It’s been brought to my attention by some of my conservative friends that my commentaries are overly harsh with regards to what the right-wing has been up to. Without being condescending or insulting, I go after the right because they are simply uninformed at best and shit-eating liars at worst! I am losing my patience with them because they feed on their own followers by fear mongering. They use lies, half-truths, clever editing of words from the enemy,liberals, and just plain old unsubstantiated bullshit to whip their people into a tizzy. I feel bad for the conservative followers of this weak BS, because it tells me they don’t bother to research the issues themselves. Every lie the despicable and evil former Vice-President Cheeney spews, can easily be googled to prove its falsehood. Many have done this. Unfortunately, it has only been the progressives that have fact-checked the most vocal of the wing-nuts on the right. By the way, Andy Card, a press secretary for President Bush just minutes ago tried to continue another republican lie and the commentator didn’t let him get away with it. He claimed President Obama hasn’t used the term “war” on terror since inauguration. The commentator promply threw it back in his face the number of times in public statements the President has used the word “war”. Card finally tucked his tail between his legs shut up! The problem is the conservatives believe all the lies! The Glenn Becks of the world know this, so they keep doing it. The liberals keep noting their lies publically, but the only ones to see or hear it are liberals.

    Here’s an easy one for you; “Obamacare” ! How did the town-hall trouble makers, birthers, tea-baggers, and wackos ever get that term? Easy, dim bulbs with public podiums like Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the like started using “Obamacare” to frighten their fans into believing Obama is leading us down the road to socialism. Now, the truth. There is no such thing as “Obamacare” because he never has proposed full content for health care reform legislation! Another lie!  At the time Palin, O’Reilly, Kristol, and Coulter started the lies of “death panels” in the proposed house bill, there was never anything akin to that concept written into the bill. How about the righty-racists starting the lie about the house bill allowing for free health care for undocumented aliens, when the exact opposite of that is what is in the bill. The racists all cheered for the very low-life scum Joe Wilson when he shouted out in House chambers at the President.  Then there are the right-wing haters that spread the lie about the proposed House bill containing language to allow free abortions. Again, the language of the bill is just the opposite. It states plain as can be, abortion is not covered by this bill. Because Rush, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, and others say these things were included in the bill, conservatives around the country believe it! Are you starting to understand my frustration yet?

    Here’s a good one for you. Let’s get back to the burnt undie boy in Detroit. The righties started screaming bloody murder when the President, on vacation in his home state of Hawaii, took three days to formally respond to the public about the case. It’s sad that I have to add that Hawaii is his home state, and that there are still family and friends of his residing there. Otherwise, the wing-nuts have you believe he’s on some luxurious vacation and not paying attention to his job. At any rate, when informed that when the shoe bomber struck, Bush also happened to be on vacation and waited six days to respond in public. The wackos don’t have a rational response to that one. As an a side, why the double standard?

   Dana Perino, former Bush aide and intellectual powerhouse on national television claimed the U.S. was never attacked under the Bush administration.  Hello, 9-1-1, shoe bomber, anthrax attack, etc. But they throw the bullshit out there, the righty wackos hear it, believe it, and spread it. Nobody on the right ever questions the BS coming from the party leadership, i.e., Rush, Sean , Bill-O, Beck, Kristol, Malkin, Coulter, Ingraham, Hume, Goldberg, and Palin.

   What the aforementioned republican party leaders have in common with one another is they lie and bend the truth for their own benefit. They have a less enlightened audience that will agree with anything they say. They all continue to lie knowing nobody from their side will call them on it. My good friends on the right, start the questioning process yourselves. It is so simple to check Google or Fact-Checker and see what kind of shit they have been feeding you. It’s okay to be conservative, we need conservatives to counter the liberals, but we don’t need to be led by dirty lying racists who are solely into the process for personal gain.  Did you all know Sarah Palin’s excuse for transferring out of the University of Hawaii was because she was “uncomfortable” around all the Japanese Americans residing there. Her father told us that! 

    My whole thesis here may be entirely wrong. The conservative leadership maybe aren’t a bunch of mean-spirited malicious liars. They might be simply a bunch of exceedingly stupid people, who are too lazy to research topics completely before spewing their version out to the blind flocks that follow them. I don’t mean to be insulting but the truth can be had by simply looking it up. Trying to govern a country by bullying, lying, and fear mongering is simply not productive. It pits people and ideals against one another into mud-slinging trench warfare. The rest of the world looks on to what was once a strong leading country of the free world in horror that a the party that is not in control is acting like they’ll just destroy the whole thing, rather than work with the party with a person of color as its leader! I can’t explain it any other way. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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