Typical right-wing trash!

   My very good friend, Dan Bennington e-mailed me yesterday responding to my commentary on “Setting the Record Straight”. Dan is a well read, conservative leaning independent. He remarked that both parties twist the truth to advance their own agendas. Citing my daily blog as an example of the political left doing the same thing. My response to Dan was pretty simple. The right’s flow of bile is all negative and packed with lies and half-truths. You really only have to Google or Fact-Check any statements made by a seller from the right. If you suspect there’s a foul odor, take a minute and check it out. Dan says the democrats are doing the same but, they aren’t because they are the ones initiating the issues, policies, programs, and legislation. They tell the truth because it’s their property. The other side simply takes pot-shots and weaves lies into it to fuel the fires of wacko rage. You’ll notice, they hardly ever offer alternatives. Glenn Beck, on his show last night, told his ignorant audience that the progressive initiatives being taken by our present government has its roots in European early 20th century fascism, even going as far as using Adolph Hitler as a leading progressive of that era. Not only is this outrageous but it’s potentially very dangerous. Remember Bill-O the Clown(O’Reilly), whipping the right into a froth about the” murderous” abortion doctor in Wichita, George Tiller. A regular viewer of “The Factor”, went into the doctor’s church on a Sunday morning and murdered Dr. Tiller. For the best resource on “hate speech”, Google my friend Jon Rintels’ name. He has written on this very subject, quite eloquently. By the way, Jon does read, study, and research topics before speaking about them!  The right-wing leadership in this country might want to try that. You see Beck gets away with it because nobody on the right ever calls him on it.

    Let’s address the next subject. The leadership on the right, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al, were railing about the President being on vacation when the “burnt undie boy” struck in Detroit. They all say he should have immediately come back to Washington and get to work.  It was that vacation that probably caused the dreaded 3 day delay for him to make a public statement about the “smoking  jockeys”. Did these righties yell and scream when President Bush, while on vacation, took 6 days to publically comment on the “burnt hiking shoe boy”. Hell no they didn’t!  If you research it, you will find no evidence that the progressive leadership at the time, did not savage Bush about the delay. In fact, unlike today’s righty leadership, they actually started working on ways to fix the problems, working with the republican leadership in Congress! Imagine that!, placing the security of our country before sophomoric acts of personal political destruction! It all comes down to education and enlightenment. One side practices it, and one side doesn’t!

   About Presidential vacation time, President Obama took his family to Hawaii for their private Christmas break. Yes liberals, I said Christmas, not “holiday”!  Another case of “political correctness” run amok!  But, I digress. President Obama is from Hawaii, it is his home state. He has family and friends there. I guess the righty leadership won’t cut him a break for anything! Where were the screams from anyone, when President Bush spent 997 vacation days, either at Camp David or the ranch in Crawford, out of 2880 days in the office? I guess they cut him slack because he had to clear a lot of brush at the ranch!

   Current news stories are starting to show more cracks in the republican party structure. Senator Richard Lugar(R-IN), a very highly regarded expert in the U.S. Senate on foreign affairs, called for former Vice-President Cheeney to back off the with all the false rhetoric about national security. Senator Lugar says President Obama is focused on national security and is doing a commendable job. Senator Lugar is a man of class and intelligence and just has revealed more proof that Cheeney is a bile spewing hater that lies to promote his agenda, whatever that might be. Maybe to promote something for his deranged daughter Liz. Then yesterday, another intellectually challenged republican leader started to exit the scene himself. Michael Steele, the chairman of the RNC, basically challenged the party to fire him. Apparently, the party leadership believes he is becoming too independent.

   Get ready for many third-party candidacies in 2010 for Congressional races. the republican party is splintering, and they will spin-off an extreme right option. Look for a prominent third-party candidate to emerge from the tea-bagger crowd in 2012 for the presidential race. I’m drooling in anticipation of a Palin-DeMint ticket!

   One last bit of truth for you. I am so tired of hearing the right yelling about the liberal media bias. There is bias in the media, from both sides. If you want to avoid bias, do what I do, I read the Christian Science Monitor and gather news from the BBC, on radio and TV. But, let’s be honest here. Does the left have anyone with the power and voice of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill-O the Clown O’Reilly, Bill Kristol, Britt Hume, Lou Dobbs, Anne Coulter, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, and now even Sarah Palin? The answer is a big fat NO!  The left simply does not have the journalistic(faux) or pundit power of the right. So you whining righties, STOP YOUR BITCHING!!!

    I want to thank you for reading my commentaries. I hope you find them entertaining and thought-provoking. I welcome you all, conservative and liberal alike, to post comments on the site. I’m sure it could add to some more spirited and mind expanding conversation.

Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    It is now Sunday morning, 01/10/10, I’ve watched Fox News Sunday and became enraged at the outragious things that Britt Hume and Bill Kristol said. They continue the vitriolic lying, Hume stating the President still hasn’t “embraced war” the way he should. The facts are, he has done more in troop increases in the Mid-East, and made more policy decisions with regard to national security in one year than Bush-Cheeney did in their last four years. There are long time security agency staff members along with Senator Richard Lugar(R-IN) who think Obama is doing a great job where national security is involved. Dimwit Hume pointed out the Obama administration has released 6 GITMO detainees back to Yemen. He failed to mention Bush-Cheeney released over 90 GITMO detainees back to Yemen! I’m too angry right now to recall the bullshit that Kristol gave this morning, other to say I was calling him out loudly at the time for his lies! I’ll get back to you later on this point. These statements being made by these lying shills for the extreme right are outragious, irresponsible, and dangerous. On this particular show, Juan, I have no balls, Williams is defenseless against the barrage thrown at him by Hume, Kristol, and Malice, oops, I mean Wallace!

  2. Dan Bennington Says:

    Good morning Cam, nice post , for the most part it follows true to everything I said last week. I am a bit concerned however that you think the power of the right is Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck. In my eyes and I hope in the eyes of many semi smart independents, these are radical freaks with only the power of pen. It seems that most of your issues are with the media, not with the parties themselves. Maybe we need to concentrate on the issues not the radicals (on both sides) in the media reporting them.

    Love you pal, have a great day.

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