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January 29, 2010

    As the hate speech accelerates out of the right, the distrust of Washington and government grows. When the left and right wings were scolded by the President the other night and told to turn down the rhetoric, they haven’t responded. It began during the State of the Union address. Justice Alito showing the country what a low-class piece of human garbage he is, John(Suntan) Boner and Eric Cantor farting around during the address, not showing one bit of respect, a close-up of Mitch McConnell with a smug smarmy look on his chinless face while being challenged by the President to get in the ballgame and stop obstructing. The Republicans were challenged to start, at least attempting, to help govern the country as the were sworn to do in their capacities in Congress. The President had to implore, beg the Republicans to offer alternatives. The Senate Republicans have not offered one thing this year to help govern the country.

    The greatest weakness of Obama’s first year was his hard-headed idea the Republicans need to work with him. Why doesn’t he get the message? He has wasted so much time trying for “bi-partisan” developed legislation. Guess what Mr. President, the Republicans hate you, they are forever bitter about you getting elected, and they will never do anything to help move this country forward with you in office. Eric Cantor says the American public doesn’t like the policies of the Democrats. It’s not the process he says. Well Mr. Cantor, how would the public feel if they really tuned into the process? I tell you what, there would be rage like you can’t imagine! The Republican party has made it their mission to obstruct progress at every turn. They simply block the road, they don’t even offer alternatives. Why?  I’ll get back to that question later on.  Remember what the Congressional Republicans did to President Clinton in 1995? They obstructed or filibustered all Democratic or White House generated legislation to the point they shut down government and tried to blame the Democrats. It back-fired on them and the results were large Democratic gains in the next election. C’mon obstructionists do it again. You’re trying really hard to get it done! Another example of what Sarah Palin says, we don’t want to learn or get confused by facts or history, we just want Obama out!

    The hate-speech, the negative rhetoric, the all hands on deck attack on the President has finally begun work against the wing-nuts. Palin’s own tea-bagger movement is turning on its own. Even an empty head like Michele Bachmann flew the scene in Nashville. The teas-baggers that can’t afford the $595 admission price at the “convention” are turning on the ones that can afford it and the organizers of the circus! Palin, however, will still accept her $100,000 fee for speaking there. Another bruhaha is on the horizon in Arizona. What will the conservatives do. John McCain is seeking re-election to the Senate and his primary challenger is going to be non other than fascist JD Hayworth. Hayworth was blown out of his congressional seat in 2006, as a result of being too rigid of a conservative. Now Hayworth and the tea-baggers claim McCain is a moderate. Being a moderate in their eyes translates to being a card-carrying commie! Palin has already said she will support McCain. Whoops! Support a commie for a Senate seat. How shameful! Anyway, the meal continues as the extreme right-wing is eating itself!

    The gasoline that is powering the hate movement is of course the intellectual wing of the conservatives. The intellectual wing of the extremists are led by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill-O the clown, Glenn Beck,more on Beck in a minute, Sarah Palin, Britt Hume, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Anne Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Michele Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, and the forever bitter and fired journalist Bernard Goldberg. These are the heavy-weights the right-wing looks up to. If you don’t think Mitch McConnell, John Bohner, and Eric Cantor take their walking orders from that group your head is really buried deep in the sand. The only righty that doesn’t really listen to these people, or anyone for that matter is RNC chairman Michael Steele. I believe it’s because there’s not activity with synapses in his head. Back to Beck; How about the Faux News fake sting on ACORN. A totally set up “gotcha” that in the end proved nothing. No wrong doing, no indictments, no charges even! Well your boy, O’Keefe just got busted in Louisiana on felony charges. You guys just don’t get it. Hey Bill-O, your boy Scott Roeder just got convicted of premeditated, first degree murder for the shooting of Dr. Tiller in Wichita. Roeder gives you a lot of the credit for pushing him along to do the deed. Bill-O kept telling you someone needs to stop Dr. Tiller, he’s an abortion doctor and therefore a murderer. Again, you idiots just don’t get it. You haven’t figured out how damaging your hate-speech can be.

    Here is the confusing thing about the attitude of the Congressional Republicans and the right-wing pundits. During the entirety of President Obama’s term in office, the right has only said no. They have sat on their hands in Congress and not done one positive thing. The pundits keep railing about what a horrible President Obama is, Hannity and Limbaugh add what a horrible person Obama is as well, but they never have concrete data to back it up their claims. Only that Obama is too liberal, he’s leading us to socialism, he’s going to take over our health care, etc. This is how bad it is, I watched all the Faux News shows after the State of the Union address and not one of the Faux personalities could say a single positive thing about the speech, style or content. Hannity is actually hateful toward the President.  The politicians aren’t much better behaved. Today, John Bohner said the Presidents visit with the Republican congressional caucus won’t solve a thing. This was before the meeting took place! There’s an open mind! What is driving this hatred of the man who is President? They say they don’t hate him, but actions speak louder than words. They can’t intellectualize why they are so opposed to his Presidency. I think it there is a major distrust of a man of color leading our country. I’m not saying all the wing-nuts are blindly racist, but a large proportion of them are. Listen to them at the rallies. Do the leaders ever apologize for or ask the racist followers at their rallies to tone it down? No. What message does this send? It says our political and philosophical leaders on the right don’t think it is necessary to muzzle the worst of the haters. By not muzzling them, they are saying it is okay to rally against people because of their skin color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or physical or mental being.

