I am sick to my stomach that the republicans are making this failed bombing attempt on the plane the other day a political issue. Immediately Peter King, Pete Hoekstra, and others are screaming bloody murder that it’s all the Obama administration’s fault. There logic is misguided at best or more likely, simply missing.

   How can a guy flying from Amsterdam with a bomb in his shorts, be Obama’s responsibility when he last went through security at the Amsterdam airport? The politics of hate, no, and prejudice in this country are out of control. Why weren’t the republican’s aiming their questions at the security services in Amsterdam or Nigeria? That’s what Napolitano and Homeland Security did. They didn’t place the blame on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or any of the other leaders of the republican party, who were in power on 9/11/2001. Yes, the reaction is stupid, no blankets, pillows, laptops, etc. the last hour of flight nor will you be allowed to go to the restroom in that last hour either.

   Tucker Carlson, the bone-head subbing for the highly enlightened and intelligent Sean Hannity last night suggested the U.S. force the other countries of the world to comply with U.S. airport security standards. Let’s impose our imperialistic power over other sovereign states again! That’s a new tact! God, I can’t believe how stupid and short-sighted these people are. Three or four years ago, there were 34 of the present-day republican Senators that voted against the funding of the high-tech full body scanning machines, a machine that would have detected this guy’s packed package! The funding bill did go down in flames. Thanks McChinless and the rest of you poor misguided republicans in the Senate.

   This is not a political issue. It is a national security issue. It is a diplomatic issue to be dealt with by our State Department and Department of Homeland Security. As long as these loud mouthed republicans keep screaming, it makes the administration’s job more difficult. Foreign leaders read the papers. They are aware of this rift and may try to exploit it for their benefit.

    I’m trying to figure out who is more clueless about this situation, the republican politicians or the wing-nut pundits from the right. They need to shut up and get out-of-the-way and let the people in the know handle it. Remember it was the irresponsible hip shooting from the Bush administration that has created so many of these tensions around the world. And I stand by that!  Thank you.

Cam Obert


2 Responses to ““WHACK-A-MOLE” CONTINUED!”

  1. roger tweed Says:

    If Secy. Chertoff had asserted that someone igniting an incendiary device on an aircraft in flight was a sign that “the system worked”, wouldn’t that be a sign of being clueless?

    Secy. Napolitano did so twice on camera on Sunday. The President had to address the issue himself because she did such a poor job. She won’t be Secy. Napolitano 12 months from now, I would guess.

    Amsterdam has the full body scan machines in place, but can’t use them for flights to the US because they are not approved by the US.

    One of the major reasons that the full body scan machines are not approved for use for US passengers is the “privacy” concerns raised by many different groups on all sides of the political spectrum.

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Napolitano perhaps didn’t use the proper words to describe what happened, and I’m not sure why she should be shit-canned for that, but the fact of the matter is the problem was a result of an oversight in Amsterdam, not here. Why is our Department of Homeland Security being blamed on this. I can’t understand why the Netherlands uses different scanning equipment for different countries departure gates. They should all use the most advanced equipment available, regardless if someones breast implants may be exposed or a man’s small package might become the source of a joke. This stuff is temporary, and we need to get past it! As rotten and corrupt as aspects of our country can be at times, this puritanical hang-up we have must be given up. Who in the world are we kidding anyway? We’re afraid to show body parts in public, but don’t hesitate invading and occupying soveriegn countries and killing thousands of innocent people. That’s puritanical, isn’t it? See how it is all inter-twined? Interesting!

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