"The Right Reverend"

“High morals Rush”

   How long is this doddering drooling senile old man, Pat Robertson, going to be given a platform to speak. I know, it’s his production company and it buys air time to keep him on. I wonder if anyone on his staff realizes that this man has become an embarrassment to himself and the his ministry. I believe it’s incumbant upon them to get him off the air. The only reason  his insensitive statements yesterday about Haiti, didn’t draw more fire and attention is because Pat Robertson has become a non-issue. His outlandish statement that Haiti is getting “paid back”  for its “deal with the devil” dating to the 16th century is sickening. How can this man cavalierly cast off a disaster resulting in the loss of potentially hundreds of thousands of people so coldly. A few years ago, Robertson went public with the lunatic remarks suggesting the U.S. go into Venezuela and assassinate Hugo Chavez.  Not only are statements like these indicative of a senile old man but, more bothersome, is they might be coming from a mean Godless man with a self purchased “bully pulpit”. That’s right, I said it, a “Godless man”! People of the cloth simply don’t make hateful mean Godless statements. They need to be held accountable for their actions. That needs to come from the followers in his flock. This compares very closely to the Reverend, I use the term loosely, Jerry Falwell. He remarked that AIDS was God’s way of making the homosexual populace pay for leading that lifestyle. How do these hate-filled people get such large following.  It works both ways, Remember the right-wing outrage over Reverend Wright? I think, so far, Robertson is getting off unscathed. His ministries, flying in the face of Robertson’s racism, thankfully are proceeding with relief efforts in Haiti.

   Go back a few years and recall radio personality Don Imus’ stupid gaff, “nappy headed hos”, referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team. The country went berserk!  Most leading political types and persons from the entertainment industry called for Imus’ scalp. His advertisers dropped him immediately, and soon afterwards, the radio network and MSNBC dropped him. He paid a huge price for a simple senseless statement in the context of entertainment. It cost Imus millions of dollars, for an off the cuff remark. Now switch to yesterday and Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. Now granted, Limbaugh is nothing more than a media personality, like Imus. Limbaugh said yesterday to the shock and disbelief of most decent, even God-fearing people, that the disaster in Haiti is perfect for President Obama to regain a solid footing with the blacks in America, both light and dark-skinned ones. He claims Obama’s response to the earthquake was within 24 hours, thus showing his is on top of things. Limbaugh said he can’t believe the President dropped everything to address the Haiti situation but took three days to discuss the “burnt undie boy” escapade in Detroit. What Limbaugh is saying, a failed but burnt underwear bomber, with no catastrophic results, is more important than the loss of tens of thousands of lives in one of our neighboring countries. Limbaugh is therefore, assigning no value to the lives of the Haitians. This is not surprising, he has a long track record of racist statements and actions. What distinguishes Limbaugh’s remarks yesterday and Imus’ remarks about the basketball team is Limbaugh’s were thought out, cold, and calculated. This man, Limbaugh, has no soul. He is a rotten human being to his very core. Rush Limbaugh does not pray or answer to a higher authority. In his dangerously deranged mind, he is the “higher authority” in his life.

    Why do the advertisers stay with him? They jumped ship on Imus for just a dumb insensitive remark that pales in comparison to the Grand Wizard Limbaugh remarks. Why aren’t the radio networks and affiliates dropping his daily diatribe of hate injected racism and fear-mongering? I know, you say he has huge ratings. So did Imus.

    A very sad statement about America today is money and greed are more important than ethics and morality. The politics of hate, fear-mongering, and personal destruction have tilted the country that way. Americans see their elected leaders and pundits practicing this and  we believe this must be”business as usual”.  Congressman Gary Ackerman(D-NY), apparently is being investigated now for some “funny” loans. Of course, Hannity and Malkin were all over it last night. Look, there are politicians from both parties that are stupid and corrupt. By having the opposing party and their pundits or mouth-pieces screaming about it and tearing down more of our country’s moral back-bone, the parties should recognize this and take care of their own in a more private way. But, no, the pundits and politicians need to make political hay with it, only to see it backfire when one of their own is caught.

    Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the conservative movement and Republican party in the U.S. The Republicans will say he isn’t though. He’s a loud mouthed buffoon that entertains for a living. So who is the leader then? Mitch McConnell? Eric Cantor? John Boehner? None of the them! Can’t be Sarah Palin, she’s too stupid, even for the conservatives. No, it’s Rush, they all bow down to him.

    It is time for the “moral majority”, to dredge up an old moniker, to rise up and put Rush and Pat out of business. Americans should no longer have to get their news and advice from these two men of no soul, no morals, no ethics, and no God.  Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Larry Hart Says:

    Hey, Cam:
    I just happened to find you when I was going through the Yorktown ’73 pages on FB. Got a kick out of the title of your site. Night before last, I was telling a lot of people on a certain FB wall that Patty-boy called for the assassination of Chavez, which is a no-no. And all that. I don’t know if you remember me, but we used to be teamates. So your’e in MN. I’m in TX.
    And of course, you noticed my email address. The “700” stands for Remington 700, lol.

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