    I only wish the disappearing numbers of classic Goldwater-Reagan conservatives would see this hate and fear-mongering and rise up to stop it. Start challenging these extremists, take your party back. Use your brains, that gives you the advantage out of the gate. Remember the rich party history, Nelson Rockefeller, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, George Romney, and even Arnie Carlson. Bring class and respectability to your party. I will never be a Republican, nor a party line Democrat, but I long for the days of respectful and classy discussion of the issues. Thank you. 

Cam Obert



January 28, 2010

   I think President Obama made a very good speech last night. It was not in the league of some his important policy speeches but, it hopefully made an impact. Not the usual oratory of a pro, it was more casual or colloquial, often sprinkled with humor, some self-deprecating, some for big banking, the Democrats , and the Republicans, etc. He was making points that need to be made, this time in a different way.

   He did a great job with presenting his plans  to create more jobs. Directing 30 billion dollars to community banks to lend to small businesses. This is job creation by the private sector. If small businesses can get moving, they, in turn, will start adding employees. Speaking of banks, the conservatives are already complaining, Eric Cantor(R-VA) said the banks can’t loan money to small businesses because of the fees that Obama has proposed to charge the large banks that took stimulus money from the fed. The 30 billion goes to small banks that are not being charged the delinquency fees. He also proposed a one year waiver of  payroll taxes for businesses that add staff now. This is another move to strengthen the private sector therefore allowing them to grow their payrolls. The President has not forgotten about government growth jobs. Infrastructure updating and renewal. This creates jobs in the government and jobs for construction companies that will be doing the heavy work. These things will be funded in part by the payback money and interest earned by the government from the stimulus and TARP loans.

   The President is still encouraging the development of energy-saving products and processes. He wants the U.S. to keep pursuing renewable energy sources. Not only does this create jobs it encourages invention and competition to create forms of energy that will not keep us reliant on foreign fossil sources of energy. Tax credits granted to individuals and companies will help get this ball rolling. Jobs, energy creation, less dependence on foreign fuel sources, and an improved environment. How can anybody find fault with this concept? The right-wing will. I’ll go into that later.

    The President chastised the Senate for foot-dragging on the health care reform bill. He challenged the Republicans to offer their own plan that is as comprehensive as the bill before them. He scolded the Republicans for sitting back and doing nothing. Being obstructionists only stops progress, of any type. He informed them if they have a better idea, bring it. He also challenged them to start doing what they were elected to do, work. They must get in the game and start working with the Democrats to govern the country.

   I believe the President’s best moment of the address was when he went after Chief Justice Roberts and the voting majority in the court for their ruling on 1st Amendment rights to cover corporations. This ruling also allows foreign corporations to spend freely on our elections. The is “judicial activism” at the summit. Every time a candidate is nominated by a Democrat for a seat on the bench, the right-wing starts screaming they are opposed to “activist” judges. Here you go Republicans, Roberts and the Court just stepped out-of-bounds in terms of the constitution and over 100 years of legal precedents, to make up their own interpretation of the Amendment.

  That leads me into the most important thing that was covered by the President. The deficit of trust with our government. Again, Eric Cantor claims the country is angry about the policies, not the discourse of politicians and pundits about their opposing side. I agree with the President, it is the process, not the policy. The American people don’t know the policy because he, the President, and the politicians have failed to explain policy to the public. All the public gets is the lies, the rhetoric, and the name calling. Judge Samuel Alito’s behavior in Congressional chambers last night is indicative of what’s going on with regards to policy versus process. Anytime a Supreme Court Justice attending the State of the Union Address, visibly shows signs of disagreement and murmurs” the President is wrong” is an outrage. Where is the class? Where is the diplomacy? When I see that, my only impression is, geez, what a classless jerk!  The President went after everyone, the politicians and pundits for driving wedges into the interaction and governance of our country. My advice to the politicians and pundits is start reading, studying, learning, and understanding policy and legislation before opening your mouth. It’s the uneducated on the issues loud mouths that are creating the untrusting and suspicious attitudes of Americans. Granted, some choose to stay stupid and simply run around starting forest fires. Here’s a great commentary from one of the intellectual giants of our times; ” I thought President Obama spent too much time lecturing and not enough time leading.” That was Sarah Palin commenting on the Presidents address. This is an admission of guilt by Palin. Don’t lecture us, we don’t want to know the facts. We only want to be anti-anything Obama! She admitted before the world, they don’t want to know the facts!

   Good for you Mr. President! If nothing else comes out of this address, I’m hoping there may be a more civil climate in Washington. Americans will like that. They will actually start to trust the politicians and the government again. Trust, what a novel idea! How many of the tea-baggers, the birthers, the town hall trouble makers, and Faux News commentators will catch on? I’ll let you readers decide that! Thank you.

Cam Obert


January 27, 2010

    Let me apologize at the outset of this narrative to my readers not residing in Minnesota. I hope you’ll read and comment anyway, maybe you have a race(s) in your state you’d like to comment on. We all eat up anything politics! 

     The writer of this blog, an amateur political analyst, will focus on a few of the important races in our state. Congressional races in the 2nd, John Kline, the 3rd, Eric Paulsen, 4th, Betty McCollum, 5th, Keith Ellison, 8th, Jim Oberstar are all pretty safe. I like the incumbents, Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison, and Jim Oberstar. You would be hard pressed to find many members of the U.S. House that work for their constituents and for the advancement of our country than these three. Opponents picked in these races, including Kline and Paulsen, will only be sacrificial lambs with very little to zero national help. 

