With the first round of the NFL playoffs in the books, some things are starting to become clear as the way to long season winds through the way too long post-season. I am very impressed with Mark Sanchez for the Jets. He plays with poise and within the Jets’ system. The Jets actually have a decent running game and a stellar defense! If Rex Ryan doesn’t get AFC coach of the year, it will be robbery. I think the past two weeks have shown the Jets to be under-rated and the Bengals to be over-rated. The other AFC game was a real eye-opener! The Baltimore Ravens just killed the Patriots. I think their coach, John Harbaugh, deserves notice in the coach of the year voting as well. The Ravens, particularly on defense, took the hapless Tom Brady led Patriots apart. They able to expose the multitude of weaknesses that are now clear in the Patriots schemes. Joe Flaco, with only 30 some yards passing did a great job leading the Ravens attack within their system. He’s only a second year quarterback but, you would have noticed the announcers not going overboard gushing about what a great quarterback he is in just his second year! I’ll touch on that subject later.

    Next week, the Ravens will travel to San Diego. The Chargers are having a season dreams are made of. Statistically, the Chargers are the most balanced team in the NFL. The Packers had similar stats and you saw what happened there. It will be different for the Chargers. They have better balance on both sides of the line, no superstars to carry an extra load. Even Ladanien Tomlinson had, for him, a dismal season! Phillip Rivers has become a very good quarterback in the NFL.  San Diego will win this game but not easily. That won’t be a reflection on the Chargers, but a tribute to how strong Baltimore is.

    The other AFC game will bring the Jets to Indianapolis. unfortunately for Jets fans, this will be the end for them. Remember they beat the Colts in Indy a few weeks ago to vault them into the playoffs? Also remember that was a Colt team of second and third stringers. The very active defense of the Colts will neutralize the Jets attack and Peyton Manning will lead them to victory.

   This will be the Chargers year to reach the Super Bowl. They are hitting on all cylinders now at maximum rpms. Their balance will just out-do the Colts. Look for Phillip Rivers to be huge in this game! He’s hungary to outshine current and 4-time league MVP, Manning.

   The NFC games this past weekend were somewhat surprising. I didn’t expect the Cowboys to manhandle the Eagles the way they did, especially since they did the same to them the week before! Right now, the Cowboys are the hottest team in the NFL. Tony Romo is playing great, smart, few turnovers, and strong leadership. Their version of an active defense is the best in the league right now. Their first team defense shut out the Eagles offense 2 weeks in a row! Keep in mind, the Eagles are a great offensive team. The other game was a joke of an NFL game! Neither the Cardinals or Packers showed any interest in playing defense at all. This was a game of the last one to score wins, and the Cardinals did just that. It was an appropriate game ending, a fumble recovery for a score. The game featured no defense, turnovers galore, and blown calls by the officials. Rodgers and Warner both had gaudy  statistics for the game. This is not an indicator of their greatness but, an indictment on how lousy the defense was. Suffice it to say, either one of these teams, the Cardinals in fact, will get blown out next week by the Saints in the Superdome.

   Look for the New Orleans Saints to beat the Cardinals fairly easily next week at home. The schemes on both sides of the ball for Coach Sean Peyton are solid. They sputtered the last few weeks of the season but remember they were playing back-ups for most of the last couple games. I think they are too strong and balanced for the Cardinals to overcome. The Cardinals will, however, score a lot of points.

    The other game brings the red-hot Cowboys to the hostile confines of the Metrodome in Minneapolis to face the Vikings. The Vikings are undefeated in the dome this year. After sputtering for a few games, the Vikings got it back together in the last 6 quarters played in the regular season. Statistically, the Vikings may not be the top rated offense in the league but, with Brett Favre back on his game with the loaded arsenal of options he has to run with, they will move the ball! Minnesota’s defense, though statistically strong, has some glaring weaknesses in the backfield. I think as hot as Romo is now, he will pick Minnesota’s defense apart. He has a great line in front of him for protection and a trio of quality NFL running backs to keep the Vikings guessing.  I believe Dallas will keep its recent mastery over Minnesota and win this game. I think this game could even turn into a Dallas rout, that’s how good the Cowboys are.

    In an NFC championship match-up in the New Orleans Superdome, the Cowboys will prevail. Romo and the offense are on a mission to show the naysayers and Wade Phillips defensive schemes are tight and active and will put the clamps on Drew Breese and his great receiving corps.

    That brings us to Miami and the Super Bowl. A Dallas-San Diego match-up is going to be fun. It is two teams with great balance tracking to finish the deal. I think they both deserve making it this far and I think the way they will compete in this game will show us that. I expect a close game, I’m not sure if it will be low or high scoring but either way it will be competitive. In the end, I pick the Dallas Cowboys to win it all.  It’s tough for me pick this way, after all they beat the Vikings and Jerry Jones is the Cowboys owner, 2 huge negatives!

   That brings us back to the Packers. I am ecstatic they lost because I can’t stand listening to the obnoxious Packer fans. Like the Washington Redskin fans, they keep their obsession for the team way out of whack with everyday life. It’s a football team! This has no bearing on these fans lives what-so-ever but, it does! Mind-boggling! Also, I’m glad we don’t have to listen to all the football guys on Fox Sports gushing about the Packers anymore this season. You’ll notice after yesterday embarrassing game and loss to the Cardinals, the Fox Sports panel went almost man to man saying each Packer player is the best in the NFL at that position. They LOST guys. Woodson and Matthews, et al must be great, they allowed 500 yards of offense to the Cardinals!

Thank you. Cam Obert



  1. Dan Bennington Says:

    Beautiful, no politics, just sports!!!!

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    I forgot to mention earlier, I am a fan of Aaron Rodgers. He showed great poise and comfort in yesterdays game. He will be a great qb in this league. What angers me is listening to the Fox announcers gush about here he is, in the playoffs in only his second year. Way overboard! Joe Flaco is a true NFL sophomore and has led the Ravins into the playoffs both years. Don’t forget, Rodgers spent several years as the understudy to the greatest qb of all time, Brett Favre. Flaco didn’t benefit from that program! Driver’s a serviceable wide-out nearing the end of his career. Clay Matthews is a good one-dimensional linebacker, pass rush only. Woodson is a good db, but he should not be defensive player of the year! He was non-exisistent in the game yesterday.
    I’ve always been a Favre fan and now I’m a big fan of Rodgers despite the hated Green Bush fans. When I lived in DC, I was a big Billy Kilmer and John Riggins fan, again in spite of the hated Redskin fans!

  3. roger tweed Says:

    I am very happy to say that I saw not one minute of the playoff games this weekend. The NFL bores me to death. It is without doubt the most over-analyzed league, and the constant obsession of the networks and fans turned me off to it a few years ago. In most NFL cities coverage starts early Sunday morning and doesn’t stop until after bed time. And then the game analysis and coach interviews take up 2/3 of the local “news” on Monday, and along with all the cable shows they try to analyze what people already saw the day before and have seen highlighted over 20 times since the game ended. How can one not become numb to this obsessive saturation?

    But from what I remember, Norv Turner will find a way to keep the Chargers from going any further than the first round. It is quite a tribute to the Charger players that they had such an outstanding season while he remains their head coach.

    Gratifying to see that Randy Moss will never win a championship. I don’t know if he is still a club house cancer, but it is interesting that New England can’t win a championship now that he’s there, and the Pats weaknesses (they keep getting older) become more glaring each year. Of course that cheater Bill Belichik is still a genius. Apparently he hasn’t yet figured out how to replace the information he was getting through the illegal taping of his opponents’ practices.

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