My very good friend Lynn Petersen e-mailed me today and chastised me for picking the Cowboys over the Vikings last Sunday. She says I should pull for the home team more vigorously. The Vikings are my favorite team in the league. Why? Because they are the “home team” I guess. But, this current Viking team has gotten me back into following the NFL(No Fun League) again. I’ve always been a huge Brett Favre fan, but had to keep it under wraps because of my disdain for the Green Bush fans, even more obnoxious and over the top than the fans of the Redskins. Favre has brought Sidney Rice into the élite of NFL wide-outs. Rice reminds me of Cris Carter and he is a former South Carolina Gamecock. I became a fan of Adrian Peterson since his rookie year. He has added a lot of excitement to the games this year with his inability to hang on the ball! Jared Alan and the D-line have been stellar, they actually deserve to be specifically watched during the games.

    Based on the history, including playoffs, the Vikings hold a huge advantage over the Saints, even at the Superdome. The Saints had a walk-over last against the Cardinals. The Saints have a very dynamic and powerful offense and Drew Brees is for real. The O-line is suspect however, and the Purple will exploit that. Brees will be running for his life most of the game. Minnesota’s front seven on defense will dominate. The Vikings O-line is gelling now. With two new members this year, it has been a growing process. They showed last week they can contain a great D-line. Dallas’ front seven is far superior to New Orleans’.  In the end, if Minnesota can get upfront pressure on Brees, the Vikings will prevail. And they will. Favre will be able to pick apart the Saints’ secondary and the Vikings will put up at least 35 points. Vikings will win and go to the Super Bowl in Miami!

    Last week in the AFC, Indianapolis crushed the hottest team in the league, the Chargers. I guess they have proved it again, they are the best team in the NFL. Everyone concentrates on Peyton Manning and the offense, and rightly so, but the Colts have a superior defense. The defense is the most active in the league. Their schemes, stunts, and switches keep the opponent back on their heals for the whole game. The glass slipper is finally going to fall off the Jets’ foot. It has been a fun team to watch because of the very Buddy Ryan like defense. They are fast, athletic and strong. Unfortunately for them, they have to face the Colts in Indy. When they played in Indy several weeks ago, they beat the Colts’ third string. They get the real thing this time, and it ain’t going to be pretty. I look for Indianapolis in a rout.

   A Colts-Vikings match-up in the Super Bowl is going to be very entertaining. Fast and active defenses on both sides are going to be tested by smart athletic offenses. I hope the Vikings win for Favre and us starving Queen fans. In a win, the Viqueen fans can shove it back in the faces of the hated Green Bush fans. Plus, I think a victory will keep Favre on the team for next year. It will be a great game and I can’t pick the winner now. Besides, you should never bet your heart. It will kill you every time! Go Vikings-SKOL!!! Thank you.

Cam, The Norwegian, Obert

Our Hero, Brett Favray!



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Oops, my bad! I had the Massachusetts Senate election too much on my mind when I wrote this story. I stated the Colts beat the Chargers when in fact, they beat the Ravens, quite easily! Thanks Roger Tweed for correcting me. What would I do without such good friends? Anyway, the Colts will still beat the Jets in the AFC title game!

  2. Keiko Vetere Says:

    Obama is definetly gonna develop into a 4 12 months us president.

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