According to the Muslim hating nit-wit Sen. Joe Lieberman(R-CT), the game should start in earnest now! With the self confessing moron From Nigeria, who flew from Amsterdam to Detroit as the catalyst, Lieberman says we need to now march into Yemen and wipe out al Qaeda there! The Nigerian idiot, a child of very well to do parents claims he went to Yemen and met with al Qaeda to get the failing explosives from them. Two important points to understand here; the kid has not been proven to be a member of al Qaeda and secondly, terrorists don’t have to come from a depressed or repressed background.

    Apparently Senator Lieberman thinks it’s time to expand the U.S. search for terrorists around the globe. I’m curious, Mr. Senator, how do you plan on doing that?  There are terrorist cells and training centers all over the world, including the U.S. I suppose the natural progression would be Somalia next after Yemen, after all, there is only a small body of water between them. Might just as well go into Nigeria next, still in East Africa! I would suppose a stop in Sudan, going West on that continent, would be worthwhile, since al Qaeda has now become involved in the Darfur conflict. Since we are this far, now terrorists have now shown up in West Africa in Mali. Okay Senator, now you have most of North Africa under control,LOL!, better move on to Indonesia and the Philippians. Indonesia does have the biggest population of Muslims of any country in the world! There’s obviously many terrorists and cells there. Once you’ve gotten all these islander Muslims under control, time to move on. Why not Europe next? Madrid and London are both very well-known homes of terrorist cells and training centers. It’s quite clear the Europeans are clueless what to do about this problem, so lets send in the troops. I think the Senate committee on foreign relations would do a great job governing the European continent while our forces eliminate the terrorists.  With that being done, it’s time to move on the Western Hemisphere.  I should think it’s as plain as can be that Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, soon Bolivia, and maybe even the drug cartel of Mexico are in tight with the global network of terrorism. Send the troops over our Southern border and keep going until reaching the southern tip of South America. That’ll show those little tin horn dictators of Latin America who’s in charge! North of the U.S. border, Canada, has shown a weak position on their home-grown or imported terrorists. Toronto has a huge Muslim population, Vancouver is a known home of terrorist cells, etc. Might just well absorb that country as our 51st state and be done with it. Then Senator Lieberman and his colleagues in Washington can ignore Canada just as it does the rest of the country when it comes to domestic policy. Check, failing health care system, still, a crumbling infrastructure, failing education system causing our youth to fall farther and farther behind the youth of other developed countries, and the list of failing and ignored programs goes on and on.

    Remember Senator Lieberman, you still have to deal with ground zero, Pakistan, and other potential problems like North Korea and Iran.

    I swear these alarmist right-wing wackos really have no clue! I’d like to know how people who live and die by the words from Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, and Anne Coulter, even dare go out of their bomb shelters to carry on a life! The last thing these idiots need is more ignorant rantings by an Arab hating spineless moron like Lieberman to feed into there already off the scale doom and gloom. Would all of these people please start to read, study, and research these matters before you go running off to your bomb shelters convinced the Yemenis are coming to get you! Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Brad Obert Says:

    I sure feel better about erring on the side of caution, I’m certainly not comfortable with assuming that anyone who tries these antics are not terrorists. What thought process does it take to assume they’re not terrorists first? Being an isolationist, how did that work for you on September 10, 2001?

    Apparently your stand is to do nothing? Even your own words, there are terrorist cells in Canada? I didn’t realize that Canada has been marching imperialism on the globe. Or I suppose it’s our fault that the cells are in Canada too.

    Why is this rant not an exageration, when my rant about the government taking over so much of our lives is?

    You and I are able to sneak out of our bomb shelters because al Qaeda is a bit busy with our Marines. No thanks to those who think like you do. I’m quite sure there are thousands of US citizens who had direct loved ones die in the WTC that would think your comments are hilarious. Funny, after reading your post, I didn’t see one solution, which I would then have to assume is nothing. Wait until something bad happens, then respond. A clear distinction between you and I.

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