'member Strom? We kep' them nigras in place, right?

The stealthy Edwards!

   The newly released book, “Game Change” was released yesterday to book stores as an instant best seller. I intend to read it, even though the topics hotly discussed publically so far from this book are all non-issues.  On the surface, without digging in, it seems to be a hard cover book version of The National Enquirer or TMZ.

    The most discussed non-issue has been what a racist Senator Harry Reid(D-NV) apparently is. Early in the 2008 presidential campaign, Senator Reid was discussing strategy with a colleague. In the discussion he mentioned the virtues of Senator Obama, that being of lighter skin tone and not using a negro dialect when speaking. Remember, this is candidate selection and campaign strategy meeting. The powers that be in the political process must discuss the viability and winnability of candidates. It is a fact in our country, the negatives of darker skinned African-American men are very high, especially if they don’t speak like whites. These are facts that had to be discussed. Now the political opportunists on the right are screaming that Reid, the racist, must step down as majority leader. Here’s an addition today to that group, Senator Russ Feingold(D-WI). Feingold is the sneaky opportunist. He’s known to be a sideline shooter, rarely out in front on the issues. Again, influence of the tea-baggers in a toss-up state? Anyway, the Republicans and the right-wing extremists are screaming dual standards of behavior in Congress. This is based on the firing of Trent Lott as majority leader after that nit-wit toasted Strom Thurmond as a great American that should have been elected to president in 1948 as a Dixiecrat. The Dixiecrats were a segregationist splinter group of Southerners. Lott went on to say had the country elected Thurmond in ’48, the country we be in better shape today. Granted he toasted Thurmond at a lunch where alcohol was being served. All the alarmists have to do is compare the “offensive passages” spoken by the two and you will see the difference. The real evidence however, is the documented track record of the two men. Senator Reid has voted 100% on civil rights and other minority issues. Senator Lott has consistently voted against any progressive civil rights matters and even voted against the creation of a national holiday to commemorate the life of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. This always comes back to what I have been very consistent on. The mouth pieces on the right have to start reading, researching, and understanding the issues before they open their mouths and spew their bile. It’s so simple, just learn what is you’re talking about. That also goes for the followers of the right-wing. Myself and the rest of the progressive pundits aren’t mean or negative, we only show the falsehoods expressed by the right-wing vomit machine. 

   Another story from the book being discussed is behind the scenes of the John Edwards campaigns.  This is distressing to me, because I was a big fan of Edwards until his relationship with another woman was exposed. Normally, I don’t care about married people stepping out, that is their business, not mine, and I don’t judge them for it, aka Tiger Woods. But here’s a case of a not only a  supporting spouse, Elizabeth, but a partner that carried the whole deal, political and personal. On top of all that, she has cancer that will before a normal expected life span is lived, she will die. That was pretty crappy of Edwards. This a non-issue because Edwards himself made it that when he fessed up to the affair.

    Same thing goes for the discussions between President Clinton and the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Clinton was trying to get Kennedy’s endorsement for his wife in the primary race in 2008, and said “a few years ago, he(Obama), would have serving us this coffee!” That sent Senator Kennedy closer to endorsing Obama, which he eventually did. Bill Clinton is a Southerner from Arkansas. He grew up during the civil rights explosion of the 60’s and was a fervent supporter of minority rights. He is probably more responsible for positive movement of civil rights matters than anyone in the country since his time as Governor of Arkansas. Even today, his foundation and him work tirelessly for the less fortunate around the world. Nobody can even hint at him being racist! He had the foot in mouth deal before the primary in South Carolina that people thought was racist. He was in competition for a position and sometimes things get said that aren’t meant and are forgettable. Again, research President Clinton’s history, then tell me you think he’s racist! 

  There is a story from this book that might become an issue some day. That is the story of Sarah Palin, the candidate for Vice-President. We all knew prior to the book’s revelations that Palin is not the brightest bulb on the tree. But with Steve Schmidt’s agreeing, it was revealed that Governor Palin did not know there was North and South divide in Korea, nor did she know why. She also did not know the function of the Federal Reserve Bank.   Yadda, yadda, yadda. This will become a minor issue as a political commentator on the Faux News Network or a major major issue if she becomes a candidate for any office in the future.

    The bottom line is this. If you are to be knowledgable on the issues you can make educated choices on which way to feel about them. This advice is for the leaders or mouth-pieces and for the followers of the movement. Take the time to read, research, study, and understand the information before commenting or supporting an issue. Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Dan Bennington Says:

    Cam, you are beginning to sound like the right winged extremist you write about. Instead of using your talent to call them names, why don’t you hammer them with facts, and leave out the name calling. You will come across as much more intelligent, and beleivable. You are far too smart to stoop to the name calling.

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    I pummel people with facts on every commentary. I also beg people, liberal and conservative, to read about the issues and form their own opinions. Too many times has a person been queried about a topic and it turns out they know nothing about it! Load your brain before opening your mouth! I only name call to keep readers’ attention. Most of the people that are the butt of my nicknames or insults are people that have shown they don’t research the topics they are pontificating on!

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