As 2009 went, so will 2010. That’s pretty bold of me isn’t it? Remember all things political in 2009 revolved around my good friend President Barack Obama’s inability to manage the office of the president. His poor management opened up so many negatives during the year that he may have buried himself in too deep a hole to get out!

     Unfortunately, the President killed himself on the health care reform legislation. After drifting for months through the hands of the incompetent boobs of Congress, the result will be a watered down hybrid of what he campaigned for. He has now gotten the left-wing as mad at him as the right-wing! Don’t forget, President Lyndon Johnson passed and signed landmark Medicare and Civil Rights legislation in the 1960’s with a hostile Congress. He did it because he worked his tail off and didn’t rest until he got it done. That’s how you manage your legislative agenda, you propose it, write it, and guide it through Congress using whatever means of arm-twisting it takes to get it done. By the way, Senator Harry Reid(D-NV), as far from a powerhouse leader as you can get, was given props for “negotiating” with some of the problem Senators to get to 60 votes. “I know about negotiation, and this was not negotiation!” It was a sell-out. All Reid did was give, give, give. By the time he was done, we got less protection for a woman’s right to choose, a new Louisiana Purchase, and federally supported Medicaid program for Nebraska for an eternity!  Please note, the Attorneys General from at least seven states are already lining up to sue the federal government for the same gift given to Nebraska by Senator Reid.  Great job Harry!

     President Obama can’t fix the health care reform debacle. He needs to get focussed on the jobs outlook. Simple to say, but Americans will only respond to “simple”. If the administration can get the jobs situation turned around by summer, some of the seats in the House and Senate might be saved for the democrats. If not, expect a blood-bath in November for the democrats.

     The administration’s handling of the burning underwear incident will probably bite him and the democrats in the ass. I still say, the ultimate villain here is the dunces working the security at the Amsterdam airport. But, because the republicans in what I believe are the lowest and sleaziest acts yet, made a political football out of this before they even extinguished the flames from the guy’s private parts!  The right-wing will stop at nothing to destroy this Presidency! So, this is another hurdle for the President to overcome. It did, however, expose a weakness in the chain of communication within the administration. The right can legitimately attack the administration for its ineptitude.

    I think President Obama needs to get to work, himself! He needs to back away a little on the public appearances, roll up his sleeves, and start working the Oval Office and Congress the way an organized disciplined leader, CEO, or general manager would do, especially in these dire times.  As CEO of the country, he sets the vision, the goals, and the initiatives. He needs support in his office and cabinet to coordinate these initiatives and help him take the lead to accomplish the successful implementation of these things. If he wises up and fires Rahm Emanuel as his chief advisor, then brooms the rest of the “Chicago gang” on the White House staff and hires people who can more competently deal with the issues facing the White House and President. I suggest Tom Daschle as chief-of-staff. He’s an insider that people like and respect, and he can help get White House initiatives through Congress. This is not to say Emanuel is a bad guy, in fact, I like him but, too many people on Capitol Hill don’t like him and that always creates additional interference for the President. Daschle is a proven “get it done guy” and he has paid for the personal tax oversights.

    If President Obama takes all of my advice, and he should, he will turn this thing around. If he continues to flounder as a weak spineless leader, it will mean disaster for the country and the world as the wackos from the extreme right will continue to gain foothold and audience. They have flourished under this leaderless left-wing.

     The President, due to his weak performance in 2009, will have to shelve the global warming and cap-and-trade initiatives in 2010. They are too controversial and will hurt democrats seeking office this fall. I’m afraid he’ll have to shelve the gays in the military initiative as well, another campaign promise!

     I believe the neo-con chicken hawks on the right will attempt to force the U.S. into expanding military intervention into more areas of the world. Their thought is to crush 100 person terrorist cells where ever they exist with heavy armament and mass bombing. Of course, we all know when stealthy terrorists see huge invading armies coming their way, they just disappear and pop up some where else! God, are these chicken hawks stupid! They believe we have limitless troop numbers and limitless money to play this “nonsensical global Whack-A-Mole” game!

  I hate to put this all on President Obama but, as shown in 2009, he is the straw that stirs the drink. He is the leader of the free world and the inspirational leader for billions of people around the globe and he will finally embrace that role. I am confident he will use his God-given brains and talent in 2010 and get this wrong moving ship going in the right direction. Thank you.



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