Howard Dean-Democrat's savior

Tom Dascle

    If the latest polls are correct, tea bagger candidate Scott Brown is trending to a significant victory over Martha Coakley for the vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts. There are two disturbing things about this potential outcome.  First, certainly on the superficial side, will be the crowing from the right-wing extremists. I really can’t stomach this because the existence of these extreme right groups is wholly based on a hatred of President Obama and his progressive agenda. They can only say no, and they never offer workable alternatives. The seating of a Republican in this seat only will allow the Republicans to more easily continue their foot-dragging in Congress. They will in effect, bring progress to a halt in Congress as the progressive side is determined to get some kind of health care reform bill passed. The Republicans will continue to obstruct, and nothing will get done. reminds me of the time the Republicans in Congress closed down the federal government over budget matters under President Clinton. It backfired on them as the country turned against the Republicans in Congress for being obstructionists and they paid for it at election time. The second reason a victory for the Republicans in Massachusetts is very disturbing is the way the Democratic party, both at the commonwealth level and national level have totally blown another race.  Because of the rich tradition of this particular seat, it should have been an easy win for the Democrats. That may have been what killed them. First, they were too complacent and second they misjudged the power of the right-wing and tea bagger movement. The Democrats chose a very poor candidate, Martha Coakley, to run for the seat. Not only is she burdened by an “incumbent” label but, she has a “vanilla” personality that doesn’t present well. She also took a vacation during the campaign and made a huge gaff by proclaiming she’s a Yankee fan. Very stupid.

    What’s happened in Massachusetts parallels the failure to move the health care reform bill forward. The administration sat on its ass all spring and summer and watched the leadership in Congress stumble-f**k its way through the process. As rumors and mis-truths were leaking out of Congress it was all ammunition for the right-wing extremists to start their anti-Washington rhetoric, lies, and rallies.  The mis-management of the White House desired bill and its content, the flow through Congress to the final watered down joke they call a reform bill was all the Democratic leadership and White House fault. They way underestimated the management superiority of the right in comparison to their own weak effort. The exact same thing has happened in Massachusetts in the race for the vacant senate seat.

    After watching the DNC blow the run for the White House in both 2000 and 2004, and then under the proper leadership in 2006 and 2008 finish with great results, what does that say about the importance of leadership and management. Under the idiot Terry McAuliffe in 2000 and 2004, both times where the Republican party through their own weak leadership, basically served up victories for the Democrats,  the Democrats lost. McAuliffe proved to be a disastrous manager of campaigns. Under Governor Dean in 2006 and 2008 the Democrats flourished in the races. The Republicans served it up for them both times, again, due to their own stupidity and incompetence but, under Dean’s leadership, the Democrats acted on it. What happened since the 2008 election? Simple, after a great run in 2006, the successful foreplay, the 2008 elections at all levels were the orgasm for the Dems. After such an amazing run, its like the party rolled over in bed, smoked their cigarette, and fell asleep. While still sleeping off the great orgasm of 2008, they have lost the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, both held by Democrats, and are now blowing the Senate seat in Massachusetts. The Dems did pick up New York 23, only because the wing-nuts(Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, et al) split the Republican vote and lost the seat that had been held by Republicans since the Civil War.

    The Democratic party is in deep doo-doo. The party needs a strong, competent CEO to get back to their methods of earlier successes. The new leader must also get access to President Obama’s White House. I believe there are some very bad decisions happening there that have contributed to Obama’s free fall in the polls and the continued bungling of the economy and the lost health care reform bill.

    In conclusion, the national Democratic party needs leadership, now. Bring in Howard Dean, no matter what the cost, to run the DNC and President Obama needs Tom Dascle in the White House as his chief of staff. I believe without these changes, the bloodshed for the Democrats in November is going to be horrific. It may be too late for this year but, the 2012 elections are only two years and ten months away. Democrats, heed my warning and take my advice. I do know a thing or two about management. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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