Favre-The Greatest

Coach Williams-"Cheap shot coach"

Peyton The Great

    Quite frankly, I really thought the Minnesota Vikings could win in New Orleans. They have a much better team, on both sides of the line. They do, however, have a mediocre kick and punt defender teams. Once again yesterday, they gave up a long return with the usual bunch of missed arm tackles, etc. And as the script went, it couldn’t have happened to them at a worse time. Either their special teams coach needs to go, or he has to start teaching the basics of staying in your lane and tackling.

     The Vikings, I think proved yesterday they are the best team in the NFC, they were dominant on offense with a well balanced attack and their defense held the so-called top offense in the league to under 260 total yards. Now, one reason for the low yards allowed was the fact Vikings kept on turning the ball over to them close to New Orleans’ end zone resulting in short scoring drives. Let’s face the facts, a team can not win in this league when it turns the ball over five times. We knew Peterson is a fumbler and expect he will put the ball on the ground several times a game, but Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian do not necessarily have a history of fumbling. Contrary to what the very much pro-Saints game announcers told us, none of the Viking’s fumbles was a result of a defender ripping the ball loose. They were a result of careless ball handling or trying to stretch for more yards. The first Brett Favre pick was his fault, he threw into too tight of coverage. The second one was a result of trying to make up the yards lost by the dumbest penalty the team had all day. That penalty took them out of field goal range and Favre was trying to get it back. He was, as usual, masterful working the clock at the end of the game. Coaching stupidity or player confusion blew the drive on the play prior to the pick. How, in a tight game like this, at the edge of field goal distance put twelve guys in the huddle? The Favre pick on the next play didn’t really matter, they were out of field goal range and the time was running out. Some say he had room to run the ball in the open field, but passed up that option to throw instead. It wasn’t an option. Favre couldn’t run to day light. He could barely stand up any more after the savage beating he took in the game. This was definitely a team loss, not Favre’s.

      The Vikings did lose the game fair and square. But it leaves some questions. Why, for instance, when the Saints’ game plan was to pound the crap out of Favre, did the Minnesota not give him some more support. I have never seen a quarterback get so hammered late and borderline late in my life. He was getting no support from the game officials at all. They did flag the Saints twice, but those hits were in the wide open and they had to throw the flag. Why didn’t the Vikings make any adjustments to protect Favre better? Why didn’t the offensive linemen take it upon themselves to punish the offending Saints? Why didn’t our defense take it out on Brees? In baseball, a pitcher comes to his teammate’s defense, where was the help from the Purple? Even though Minnesota has a balanced attack, it works because Favre is a great quarterback and leader. I only wish he could have been protected better, the results might have been different, five turn-overs or not.

    Indianapolis did a very “workmanlike” dismantling of the Jets yesterday. The Jets were hot, even started the game hot, but the Colts and Manning are just too good. After watching the Colts a few times this year, I guess they are the class of the NFL. Manning is great, and the parts around him fit perfectly. The Indy defense is athletic and active. Sorry New Orleans, but this is Indy’s year. The difference for the Saints in the Super Bowl will be the Colts offensive line. Unlike the Vikings line, they will protect Manning better. New Orleans’ defense will get picked clean by Manning if he gets the time. I think the Colts by 13, but the game probably won’t be that close! I will root for the Colts because I love the way the team plays. I try not to get sucked in by the hysteria surrounding the ‘Aints. I still have to deal with the idiot Green Bush fans up in this part of the country. The Cheezeheads are happy because the Vikings and Favre lost yesterday. They absolutely hate Favre because he has trouble making up his mind about retiring. So is that a reason to hate a guy. It’s sports! GET OVER IT!  Grow up and start worrying about more important things. And people wonder why I hate the Packers, the Redskins, the Broncos, the Red Sox, the Irish, etc. Their fans don’t understand it is just a sport. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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