Matthew Shepard-another casualty of ring-wing hatred

    The Minneapolis Star tribune ran an editorial this morning from the San José Mercury News about a mind-blowing practice in Africa, with ties to the United States. Outrageous, right? Read on.

    What has brought this to light, finally, is the country of Uganda’s government considering passing legislation banning homosexuality with penalty of death for violators. Granted, other than the Republic of South Africa, the rest of the nations of this continent aren’t quite up to speed with the 21st century, especially where social “norms” are concerned. I also know that Egypt is more advanced than most of the rest of the continent but, they also may be passing some form of anti-homosexuality laws this year. Now, by our way of “normal Western thinking”, one would guess these societies are quite primitive. After all, the facts have borne out homosexuality is a biological thing, not a choice thing.  What this compares to is a country outlawing being a certain color! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

    Now for the evil part of the story. There is a movement in the U.S., led by some evangelical leaders, to promote the death penalty in Uganda and possibly other countries on the African continent. To take this even further, there are some Republicans in the House and Senate, most notably, members of “the family on C Street”. The fact that some have already denied being involved or have recanted earlier claims to working close with the Ugandan government tells you there is something to this story. Fortunately, our President, Barack Obama has decried this barbaric law-making in Uganda so far. He did it in the right way too. He has informed the government of Uganda if the proposed anti-homosexuality legislation passes, he will cut off all future aid to the country. I have a common sense theory why there is a fringe U.S. involvement in the promotion of anti-homosexuality laws in Africa.

     Most nations of Africa are based on some sort of religious ground. Since these religions are old and based on faith rather fact, there is the carry-over and taught idea of homosexuality being bad, harmful, and destructive to the existing way of life. Again, these societies have not had the same benefit as the developed Western countries of the discovered  fact that people are born homosexual, they don’t acquire it by environmental or learned ways. Now, with that being said, why are there still Americans that hold on to the old ideas of homosexuality being evil and it being a choice? I don’t know of too many people who would volunteer to be something, knowing it will bring scorn to them by less informed(dimwitted) people. I think it would just be added stress, tension, and drama to one’s life.

    Now, on with my theory. Strict conservative evangelicals need to be out front on the anti-GLBT issues to keep their own flocks close. What they preach on this subject is hatred and prejudice. This is what fuels their followers. They have, however, figured it out that America won’t stand for their hate filled bile they are now spewing around Africa. Americans are too smart, too enlightened, and too compassionate to follow any gay hating institutions. Even the right-wing politicians have now figured this out. That is why some of them are now sniffing around some of these backward African states to encourage them to keep on” killing the queers.” I’m so disappointed there are still people in the United States that still believe homosexuality is a choice and that is evil. Evidence, Matthew Shepherd being murdered because he was one of “them dirty homos”.  We, as a nation are getting more understanding but, there is still “do not ask, do not tell” policy for the military. We are the only developed country in the world that discriminates against the GLBT community for enlistment and employment in the military! Who, in general, are the enlightened ones in our country? The liberals and moderates. Why is the right so ignorant about this issue? They are ignorant to the point of being refered to as stupid and racist. THEY HAVE NO REASONS TO THINK THE WAY THEY DO ON THE SUBJECT OF HOMOSEXUALITY! THEIR POSITION IS STEEPED IN IGNORANCE, HATE, AND STUPIDITY!   Ignorance can be fixed by education. There is no fix for stupidity, and hatred of anything different from WASP thinking is a choice. This is a choice by people who are hate filled and mean. Can you believe there are politicians in this country that are hate filled racists and homophobes and yet they still represent a cross culture constituency? How do they get elected in the first place? Worse yet, there are hate filled homophobes that are “persons of the cloth”. I’m sure there is homophobic clergy in all religions, and that only makes it worse. I can only wonder what Jesus Christ would think of these shameful hate filled persons claiming to be Christians. Remember, Christ preached peace and brotherhood. Certainly not hate filled homophobic thoughts and behavior that carries it so far as to promote whole countries legislating the killing of people simply for their sexual orientation. I only wish the haters would take the time to educate themselves on the facts and then become better citizens of the world because of it. Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. nich obert Says:

    I’m guessing the rationale behind it is that ‘only gay people have AIDS’, even in this country AIDS is still most strongly associated with homosexuality.
    If the religious right supports executing African gays, its just a matter of destroying the evidence that they spent the entire 80s and 90s horrified at the idea of handing out condoms.
    I’m all for the entirety of Africa going homo, whatever keeps the birthrate down and whatever lessens the continent’s dependence on foreign aid is golden to me.
    Eventually we just gotta start recognizing that vast swaths of that continent cant support human settlement (at least in “developing” form) anymore after thousands of years of trial-and-error.

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Speaking of which, remember the late comic Sam Kinneson talking about aid to Africa. He wondered why we keep sending seeds and plants for the indigenous(sp) peoples to grow their own food. Kinneson screamed, “Nothing grows in desert sand! Send them U-haul trailers and encourage them to move elsewhere!”

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