Jim DeMint & Tea-baggers

    Hey, Democrats!, will you all just take a chill pill? Are you going to take a beating in the fall? YES!!!  If you can accept that premise, half your battle is over.  Now it’s time to take a look at what races are worth competing for. The very high-profile senate races may be tough. Everyone has already conceded North Dakota to the Republican governor to take Byron Dorgan’s seat. That’s okay. It looks like Bennett in Colorado is going down, perceived monkey business to fill the seat of Salazar. Harry Reid, the gutless one, may be able to hold his seat in Nevada. The Republicans don’t have a viable candidate yet, and expect the tea-baggers to get in there and muck it up. The seat in Connecticut being opened by Dodd’s retirement looks very safe now with Blumenthal holding a 30 point lead on the top Republican. That leaves only the whining fence-sitting Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. The DNC will be smart to stay away from this one. Let her lose, she was only a shaky number in the Dem column in the Senate anyway. An interesting situation is growing in Arizona. John McCain may be getting a real run in the Republican primary from JD Hayworth. Hayworth is a former Congressman from Arizona who lost a re-election bid several years ago because his district decided he was from the lunatic right fringe. Lately, he has been a fear-mongering righty on a radio show in Arizona. He will be working with the tea-baggers. Should he beat McCain in the primary, that could open the seat up to a Democrat in the general. 

     Obviously there is an anti-incumbant mood in the country. It happened in 1982 and 1994 and there were huge balances changed in Congress. Check out the history, both Reagan and Clinton went on for six more years and accomplished great things. So much for turning Congress over to counter-balance an unpopular President. So, go ahead Americans, especially you gutless “independents”. throw the bums out. It only going to help President Obama get re-elected in 2012 and then carry out much of his “liberal-socialist” agenda. Can you believe how stupid Americans really are? The Republicans will not gain majorities in either house, they will continue to obstruct, and it will backfire on them for bringing America to a halt. It happened in ’84 and ’96. So Democrats, just relax.

   The Republican process may fall apart even faster. The extreme right, tea-baggers, Faux News commentators, Palin, Bachmann, etc. will bust the party up even more and may even decide to splinter off to their own party. This is potential reality.

    Many of the current office holders that are “retiring” are really saying they don’t want the fight to keep the office. I guess I don’t blame them. It is no longer about the ideology or philosophy of the candidate or incumbant. It is now about the ideology and philosophy of the money suppliers behind them. Some with a conscience, have had enough. The ruling by the Supreme Court last week will possibly make all campaigning as we now know it, moot. I’ll say it again, this ruling potentially will destroy our democracy as we know it today.

    I believe the Democrats need to follow my formula to keep the flame alive. The President made a smart move already by bringing campaign guru David Plouffe back to coördinate the politics of government. Next, get Rahm Emanuel, and the Chicago gang out of the White House. Bring in Tom Daschle and David Gergen to get governmental and congressional relations back on track. The Democrats really need to bring back Howard Dean to run the DNC. Plouffe can’t run all the campaigns by himself from the White House.

   President Obama now needs to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He needs to show strong leadership on the economy. He, not Congress, needs to initiate the agenda items to get the country back to work. Congress will muck it up trying to gain bi-partisan support. We already saw the President waste almost an entire year trying to reach across the aisle. It proved to be a total waste of time. The Republicans only have one thing in mind, take down Obama. They obstruct, they don’t offer alternatives, they only say NO!!!  Mark my words today, this obstructionist and destructionist attitude by the Republicans will sink them. Americans’ are going to tire of the lack of movement by Congress to advance legislation to run the government of the country. This will play right into the Democrats hand for 2012. How can the republican leadership be so blind to this. They are cutting their own throats. The extreme righties will get angry with the lack of movement by the Congressional conservatives and more and more will start trying to force their agenda, candidates, and ultimately forge their own party. Again, how dumb are the likes of McConnell and Suntan Boner? I’d say, really dumb!

   So, in conclusion of today’s thesis, the Democrats are getting positioned for a big 2012, mostly thanks the stupidity of the right. They just need to relax, let the Republicans obstruct away, and make the President lead!  Thank you.

Cam Obert


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