Let me apologize at the outset of this narrative to my readers not residing in Minnesota. I hope you’ll read and comment anyway, maybe you have a race(s) in your state you’d like to comment on. We all eat up anything politics! 

     The writer of this blog, an amateur political analyst, will focus on a few of the important races in our state. Congressional races in the 2nd, John Kline, the 3rd, Eric Paulsen, 4th, Betty McCollum, 5th, Keith Ellison, 8th, Jim Oberstar are all pretty safe. I like the incumbents, Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison, and Jim Oberstar. You would be hard pressed to find many members of the U.S. House that work for their constituents and for the advancement of our country than these three. Opponents picked in these races, including Kline and Paulsen, will only be sacrificial lambs with very little to zero national help. 

    Minnesota CD 7 is a different case altogether. Collin Peterson, the Democrat incumbent is a very conservative “Blue Dog” democrat. It’s time for him to go. It would be great to elect a progressive candidate, but that won’t happen in the 7th. This is the most conservative district in the state. So, at best, I hope a moderate Republican can unseat Peterson so we can quit the charade! 

    Tim Walz, our DFL Congressman from the 1st district might have some problems getting re-elected. The fringe lunatics on the right are going to get involved in that district. They are very organized and energized to do their dirty work on Congressman Walz. This truly is a shame. Tim Walz is probably the most stand up honest guy in Congress. He really cares, he came right from his teaching job in the classroom to Congress. He connects with the “kitchen table” issues of his district and the country. Now, put the tea bagging smear machine in there, and it will really destroy a clean decent person. They fight dirty and they have the money! 

    That brings us to the hottest Congressional seat in the United States this year, Minnesota 6. I find it interesting that this large meandering district surrounding the Twin Cities, close to the “intellectual center” of the state can elect a lunatic like Michele Bachmann twice! As I stated earlier in this narrative, Minnesota 7 is the most conservative district, but CD 6 has sent this moron to Congress twice. Minnesota 6 is a diverse district. Under normal circumstances, it would be represented by a moderate Republican or a Democrat. Four years ago, the extreme right saw a vulnerable district with a wing-nut as their candidate. The smear machine went to work with the big money from outside the state and did a personal attack and destroy job on Patty Wetterling. Granted, Wetterling was a very weak candidate and she really got no support from the national party. Again, like Tim Walz, Wetterling  is a very decent noble person that the fringe lunatics dragged through the mud. I remember I was disappointed in the Wetterling choice, but I was infuriated by the butchering she and her family took from the “birther” wing. Then in 2008, after Bachmann had embarrassed herself time and again on a national stage, she was primed to be beaten. This time the DFL chose Elwyn Tinklenberg to face her. Tinklenberg was an okay candidate, good mayor of Blaine, Secretary of Transportation under Ventura, and a loyal foot soldier for the party. Even with Bachmann shooting herself in the foot constantly, even during the campaign, the right-wing money was too hard to overcome. The DNC came in way too late to help.  So that brings us to 2010 in Minnesota CD 6. This time, the Democrats have a great and very competent candidate in Taryl Clark. I spent time with her at a get together one evening and was very impressed. She has great intellect to tackle the tough issues, she is a mom with school age kids that really understands what it takes for everyday Americans to manage their way through the mess in our economy as well as the rigors of raising a family. Clark genuinely gets it! We will get the national support it will take to defeat Bachmann and the right-wing smear machine. I only hope the democrats in her district choose her as the candidate in the endorsement and primary process. i firmly believe Taryl Clark can win this seat. The embarrassment that Bachmann has brought on to Minnesota has to end. The fear-mongering, the hate-speech, the homophobia, and the just plain stupid things that fall out of Bachmann’s mouth must be silenced from the halls of Congress. Taryl Clark will do that, much to the relief of America! 

   Ah, the race for Governor.  More than likely this will be a democratic pick up.  The cast of Republicans vying for the nomination of that party is very weak, at best. For the Democrats, there are a lot of candidates. 

   I really like Mark Dayton. He has executive experience as an elected state auditor. His pedigree as a Dayton can’t be discounted. He is very smart, and his goals for the state are very good and promising. But, my problem with Mark Dayton is, he simply is not a politician. He is very uncomfortable with the public and the media. I think a very important quality of executive leadership is being dynamic and outgoing, neither of which Dayton is. 

   Two of the other candidates are Minneapolis based and have already picked up some “smell”.  Anderson had some issues about her campaign finances and Rybak should not have run for re-election as Mayor knowing his intention to run for Governor. That leaves a very unpleasant odor. I like Rybak, he’s been a great Mayor and I’d be delighted he stayed for another full term. Minneapolis is in a time of transition. There is so much potential for growth and excitement and we need him to lead in the city. Kelleher is a great Representative and Speaker of the House. The state needs her in that great leadership capacity. 

My choice to lead Minnesota for the next four years is Steve Kelley. Kelley has proven he’s a dynamic leader. He’s believes in uniting coalitions to include all sides of the issues. He will end the legislative grid-lock caused by the present Governor. He has proven in his political history that actions speak louder than words. He’s “doer”. He is compassionate about his mission. I implore all democrats to dig into Steve Kelley, the candidate, the person. Study his positions on the issues. You will find that he will put the state back on the road to fiscal and economic health. He is a tireless promoter  of  all  things “Minnesota“. Not since Arnie Carlson has this state had a leader that actually was for the betterment and promotion of Minnesota. Minnesota needs Steve Kelley as soon as possible. I strongly urge all residents of our state to get educated on the issues, see where Steve Kelley stands on them, and you will become a Kelley backer. We do, however, need you to caucus for him. Unfortunately, he is going to abide by the party endorsement rule, unlike some of the other candidates who are going to run to the primary. I wish Steve Kelley would change his mind. The state needs to do away with the party endorsement deal anyway. Remember, if Carlson had abided by the endorsement rule, he would have never been our Governor.  Thank you readers, and thank you Steve Kelley and Taryl Clark.

Cam Obert 


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