    Minnesota CD 7 is a different case altogether. Collin Peterson, the Democrat incumbent is a very conservative “Blue Dog” democrat. It’s time for him to go. It would be great to elect a progressive candidate, but that won’t happen in the 7th. This is the most conservative district in the state. So, at best, I hope a moderate Republican can unseat Peterson so we can quit the charade! 

    Tim Walz, our DFL Congressman from the 1st district might have some problems getting re-elected. The fringe lunatics on the right are going to get involved in that district. They are very organized and energized to do their dirty work on Congressman Walz. This truly is a shame. Tim Walz is probably the most stand up honest guy in Congress. He really cares, he came right from his teaching job in the classroom to Congress. He connects with the “kitchen table” issues of his district and the country. Now, put the tea bagging smear machine in there, and it will really destroy a clean decent person. They fight dirty and they have the money! 

    That brings us to the hottest Congressional seat in the United States this year, Minnesota 6. I find it interesting that this large meandering district surrounding the Twin Cities, close to the “intellectual center” of the state can elect a lunatic like Michele Bachmann twice! As I stated earlier in this narrative, Minnesota 7 is the most conservative district, but CD 6 has sent this moron to Congress twice. Minnesota 6 is a diverse district. Under normal circumstances, it would be represented by a moderate Republican or a Democrat. Four years ago, the extreme right saw a vulnerable district with a wing-nut as their candidate. The smear machine went to work with the big money from outside the state and did a personal attack and destroy job on Patty Wetterling. Granted, Wetterling was a very weak candidate and she really got no support from the national party. Again, like Tim Walz, Wetterling  is a very decent noble person that the fringe lunatics dragged through the mud. I remember I was disappointed in the Wetterling choice, but I was infuriated by the butchering she and her family took from the “birther” wing. Then in 2008, after Bachmann had embarrassed herself time and again on a national stage, she was primed to be beaten. This time the DFL chose Elwyn Tinklenberg to face her. Tinklenberg was an okay candidate, good mayor of Blaine, Secretary of Transportation under Ventura, and a loyal foot soldier for the party. Even with Bachmann shooting herself in the foot constantly, even during the campaign, the right-wing money was too hard to overcome. The DNC came in way too late to help.  So that brings us to 2010 in Minnesota CD 6. This time, the Democrats have a great and very competent candidate in Taryl Clark. I spent time with her at a get together one evening and was very impressed. She has great intellect to tackle the tough issues, she is a mom with school age kids that really understands what it takes for everyday Americans to manage their way through the mess in our economy as well as the rigors of raising a family. Clark genuinely gets it! We will get the national support it will take to defeat Bachmann and the right-wing smear machine. I only hope the democrats in her district choose her as the candidate in the endorsement and primary process. i firmly believe Taryl Clark can win this seat. The embarrassment that Bachmann has brought on to Minnesota has to end. The fear-mongering, the hate-speech, the homophobia, and the just plain stupid things that fall out of Bachmann’s mouth must be silenced from the halls of Congress. Taryl Clark will do that, much to the relief of America! 

   Ah, the race for Governor.  More than likely this will be a democratic pick up.  The cast of Republicans vying for the nomination of that party is very weak, at best. For the Democrats, there are a lot of candidates. 

   I really like Mark Dayton. He has executive experience as an elected state auditor. His pedigree as a Dayton can’t be discounted. He is very smart, and his goals for the state are very good and promising. But, my problem with Mark Dayton is, he simply is not a politician. He is very uncomfortable with the public and the media. I think a very important quality of executive leadership is being dynamic and outgoing, neither of which Dayton is. 

   Two of the other candidates are Minneapolis based and have already picked up some “smell”.  Anderson had some issues about her campaign finances and Rybak should not have run for re-election as Mayor knowing his intention to run for Governor. That leaves a very unpleasant odor. I like Rybak, he’s been a great Mayor and I’d be delighted he stayed for another full term. Minneapolis is in a time of transition. There is so much potential for growth and excitement and we need him to lead in the city. Kelleher is a great Representative and Speaker of the House. The state needs her in that great leadership capacity. 

My choice to lead Minnesota for the next four years is Steve Kelley. Kelley has proven he’s a dynamic leader. He’s believes in uniting coalitions to include all sides of the issues. He will end the legislative grid-lock caused by the present Governor. He has proven in his political history that actions speak louder than words. He’s “doer”. He is compassionate about his mission. I implore all democrats to dig into Steve Kelley, the candidate, the person. Study his positions on the issues. You will find that he will put the state back on the road to fiscal and economic health. He is a tireless promoter  of  all  things “Minnesota“. Not since Arnie Carlson has this state had a leader that actually was for the betterment and promotion of Minnesota. Minnesota needs Steve Kelley as soon as possible. I strongly urge all residents of our state to get educated on the issues, see where Steve Kelley stands on them, and you will become a Kelley backer. We do, however, need you to caucus for him. Unfortunately, he is going to abide by the party endorsement rule, unlike some of the other candidates who are going to run to the primary. I wish Steve Kelley would change his mind. The state needs to do away with the party endorsement deal anyway. Remember, if Carlson had abided by the endorsement rule, he would have never been our Governor.  Thank you readers, and thank you Steve Kelley and Taryl Clark.

