Chief Fascist Roberts

Justice Stevens-A hero!

     In a landmark ruling yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court, on a 5-4 vote handed the keys to every elective office in the United States to corporate America. The vote by the majority has overturned almost every safeguard that has been in place to ensure free unencumbered elections in our country. These five conservative justices, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, have on one vote turned their backs on one of the conservative movements rallying cries, fighting against activist judges and courts. They have always claimed activist judges interpret the laws in their own way of thinking. What did the Roberts court just do? Just that! This is such a dangerous ruling that it threatens democracy in our country as we know it today. It is such a bad decision that dissenting Justice John Paul Stevens wrote a 90 page dissent statement. The minority on the court  expressed grave concern over the new ability of corporate America to  manipulate the outcome of elections. 

    An addition to corporate boardroom meetings will now be the process of who is going to be placed in elective offices. They now have an unlimited open checkbook to buy any and eventually all federally elected offices. The everyday free voting American has now become an afterthought. Politicians no longer will have to meet the masses. The corporate bosses will decide how campaigns are run, the power of money and media takes the place of pressing the flesh. 

    Here’s what is so disturbing from yesterday’s ruling, all politicians are at risk, including the conservatives. I was blown away by Republican leader John(Suntan in winter in Ohio and DC) Boner statement after the Court’s ruling. He crowed it’s a victory for the protection of 1st Amendment rights. How stupid are these people. In no less than 2 election cycles, present-day office holders can become irrelevant to corporate America.  All the right-wing is doing is licking their chops for this fall.  They will win out in the short-term because corporate America is conservative and will favor Republican candidates. However, once corporate America gets a taste of this unlimited power and influence the Court just granted them, they will be calling all the shots for the governence of our country. You think the K Street lobbyists have power now? Lobbyists will no longer be necessary. The corporations will now just straight up buy the offices and dictate legislation. Guess which way that is going to go! Conservatives beware, you will only be needed for the near future, then you will become obsolete. Both major political parties could potentially disappear. The powers calling the shots from the boardrooms won’t care about party and philosophic affiliation. They will only care about people who will carry out there will.

    This ruling is an abomination of democracy. It is a clear case of the Judicial branch of the U.S. government basically squashing and making the Executive and Legislative branches powerless. This is a Supreme Court that has way over-stepped its bounds. Right now the other branches of government can only configure new laws that the Court must abide by and protect. Then Congress will have to figure out how to implement these changes in the law faster than the court prescribed 10 year protection. What a mess!  Those five justices have completely lost their minds. It’s like the hatred of the President has gotten so strong from the right, that now it’s even infected the right wingers on the Court. So political, so sad!

    Everything me and the progressives in this country have commented on and coaching for the direction of the country has become null and void. Everything the right-wing pundits and leadership has commented on and coaching for to move the country in their direction has become null and void. One benefit of this fascist ruling is the silencing of the morons like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Actually, as mean-spirited and ill-informed as these people are, it still beats having the country bow down to the big money of corporate America. I’d rather listen to Bill-O doing a racist rant against Muslims, than have a corporate edict communicated to us via hand-picked unicks that will be holding office.  These may be extreme examples but, conservatives and progressives alike are going to be silenced. Conservatives, even the extreme wing-nuts, will eventually be joining me and all the progressives to fight this disastrous ruling handed down yesterday. Yesterday was a very sad day for America and it’s freedoms. Thank you Chief Justice and the other four fascists that in one vote potentially flushed America, the greatest example of freedom and democracy on the planet, down the toilet. Pessimistically, thank you.

Cam Obert


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