About ten years have passed since the political parties, the legislative branch, and the executive branch have worked together to solve the our nations problems. After knocking heads with Congress in President Clinton’s first term, he and the Republican leaders in the House and Senate decided to unite and pass compromised legislation. Although they didn’t necessarily like one another, they put personal issues aside for the good of the country. They passed landmark welfare reform, beefed up security at home in the form of increased budgets for police, and they not only balanced the budget, but left the country with a 155 billion dollar surplus at the end of Clinton’s presidency. It’s amazing how that works!

   I think the politics of personal attack and destruction started with the failed attempt to impeach President Clinton. One almost believes that after seven plus years of executive and legislative branches working together, the bottled up bile, hate, and envy, of the republicans finally boiled over. Thank you, Monica Lewinsky! That was the event that broke the camel’s back. After so many “witch-hunts” to get the Clintons on something, all of which failed, I suspect they thought they got him.  The republicans went after the President on the grounds of giving false testimony to a grand jury, again a failed attempt. Then came the moral outrage from the right-wing. How dare the President engage in a sexual affair on the side while in the White House, the “holier-than-thou” crowd screamed! It’s amazing that when that was going on, House Speaker Gingrich failed to come clean about ditching his cancer ridden wife in her hospital bed to chase a younger hotter woman. Judicial Chairmen Henry Hyde(R-IL), an impeach the president leader was found to be chasing tail on the side as well. Please keep in mind, “The Family on C Street”, a boarding type house for the most conservative of republicans in Congress was probably already covering up the extra-marital affairs of most of its members! Moral outrage!, the republicans should be ashamed of themselves!

    Because the sides dug in along party lines so deeply on the Clinton issues, that is the beginning of the era of American hate politics.  Rush Limbaugh was finally getting an audience, and to enhance his reputation and build his audience share or maybe prove his stupidity, his attacks on the President were for the most part, lies, dirty, and served no place in the American way of politics and governance. Rush and the right-wing politicians fed off each other for years, finally coming to a crescendo of shitty, dirty, untrue, and worse politics with the run and victory of Barack Obama. 

   The Republican party, or the party of “NO”, has been embracing more and more of the hatred bile spewed by the Glenn Becks of the world. They no longer have any interest in the duties they are sworn to do. They only sit back and do nothing. They disagree with everything proposed by the administration and the Democrats but, but offer no alternative choices. Thus, they have succeeded in grinding the U.S. government to a halt.  The Republican politicians that have gone over the edge to join the “birthers”, the “tea-baggers”, the “town hall hooligans”, and now of course is the call to profile airline travelers, especially picking out people of Middle East origin!, will pay the price in the fall. As the campaigns pick up, the Democrats will start pounding on the Republicans for being obstructionists in Congress. With an economy in ruins, a republican roadblock on health care reform, and the republican response to homeland security issues, the Democrats will probably do quite well. They will lose some seats but, not as many as the Republicans think. What is going to bite the party of “NO” in the ass is the fact that they are responsible for the slower roll out of  economy repair and jobs creation. I’m sure their feeling is that the party in power will bear the brunt of the beating on election day. The Democrats need Howard Dean back as party chairman. He would turn this around on the Republicans masterfully.

     I was surprised to hear Michael Steele this morning, after back-tracking on his outrageous statements of yesterday, acknowledged the parties need to put the personal issues aside and get back to doing the business of government. Unfortunately, it’s too late for that and Steele is too weak of a leader to accomplish anything meaningful. The Glenn Beck wackos of the extreme right-wing have gotten to too many republican politicians. These politicians are afraid of the wackos and will play along with them. They have planted so much fear into our society, so now the right-wing politicos have appointed themselves to lead us to the promised land! It’s not going to work, our populace is just smart enough to eventually see through it. Remember, Joe McCarthy had traction for a while in the 50’s, then when reality dawned on America, he and his wigged out cohorts were done. I believe the extremist views of today’s right-wing will eventually crush them as well. When pressed on why they oppose the views that are anything other than their own, they can’t ever give a sane rational response. This tells me it’s based on racism, especially with an elected President that is a person of color is so despised by them. I think it’s also about protecting what’s theirs, i.e. big business, Wall Street, banks, and insurance companies. Main Street America and common sense will weed these greedy bastards out.

   Surveys now show a universal acceptance nationwide for same-sex marriage, or at the very least, married benefits for same-sex life couples. Now remember, the right-wing in this country has hijacked Christianity as their own, liberals therefore cannot be Christians! With the ownership of Christianity the right is morally upright. They feel homosexuality is wrong, it’s bad, and it’s reversible! You can’t even rationally discuss this subject with a rightie. Anyway, this policy they embrace will ultimately backfire on them as well.

     The politics of personal destruction is killing the American political process. I would suggest a change to 100% government financed campaigns, get the money and special interests out of control of our government. All PAC’s need to be outlawed and the 527 type attack advertising needs to be eliminated. I think with the money and lobbyists out of the picture, the politicians will instinctively start to work for their constituents and not the money or special interests. That would take the edge off and may even make the “spewers of hate” go away. Imagine how nice it would be to not have to worry about who Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, or Jonah Goldberg are attacking now with their hateful lies, half-truths, dirt, and innuendo. 

  If the Democrats play it right, 2010 may not be so bad. If the right-wing extremists keep up their non-sense past 2010, look  for the republican party to fracture, and the “wing-nuts” on the far right to start their own campaign. Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint would make a cracker jack ticket! Give this some thought, I do welcome your comments and even posts on my blog-site! Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Roulette Says:

    I cannot believe this is true!

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