Cam Obert  (more…)


January 26, 2010

Jim DeMint & Tea-baggers

    Hey, Democrats!, will you all just take a chill pill? Are you going to take a beating in the fall? YES!!!  If you can accept that premise, half your battle is over.  Now it’s time to take a look at what races are worth competing for. The very high-profile senate races may be tough. Everyone has already conceded North Dakota to the Republican governor to take Byron Dorgan’s seat. That’s okay. It looks like Bennett in Colorado is going down, perceived monkey business to fill the seat of Salazar. Harry Reid, the gutless one, may be able to hold his seat in Nevada. The Republicans don’t have a viable candidate yet, and expect the tea-baggers to get in there and muck it up. The seat in Connecticut being opened by Dodd’s retirement looks very safe now with Blumenthal holding a 30 point lead on the top Republican. That leaves only the whining fence-sitting Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. The DNC will be smart to stay away from this one. Let her lose, she was only a shaky number in the Dem column in the Senate anyway. An interesting situation is growing in Arizona. John McCain may be getting a real run in the Republican primary from JD Hayworth. Hayworth is a former Congressman from Arizona who lost a re-election bid several years ago because his district decided he was from the lunatic right fringe. Lately, he has been a fear-mongering righty on a radio show in Arizona. He will be working with the tea-baggers. Should he beat McCain in the primary, that could open the seat up to a Democrat in the general. 

     Obviously there is an anti-incumbant mood in the country. It happened in 1982 and 1994 and there were huge balances changed in Congress. Check out the history, both Reagan and Clinton went on for six more years and accomplished great things. So much for turning Congress over to counter-balance an unpopular President. So, go ahead Americans, especially you gutless “independents”. throw the bums out. It only going to help President Obama get re-elected in 2012 and then carry out much of his “liberal-socialist” agenda. Can you believe how stupid Americans really are? The Republicans will not gain majorities in either house, they will continue to obstruct, and it will backfire on them for bringing America to a halt. It happened in ’84 and ’96. So Democrats, just relax.

   The Republican process may fall apart even faster. The extreme right, tea-baggers, Faux News commentators, Palin, Bachmann, etc. will bust the party up even more and may even decide to splinter off to their own party. This is potential reality.

    Many of the current office holders that are “retiring” are really saying they don’t want the fight to keep the office. I guess I don’t blame them. It is no longer about the ideology or philosophy of the candidate or incumbant. It is now about the ideology and philosophy of the money suppliers behind them. Some with a conscience, have had enough. The ruling by the Supreme Court last week will possibly make all campaigning as we now know it, moot. I’ll say it again, this ruling potentially will destroy our democracy as we know it today.

    I believe the Democrats need to follow my formula to keep the flame alive. The President made a smart move already by bringing campaign guru David Plouffe back to coördinate the politics of government. Next, get Rahm Emanuel, and the Chicago gang out of the White House. Bring in Tom Daschle and David Gergen to get governmental and congressional relations back on track. The Democrats really need to bring back Howard Dean to run the DNC. Plouffe can’t run all the campaigns by himself from the White House.

   President Obama now needs to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He needs to show strong leadership on the economy. He, not Congress, needs to initiate the agenda items to get the country back to work. Congress will muck it up trying to gain bi-partisan support. We already saw the President waste almost an entire year trying to reach across the aisle. It proved to be a total waste of time. The Republicans only have one thing in mind, take down Obama. They obstruct, they don’t offer alternatives, they only say NO!!!  Mark my words today, this obstructionist and destructionist attitude by the Republicans will sink them. Americans’ are going to tire of the lack of movement by Congress to advance legislation to run the government of the country. This will play right into the Democrats hand for 2012. How can the republican leadership be so blind to this. They are cutting their own throats. The extreme righties will get angry with the lack of movement by the Congressional conservatives and more and more will start trying to force their agenda, candidates, and ultimately forge their own party. Again, how dumb are the likes of McConnell and Suntan Boner? I’d say, really dumb!

   So, in conclusion of today’s thesis, the Democrats are getting positioned for a big 2012, mostly thanks the stupidity of the right. They just need to relax, let the Republicans obstruct away, and make the President lead!  Thank you.

Cam Obert


January 25, 2010

Favre-The Greatest

Coach Williams-"Cheap shot coach"

Peyton The Great

    Quite frankly, I really thought the Minnesota Vikings could win in New Orleans. They have a much better team, on both sides of the line. They do, however, have a mediocre kick and punt defender teams. Once again yesterday, they gave up a long return with the usual bunch of missed arm tackles, etc. And as the script went, it couldn’t have happened to them at a worse time. Either their special teams coach needs to go, or he has to start teaching the basics of staying in your lane and tackling.

     The Vikings, I think proved yesterday they are the best team in the NFC, they were dominant on offense with a well balanced attack and their defense held the so-called top offense in the league to under 260 total yards. Now, one reason for the low yards allowed was the fact Vikings kept on turning the ball over to them close to New Orleans’ end zone resulting in short scoring drives. Let’s face the facts, a team can not win in this league when it turns the ball over five times. We knew Peterson is a fumbler and expect he will put the ball on the ground several times a game, but Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian do not necessarily have a history of fumbling. Contrary to what the very much pro-Saints game announcers told us, none of the Viking’s fumbles was a result of a defender ripping the ball loose. They were a result of careless ball handling or trying to stretch for more yards. The first Brett Favre pick was his fault, he threw into too tight of coverage. The second one was a result of trying to make up the yards lost by the dumbest penalty the team had all day. That penalty took them out of field goal range and Favre was trying to get it back. He was, as usual, masterful working the clock at the end of the game. Coaching stupidity or player confusion blew the drive on the play prior to the pick. How, in a tight game like this, at the edge of field goal distance put twelve guys in the huddle? The Favre pick on the next play didn’t really matter, they were out of field goal range and the time was running out. Some say he had room to run the ball in the open field, but passed up that option to throw instead. It wasn’t an option. Favre couldn’t run to day light. He could barely stand up any more after the savage beating he took in the game. This was definitely a team loss, not Favre’s.

