when your new booming economy is going to hit the construction industry, because I’m not seeing what you’re seeing. I’m seeing friends go out of business left and right.

    “I can’t go to the SBA because I’m a white middle aged male so I’ve got no shot!”….and don’t you think this is a problem? Are you being discriminated against because of race or age? I thought we are all suppose to be color blind and ignore age.

    I find it hard to debate with you because you throw in sweeping assumptions, like, how do you know how many or what businesses need loans to get off life support? Where does one look up figures like that? I do know that there are companies I’m currently dealing with, all a loan would do is delay their closing. Unless volume goes up, loans delay the inevitable. I think the product/service you sell is also a factor, again, you could be selling cassette tapes, you’re gonna close.

  5. Brad Obert Says:

    By the way, my comments are always pointed at blaming the current pres and dems. I’ve been critical of the last admin too, after all, they started the spending frenzy. Spending our tax money does not create growth. How many times are they going to try it?

    Ford is successful without gift money. GM goes broke after getting gift money, I wonder when they’ll pay it back. It’s our money, not the governments. I would be very pissed if I sold Ford cars and had to see my tax money supporting my competition. It’s so ridiculous I don’t have words.

  6. Brad Obert Says:

    /\ meant to say, “aren’t” always pointed. sry.

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