I’ m sorry for devoting a third straight day to this topic. Since Monday, I have watched the Fox line up first every night, then watched the MSNBC line up after.  The startling fact is the right-wing attack force, Fox, is relentlessly screaming about the whole torched underwear debacle in Detroit. It has gotten so over the top now, they might as well accuse Obama of rubber stamping the moronic kid’s visa in Lagos, Nigeria!  According to Fox, it was Obama himself, working the security checkpoint at the Amsterdam airport. Because Obama is hell-bent on the total destruction of the United States, he simply waved the kid through onto the plane. The second stringers are working Fox this week as the “intellectual powerhouse” starters, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, and Van Susteren take time off, I hope to read and research which they generally aren’t known to do, but they do have the usual panels of stupidity on the shows. These right-wing wackos don’t even try to hide or mask their hatred for this President. They lie and make things up to discredit him. The troubling thing is, the people who watch them, believe them! At least conservative Dan Senor tries to make a case based somewhat on the facts. I watched as Jonah Goldberg roasted Senor for being too soft on Obama! They delight in non-stop spewing of hate. I wish one of these idiots would take the time to actually study the topic before opening their yap! It really is making it more and more obvious that it’s the color of the President’s skin that is driving the right-wing insane. All of their counter positions on subjects and legislation don’t really hold water. The stench coming from the wing-nuts on the right is becoming overwhelming. The sad thing is, the main stream conservatives, the Reagan-Eisenhower republicans are starting to fall under the spell. If you think the party of “NO” is bad now, wait until the mid-term campaigns start cranking up.

   All I hear out of Fox and the radio right-wingers is what a disaster this burning underwear episode was and that it’s all Obama’s fault. They turned it into a political football hours after the BVDs were extinguished! The democrats laid off Bush after both 9-1-1 and the guy with the exploding Flourshiems. The right-wingers are screaming that it took Obama 3 days to comment on the torched Jockeys. You need to be reminded that Bush waited 6 days after the guy with the exploding Weegins was caught to comment.  Now the right-wing is yelling about the poor communication in the administration. Apparently trying to get these bureaucracies on the same page is not an easy task. Bush tried and failed. Clinton tried and failed. Obama has had it for 11 months and not been successful with this task. The right’s solution?, fire Janet Napolitano. Oh, they want the U.S. to continue sending in troops around the world to snuff out the terrorist cells located in every country in the world! Very practical, and we do of course, have the money and troop strength to do this. Short of this, they want the U.S. to impose our security standards to every other country’s airports, even though there are only 6 of the full body screening machines operating in the U.S. right now. There are, by the way, over 430 airports in this country. Remember,”WE ARE THE AMERICANS, YOU WILL DO AS WE SAY, AND NOT AS WE DO”!

   MSNBC,  has pretty much covered all news events this week.  There has not been a particular focus on a particular event the whole week. I guess they feel it necessary to report the flaming Hanes story, but also wait until the administration takes action. They have reported on the ire being raised with the right-wing as far as the hot briefs guy goes, being held in a federal prison and to be tried in a criminal court. They claim the smoldering undie guy is an enemy of the state and should be sent to GITMO and tried in a military tribunal. Funny, I guess they forgot the Bush administration tried, convicted, and imprisoned the exploding Air Jordan guy in our criminal courts and he’s been put away for life in a Federal penitentiary. Hmmm, how conveniently their thought processes work!

    The right-wing ultra conservatives will never give President Obama a break on anything and it’s become obvious because they believe he is a muslim extremist who isn’t even a native-born American and who’s sole purpose for being President is to orchestrate the total collapse and overthrow of the United States of America. Ask Congressman Joe Wilson, he’ll tell you. Because of Wilson’s ties and financial support from the Sons of the Confederacy, Obama can’t be trusted because he “ain’t nuthin’ but a uppity niggra who don’t know his place” in our country. I have personal experience with the low country whites in South Carolina. They not what you would call open-minded! Well, with Senator Jim DeMint blocking the approval hearings on a new TSA chief, we still don’t have a person in charge, accountable, for security at our country’s airports. Oh, he’s holding up the process because the nominee is in cahoots with the administration to allow the front line security people working the airports to organize and form a union. That’s right, jeopardize the nation’s security because you are from a right to work repressive state. This gets even better, there are people now talking about DeMint as a republican candidate for president in 2012! We can only hope! Maybe DeMint-Palen? There’s some intellectual power! Wink wink.  Thank you.

Cam Obert


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