      The Vikings did lose the game fair and square. But it leaves some questions. Why, for instance, when the Saints’ game plan was to pound the crap out of Favre, did the Minnesota not give him some more support. I have never seen a quarterback get so hammered late and borderline late in my life. He was getting no support from the game officials at all. They did flag the Saints twice, but those hits were in the wide open and they had to throw the flag. Why didn’t the Vikings make any adjustments to protect Favre better? Why didn’t the offensive linemen take it upon themselves to punish the offending Saints? Why didn’t our defense take it out on Brees? In baseball, a pitcher comes to his teammate’s defense, where was the help from the Purple? Even though Minnesota has a balanced attack, it works because Favre is a great quarterback and leader. I only wish he could have been protected better, the results might have been different, five turn-overs or not.

    Indianapolis did a very “workmanlike” dismantling of the Jets yesterday. The Jets were hot, even started the game hot, but the Colts and Manning are just too good. After watching the Colts a few times this year, I guess they are the class of the NFL. Manning is great, and the parts around him fit perfectly. The Indy defense is athletic and active. Sorry New Orleans, but this is Indy’s year. The difference for the Saints in the Super Bowl will be the Colts offensive line. Unlike the Vikings line, they will protect Manning better. New Orleans’ defense will get picked clean by Manning if he gets the time. I think the Colts by 13, but the game probably won’t be that close! I will root for the Colts because I love the way the team plays. I try not to get sucked in by the hysteria surrounding the ‘Aints. I still have to deal with the idiot Green Bush fans up in this part of the country. The Cheezeheads are happy because the Vikings and Favre lost yesterday. They absolutely hate Favre because he has trouble making up his mind about retiring. So is that a reason to hate a guy. It’s sports! GET OVER IT!  Grow up and start worrying about more important things. And people wonder why I hate the Packers, the Redskins, the Broncos, the Red Sox, the Irish, etc. Their fans don’t understand it is just a sport. Thank you.

Cam Obert


January 22, 2010

Chief Fascist Roberts

Justice Stevens-A hero!

     In a landmark ruling yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court, on a 5-4 vote handed the keys to every elective office in the United States to corporate America. The vote by the majority has overturned almost every safeguard that has been in place to ensure free unencumbered elections in our country. These five conservative justices, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, have on one vote turned their backs on one of the conservative movements rallying cries, fighting against activist judges and courts. They have always claimed activist judges interpret the laws in their own way of thinking. What did the Roberts court just do? Just that! This is such a dangerous ruling that it threatens democracy in our country as we know it today. It is such a bad decision that dissenting Justice John Paul Stevens wrote a 90 page dissent statement. The minority on the court  expressed grave concern over the new ability of corporate America to  manipulate the outcome of elections. 

    An addition to corporate boardroom meetings will now be the process of who is going to be placed in elective offices. They now have an unlimited open checkbook to buy any and eventually all federally elected offices. The everyday free voting American has now become an afterthought. Politicians no longer will have to meet the masses. The corporate bosses will decide how campaigns are run, the power of money and media takes the place of pressing the flesh. 

    Here’s what is so disturbing from yesterday’s ruling, all politicians are at risk, including the conservatives. I was blown away by Republican leader John(Suntan in winter in Ohio and DC) Boner statement after the Court’s ruling. He crowed it’s a victory for the protection of 1st Amendment rights. How stupid are these people. In no less than 2 election cycles, present-day office holders can become irrelevant to corporate America.  All the right-wing is doing is licking their chops for this fall.  They will win out in the short-term because corporate America is conservative and will favor Republican candidates. However, once corporate America gets a taste of this unlimited power and influence the Court just granted them, they will be calling all the shots for the governence of our country. You think the K Street lobbyists have power now? Lobbyists will no longer be necessary. The corporations will now just straight up buy the offices and dictate legislation. Guess which way that is going to go! Conservatives beware, you will only be needed for the near future, then you will become obsolete. Both major political parties could potentially disappear. The powers calling the shots from the boardrooms won’t care about party and philosophic affiliation. They will only care about people who will carry out there will.

    This ruling is an abomination of democracy. It is a clear case of the Judicial branch of the U.S. government basically squashing and making the Executive and Legislative branches powerless. This is a Supreme Court that has way over-stepped its bounds. Right now the other branches of government can only configure new laws that the Court must abide by and protect. Then Congress will have to figure out how to implement these changes in the law faster than the court prescribed 10 year protection. What a mess!  Those five justices have completely lost their minds. It’s like the hatred of the President has gotten so strong from the right, that now it’s even infected the right wingers on the Court. So political, so sad!

    Everything me and the progressives in this country have commented on and coaching for the direction of the country has become null and void. Everything the right-wing pundits and leadership has commented on and coaching for to move the country in their direction has become null and void. One benefit of this fascist ruling is the silencing of the morons like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Actually, as mean-spirited and ill-informed as these people are, it still beats having the country bow down to the big money of corporate America. I’d rather listen to Bill-O doing a racist rant against Muslims, than have a corporate edict communicated to us via hand-picked unicks that will be holding office.  These may be extreme examples but, conservatives and progressives alike are going to be silenced. Conservatives, even the extreme wing-nuts, will eventually be joining me and all the progressives to fight this disastrous ruling handed down yesterday. Yesterday was a very sad day for America and it’s freedoms. Thank you Chief Justice and the other four fascists that in one vote potentially flushed America, the greatest example of freedom and democracy on the planet, down the toilet. Pessimistically, thank you.

