"Senator Scott Brown(R-MA)"

     The race for the senate seat in Massachusetts ends today. If the trends stay true, Republican Scott Brown will be the new Senator from the commonwealth. I don’t believe this has to be the beginning of a blow out of Democratic incumbents or candidates in November. In analyzing this Massachusetts race, two things made this upset happen. First, the tea baggers were highly motivated and organized and covered the entire commonwealth with a saturation campaign against Washington and President Obama’s agenda. They never had to talk up their own candidate. There’s nothing to talk about, he’s an empty suit, birthday suit, that is, that has only had to carry the water for the right-wing agenda. He’s pretty, he’s “normal”, as Peggy Noonan says, and he only needs to avoid press conferences and interviews, except from Faux News. Secondly, the Democrats ran a terrible campaign. They sat back too long with the assumption it’s Ted Kennedy’s seat therefore it’s a slam dunk. You brought in a very plain and state -wide office holder in Martha Coakley. Remember, the problem incumbents will face in this horrible economy. Coakley put it on “cruise control”, even taking a vacation during the campaign. She is not an energizing persona and doesn’t know how to campaign. Vicki Kennedy said yesterday that Ted Kennedy campaigned hard every election because you can’t take residents for granted and you must ask them to vote for you. Coakley didn’t get the message. Now, Coakley and the Democrats are in full panic mode. They ran out the negative slam ads in the last few days and have brought in the President and other party heavy-weights to campaign. They are begging for people to man the call banks nation-wide to get out the vote. This could have all been avoided if the powers that be in the Democratic party had a clue how to run a campaign. 

    Time for the Dems to move on. They need to learn from Massachusetts and hopefully not make the same mistakes in the other races this year. We know there is a tremendous problem in the national Democratic party. The problem starts with the Obama White House. The management of the really big issues has been abysmal at best. President Obama needs a chief of staff that can get things done. I recommend Tom Daschle. He knows how Washington works and he can work with the Republicans, unlike Raum Emanuel. The White House with the Democratic National Committee need to get this health care reform debacle behind them ASAP! Admit mistakes were made, but they are moving forward with a new style of management of the Oval Office. Believe it or not, President Obama and this administration have had a remarkable first year. They have the highest percentage, about 95%, of getting their agenda items passed in the first year. That’s the highest of any president in the past 50 some years! They need to accentuate that record to re-energize their base. I won’t list the legislative victories here but suffice to say it has been remarkable. The President has done a great job of fence mending with our allies around the world. He has reached out to the hostile states in an effort to diplomatically come together. He has reached out to the world of Islam to reassure them they are not our mortal enemy. That, in itself is huge considering the damage done by Dick Cheeney and the neo-cons. They have worked to improve the economy that the previous administration took eight years to run into the ditch. The President has to keep reminding Americans it will not be 100% turned around in one year. It took the Bushies eight years to destroy it and will take at least a few years to fix it. Be honest and realistic.

    The Democratic National Committee a proven new leader. Howard Dean is the guy for the job. Give him whatever he wants to get him back. On a national campaign basis, the Democratic candidates must run positive fact based campaigns. Run on the party’s successes. All campaign agendas should be positive about their own candidates. Never mind the opponent. The conservatives only know how to attack negatively. they do not use facts, they use lies and half-truths. They are huge on 30 second attacks. Simply counter with facts and the positives of your candidate. Respond to personal attack ads by belittling the source.  The right-wing has had its way in three of the last four elections. The Democrats were terribly outmaneuvered by superior organization and management. The DNC has to get their base fired up and engaged again. It will start with a smart energized leader, Howard Dean.

   The Democrats will lose some seats this fall. I just don’t think it needs to be a blood bath. Some big changes now in personnel at the top, in both the White House and the DNC. The White House needs to go after the jobs situation hard. Work it, whether anything gets accomplished or not, the public needs to see the President focussed on this. When the right attacks on national security, simply respond with the facts. It is clear this administration knows what’s going on. Above all, accentuate the party’s positives, back them up with facts, and the damage can be greatly reduced. Remember, counter what the right does, they accentuate the negative, never talk of their own triumphs(they don’t have any), and use lies and half-truths to destroy the opposition.  Once again, beyond the jobs situation and the distrust of government, the Republicans are teeing it up for the Democrats again. They have nothing to run on, only against. We never hear alternatives or options from them. Wow, if this isn’t serving on a gold platter for the democrats, I don’t know what is! Thank you. 

Cam Obert


2 Responses to “CAMPAIGN AMERICA IN 2010-TOO EARLY?”

  1. tomobert62 Says:

    The R’s once again have proven they will vote for a Super Model regardless of whether or not there is anything in their head.

  2. Dan Bennington Says:

    Maybe it is time for you dems to jump off the sinking ship and get onto the ark.

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