What happened in Nigeria happened. What happened in Yemen happened. What happened in London happened. What happened in Amsterdam happened. The synopsis is, the burning-undie boy’s father informed the U.S. embassy his son may have become radical trouble maker. American surveillance believes the burning-undie boy may have been training with al Qaeda in Yemen based on having one of the boy’s name on file. England then refused entrance to the burning-undie boy based on his suspicious background. Finally, the security officials in Amsterdam, bowing to American pressure, didn’t use the high-tech full body scan devices.

    Now, after setting his under wear on fire in a failed suicide bomb attempt in flight, the on board and on ground security worked perfectly, as Secretary Napolitano said just after the event took place. Obviously, she spoke about how the situation was handled once it became a situation.

    As you can see, the American government security agencies involved failed to connect the dots. We all know this! Here’s where it gets interesting. The republican party has decided to make this into a heated political issue. Dumb, dumb, dumb!  Now they have forced the administration to go public to explain the problems.  “Victory number one for al Qaeda“!  It became a victory for al Qaeda because the administration has been forced to go public with what it is doing in terms of seeking out and destroying terrorists around the globe. This is just another incidence of how deeply the right’s hatred for this President and administration is. They will even stoop so low to savage President Obama, they will jeopardize the security of the U.S. and the safety of our citizens!

   “Victory number two for al Qaeda“, the disruption of air travel in and out of the U.S. and even domestic only flights. Remember one of the goals of terrorists is to disrupt normal life in the home of its target. The ultimate goal of course would be to bring down the target’s economy. They made a mess of London when the tunnels were bombed, they made a mess of Madrid when they bombed the trains, and of course, 9-1-1 in this country. The American knee-jerk response was slower security lines and remain seated in the plane for the last hour of the flight. There is no doubt, the United States must embrace and utilize the updated full body security scan machines. There is a “privacy issue” in our country which has kept the TSA from implementing these. “Privacy issue” is a joke! Our country is so modest and has such high moral standards that nude outlines of anonymous travelers are forbidden! This coming from a country that thinks nothing of invading sovereign states based on lies leading to the senseless slaughter of our own troops and millions of innocent civilians. This coming from a country where in many states they have legalized murder under the guise of “capital punishment”. The U.S. has a way to go to clean up its own act before condemning others.  We are after-all, the only well developed country to utilize capital punisment. We are the only developed country that does not provide health care coverage for all of the citizens. If the technology is there, use it!

    The U.S. government now must address this issue of failing to connect the dots. There are still too many security agencies involved in these things. Because of this situation, investigations, etc. are slowed way down as these agencies decide who’s jurisdiction it falls in. They also still fail to share information. Janet Napolitano can do just fine if given the resources to do her job. The President was slow in appointing the two main leads under Napolitano and she is still trying to function without them. This is the security of the country here! Hello, is anybody home? The not-so-bright Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC), has held up the approval of a new TSA head because he’s afraid the workers at the TSA will organize! That’s the last thing want, is contented employees guarding our airports and sea-ports.  I said it a month after he was sworn in as Senator, he might be the dumbest person to ever hold the position of U.S. Senator! He’s proving me correct more with every passing day! This act of foot-dragging in the Senate might well be considered “victory number three for al Qaeda”. Our securuty agencies have been put in a leaderless position, which only makes things easier for the terrorists.

   I believe the U.S. and Great Britain have given al Qaeda “victory number four” by closing down their embassies in Yemen. They are basically telling the government of Yemen they are on their own now. We have embassies in other countries to help and get help from the host government, not run out because there are some terrorists running rampant within their borders.

    I know the party of “NO” will not let up on its attacks of the Obama administration in the area of national security. They feed on the fear they can generate in the population. What does this accomplish? It weakens the position of the U.S. as a world leader. To get this handled properly, the President needs to get firm with his opposition party. He needs to challenge them to stop making the fight on terrorism public and join him to find ways to be successful in getting terrorism under control. Obama is the one who wasted far to much time in his first year in office trying to get the republicans involved. The only response he ever gets is “NO!”  Merge the responsibilities of the security agencies into one to only act on issues of terrorism. That group should have a strong leader who reports to the Secretary of Homeland Security and the President only.  

   This should not be a political issue to be debated in public. This is a security issue that needs to stay within the confines of the appropriate departments and Congressional committees. As long as religion and economic jealousy are floating about the globe, there will be terrorists. You remove organized religions and some economic barriers to national progress for all nations, and you will see a dramatic reduction in this type of cowardice attacking and even conventional warfare. I have now solved the worlds security problems, what do we move onto next? Thank you.

Cam Obert


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