Cam Obert


January 21, 2010

    Okay, I can feel good about what I have harped on for the past several months has come to roost for the Democrats. I feel really lousy though because of the failed results of the elections and major initiatives. The Democrats and President Obama have been asleep at the wheel since November of ’08 and it has cost them. They have wandered aimlessly through the processes and have opened so many doors for the extreme right to pounce. And they have. In Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts they were way outsmarted, outworked, out- organized, and most importantly outvocalized. On health care reform, the President dragged his feet, the Republicans in Congress obstructed, and the Democrats fought amongst themselves. These delays opened the door for the wing-nuts to take away the populist sentiment, the very one that brought Obama into office, they held their anti-government racist rallies, they disrupted town hall meetings, even spread lies, “death panels” and “birthers”. They got America’s attention and now more support.

    Now for the fix. We need to start at the top. President Obama needs to stop his fixation with bipartisanship. It’s not going to happen. The Republicans hate everything he stands for and will do everything in their power to bring him down. Even when the progressives were angered over Obama’s escalation of the U.S. occupation in Afghanistan, the conservatives railed it was not enough and it took him to long to act. The right tore into Obama for taking three days to discuss the undie boy bomber, even though it took Bush six days to discuss the shoe bomber. They blamed Obama for everything wrong with that episode. Research shows the main problem with that part of our national security system is a decades long problem of our agencies not communicating with each other. Some kind of dumb-ass pride or selfishness issues. Bush I couldn’t fix it, Clinton couldn’t fix it, Bush II couldn’t fix it, and now it’s all Obama’s fault. If Obama gets it fixed, merges all matters of national security under one entity with one person accountable, he should be considered a hero. The Republicans will claim it took him too long.

    The White House needs a new direction. Get rid of Emanuel and the rest of the “Chicago gang” and bring in people who know Washington, have contacts, and know how to get things done. I suggest Tom Daschle as chief of staff and David Gergen on the team. They need to accentuate the positives, talk up their successes of the first year, Obama had the highest percentage of his desired legislation passed in his first year than any President of the modern era. He needs to re-engage his base. They have been absent for too long. They are the progressive populist seeking people who elected him and his agenda. Start a full court press to go after Wall Street and the banking industries. The only major bills approved with bipartisan support was TARP. Both parties are responsible for its failings. These financial entities took our tax money, turned their business around to be the most profitable ever, and rewarded themselves!  They didn’t voluntarily repay the debt, they rewarded themselves. They didn’t loosen up lending for small business, which was the purpose of TARP to begin with. These institutions went for the jugular. They denied loan applications, closed lines of credit with their customers, and jacked the interest rates on credit cards and personal loans to the highest levels ever. This is a populist issue that demands attention from the administration. The TARP recipients,  insurance and banking industries are the ones that finance all the Republicans in Congress. They spend billions lobbying in Washington. Obama needs to demand payment or impose huge fines and penalties. At the same time, how about initiating strong language proposals for lobbying and campaign reform. That in itself, will take care of 50% of our country’s economic problems. Remember the economy collapsed mostly from greed and deceit by the industries and politicians looking the other way. Get after them both, hard and quickly. The progressive base will come back. Take care of the rest of your large campaign promises. Like gays in the military, etc.

    The administration has to start showing some back-bone and initiating process. The President needs to start carrying himself as the CEO of the United States. Take stands and back them up. Never mind bipartisanship. It won’t work and it will bog you down.  Any legislation that is initiated by the White House or Congressional Democrats needs to be brought to the floor and let the republicans filibuster for as long as they want. It will backfire on them, just as it did when they tried it during the Clinton administration. They will prove themselves as the party of “NO”, and as renegade obstructionists. Obstructionists’ sole purpose is to obstruct with no interest in offering alternative options, which the Republicans have done with health care so far.

   The Democratic party needs an overhaul. They are stale and listing along. Bring in Howard Dean now. He brings energy, he connects with the base, and knows how to reach out the conservative democrats and independents. The Democrats need a “national strategy” for this fall and it needs to start rolling now. The party must be involved in management, organization, people, including the candidate selection, platform formulation, and strategy. All candidates need to be coached to stress the positives of the party. Do not get in the mud with the right-wingers because they will beat you at soiling. Stress the progressive populist agenda. Because the President won’t do it, the DNC needs to prevail upon the Congressional Democrats to give up on the health care reform bill formulation now. After fumble-fucking your way through the past nine months with it, the country is sick of it and won’t support you on it. Come back with trying to pass important segments of  a program like eliminating pre-existing conditions, cross state lines to buy insurance, throw the right a bone with medical tort reform, etc. Obama screwed this whole thing up, so the party needs to take him out of it.

    The progressive wing needs to start getting aggressive with getting their messages out. They can’t back down in Congress. Challenge the right on their inability to propose anything positive for the country. Let them filibuster any or all bills up for vote. Don’t attack them on it, let America decide. The Democrats will be able to do better in November if they just let the Republicans continue to be led by the extreme right and doing what their leadership, Limbaugh, Beck et al, want them to do. Let’s keep our heads up, be optimistic and keep pushing the progressive agenda. This is what America wants and needs and we as solid committed Americans are proud to push ahead. Thank you.

Cam Obert


January 20, 2010

   My very good friend Lynn Petersen e-mailed me today and chastised me for picking the Cowboys over the Vikings last Sunday. She says I should pull for the home team more vigorously. The Vikings are my favorite team in the league. Why? Because they are the “home team” I guess. But, this current Viking team has gotten me back into following the NFL(No Fun League) again. I’ve always been a huge Brett Favre fan, but had to keep it under wraps because of my disdain for the Green Bush fans, even more obnoxious and over the top than the fans of the Redskins. Favre has brought Sidney Rice into the élite of NFL wide-outs. Rice reminds me of Cris Carter and he is a former South Carolina Gamecock. I became a fan of Adrian Peterson since his rookie year. He has added a lot of excitement to the games this year with his inability to hang on the ball! Jared Alan and the D-line have been stellar, they actually deserve to be specifically watched during the games.

    Based on the history, including playoffs, the Vikings hold a huge advantage over the Saints, even at the Superdome. The Saints had a walk-over last against the Cardinals. The Saints have a very dynamic and powerful offense and Drew Brees is for real. The O-line is suspect however, and the Purple will exploit that. Brees will be running for his life most of the game. Minnesota’s front seven on defense will dominate. The Vikings O-line is gelling now. With two new members this year, it has been a growing process. They showed last week they can contain a great D-line. Dallas’ front seven is far superior to New Orleans’.  In the end, if Minnesota can get upfront pressure on Brees, the Vikings will prevail. And they will. Favre will be able to pick apart the Saints’ secondary and the Vikings will put up at least 35 points. Vikings will win and go to the Super Bowl in Miami!

    Last week in the AFC, Indianapolis crushed the hottest team in the league, the Chargers. I guess they have proved it again, they are the best team in the NFL. Everyone concentrates on Peyton Manning and the offense, and rightly so, but the Colts have a superior defense. The defense is the most active in the league. Their schemes, stunts, and switches keep the opponent back on their heals for the whole game. The glass slipper is finally going to fall off the Jets’ foot. It has been a fun team to watch because of the very Buddy Ryan like defense. They are fast, athletic and strong. Unfortunately for them, they have to face the Colts in Indy. When they played in Indy several weeks ago, they beat the Colts’ third string. They get the real thing this time, and it ain’t going to be pretty. I look for Indianapolis in a rout.

   A Colts-Vikings match-up in the Super Bowl is going to be very entertaining. Fast and active defenses on both sides are going to be tested by smart athletic offenses. I hope the Vikings win for Favre and us starving Queen fans. In a win, the Viqueen fans can shove it back in the faces of the hated Green Bush fans. Plus, I think a victory will keep Favre on the team for next year. It will be a great game and I can’t pick the winner now. Besides, you should never bet your heart. It will kill you every time! Go Vikings-SKOL!!! Thank you.

Cam, The Norwegian, Obert

Our Hero, Brett Favray!


January 19, 2010

"Senator Scott Brown(R-MA)"

     The race for the senate seat in Massachusetts ends today. If the trends stay true, Republican Scott Brown will be the new Senator from the commonwealth. I don’t believe this has to be the beginning of a blow out of Democratic incumbents or candidates in November. In analyzing this Massachusetts race, two things made this upset happen. First, the tea baggers were highly motivated and organized and covered the entire commonwealth with a saturation campaign against Washington and President Obama’s agenda. They never had to talk up their own candidate. There’s nothing to talk about, he’s an empty suit, birthday suit, that is, that has only had to carry the water for the right-wing agenda. He’s pretty, he’s “normal”, as Peggy Noonan says, and he only needs to avoid press conferences and interviews, except from Faux News. Secondly, the Democrats ran a terrible campaign. They sat back too long with the assumption it’s Ted Kennedy’s seat therefore it’s a slam dunk. You brought in a very plain and state -wide office holder in Martha Coakley. Remember, the problem incumbents will face in this horrible economy. Coakley put it on “cruise control”, even taking a vacation during the campaign. She is not an energizing persona and doesn’t know how to campaign. Vicki Kennedy said yesterday that Ted Kennedy campaigned hard every election because you can’t take residents for granted and you must ask them to vote for you. Coakley didn’t get the message. Now, Coakley and the Democrats are in full panic mode. They ran out the negative slam ads in the last few days and have brought in the President and other party heavy-weights to campaign. They are begging for people to man the call banks nation-wide to get out the vote. This could have all been avoided if the powers that be in the Democratic party had a clue how to run a campaign. 

    Time for the Dems to move on. They need to learn from Massachusetts and hopefully not make the same mistakes in the other races this year. We know there is a tremendous problem in the national Democratic party. The problem starts with the Obama White House. The management of the really big issues has been abysmal at best. President Obama needs a chief of staff that can get things done. I recommend Tom Daschle. He knows how Washington works and he can work with the Republicans, unlike Raum Emanuel. The White House with the Democratic National Committee need to get this health care reform debacle behind them ASAP! Admit mistakes were made, but they are moving forward with a new style of management of the Oval Office. Believe it or not, President Obama and this administration have had a remarkable first year. They have the highest percentage, about 95%, of getting their agenda items passed in the first year. That’s the highest of any president in the past 50 some years! They need to accentuate that record to re-energize their base. I won’t list the legislative victories here but suffice to say it has been remarkable. The President has done a great job of fence mending with our allies around the world. He has reached out to the hostile states in an effort to diplomatically come together. He has reached out to the world of Islam to reassure them they are not our mortal enemy. That, in itself is huge considering the damage done by Dick Cheeney and the neo-cons. They have worked to improve the economy that the previous administration took eight years to run into the ditch. The President has to keep reminding Americans it will not be 100% turned around in one year. It took the Bushies eight years to destroy it and will take at least a few years to fix it. Be honest and realistic.

    The Democratic National Committee a proven new leader. Howard Dean is the guy for the job. Give him whatever he wants to get him back. On a national campaign basis, the Democratic candidates must run positive fact based campaigns. Run on the party’s successes. All campaign agendas should be positive about their own candidates. Never mind the opponent. The conservatives only know how to attack negatively. they do not use facts, they use lies and half-truths. They are huge on 30 second attacks. Simply counter with facts and the positives of your candidate. Respond to personal attack ads by belittling the source.  The right-wing has had its way in three of the last four elections. The Democrats were terribly outmaneuvered by superior organization and management. The DNC has to get their base fired up and engaged again. It will start with a smart energized leader, Howard Dean.

   The Democrats will lose some seats this fall. I just don’t think it needs to be a blood bath. Some big changes now in personnel at the top, in both the White House and the DNC. The White House needs to go after the jobs situation hard. Work it, whether anything gets accomplished or not, the public needs to see the President focussed on this. When the right attacks on national security, simply respond with the facts. It is clear this administration knows what’s going on. Above all, accentuate the party’s positives, back them up with facts, and the damage can be greatly reduced. Remember, counter what the right does, they accentuate the negative, never talk of their own triumphs(they don’t have any), and use lies and half-truths to destroy the opposition.  Once again, beyond the jobs situation and the distrust of government, the Republicans are teeing it up for the Democrats again. They have nothing to run on, only against. We never hear alternatives or options from them. Wow, if this isn’t serving on a gold platter for the democrats, I don’t know what is! Thank you. 

Cam Obert


January 18, 2010

Howard Dean-Democrat's savior

Tom Dascle

    If the latest polls are correct, tea bagger candidate Scott Brown is trending to a significant victory over Martha Coakley for the vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts. There are two disturbing things about this potential outcome.  First, certainly on the superficial side, will be the crowing from the right-wing extremists. I really can’t stomach this because the existence of these extreme right groups is wholly based on a hatred of President Obama and his progressive agenda. They can only say no, and they never offer workable alternatives. The seating of a Republican in this seat only will allow the Republicans to more easily continue their foot-dragging in Congress. They will in effect, bring progress to a halt in Congress as the progressive side is determined to get some kind of health care reform bill passed. The Republicans will continue to obstruct, and nothing will get done. reminds me of the time the Republicans in Congress closed down the federal government over budget matters under President Clinton. It backfired on them as the country turned against the Republicans in Congress for being obstructionists and they paid for it at election time. The second reason a victory for the Republicans in Massachusetts is very disturbing is the way the Democratic party, both at the commonwealth level and national level have totally blown another race.  Because of the rich tradition of this particular seat, it should have been an easy win for the Democrats. That may have been what killed them. First, they were too complacent and second they misjudged the power of the right-wing and tea bagger movement. The Democrats chose a very poor candidate, Martha Coakley, to run for the seat. Not only is she burdened by an “incumbent” label but, she has a “vanilla” personality that doesn’t present well. She also took a vacation during the campaign and made a huge gaff by proclaiming she’s a Yankee fan. Very stupid.

    What’s happened in Massachusetts parallels the failure to move the health care reform bill forward. The administration sat on its ass all spring and summer and watched the leadership in Congress stumble-f**k its way through the process. As rumors and mis-truths were leaking out of Congress it was all ammunition for the right-wing extremists to start their anti-Washington rhetoric, lies, and rallies.  The mis-management of the White House desired bill and its content, the flow through Congress to the final watered down joke they call a reform bill was all the Democratic leadership and White House fault. They way underestimated the management superiority of the right in comparison to their own weak effort. The exact same thing has happened in Massachusetts in the race for the vacant senate seat.

    After watching the DNC blow the run for the White House in both 2000 and 2004, and then under the proper leadership in 2006 and 2008 finish with great results, what does that say about the importance of leadership and management. Under the idiot Terry McAuliffe in 2000 and 2004, both times where the Republican party through their own weak leadership, basically served up victories for the Democrats,  the Democrats lost. McAuliffe proved to be a disastrous manager of campaigns. Under Governor Dean in 2006 and 2008 the Democrats flourished in the races. The Republicans served it up for them both times, again, due to their own stupidity and incompetence but, under Dean’s leadership, the Democrats acted on it. What happened since the 2008 election? Simple, after a great run in 2006, the successful foreplay, the 2008 elections at all levels were the orgasm for the Dems. After such an amazing run, its like the party rolled over in bed, smoked their cigarette, and fell asleep. While still sleeping off the great orgasm of 2008, they have lost the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, both held by Democrats, and are now blowing the Senate seat in Massachusetts. The Dems did pick up New York 23, only because the wing-nuts(Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, et al) split the Republican vote and lost the seat that had been held by Republicans since the Civil War.

    The Democratic party is in deep doo-doo. The party needs a strong, competent CEO to get back to their methods of earlier successes. The new leader must also get access to President Obama’s White House. I believe there are some very bad decisions happening there that have contributed to Obama’s free fall in the polls and the continued bungling of the economy and the lost health care reform bill.

    In conclusion, the national Democratic party needs leadership, now. Bring in Howard Dean, no matter what the cost, to run the DNC and President Obama needs Tom Dascle in the White House as his chief of staff. I believe without these changes, the bloodshed for the Democrats in November is going to be horrific. It may be too late for this year but, the 2012 elections are only two years and ten months away. Democrats, heed my warning and take my advice. I do know a thing or two about management. Thank you.

Cam Obert

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