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    I heard a pundit this morning, Lawrence O’Donnell, crowing about the masterful job the gutless Harry Reid did in leading the Senate through to approval to move to the conference committee for the next step in putting the final bill together. This was all to avoid cloture by the republicans in the Senate. How tough can it be when you compromise on most of the important “reform” aspects of the original bill, give one Senator a three hundred million dollar deal for her state, and give away the federal house to a Senator for federal backing of his state’s Medicaid program, in perpetuity! He caved on any tough regulatory reform regarding the insurance industry thanks to Senator Joe(Etna, et al) Lieberman, the most bought off corrupt man in the Senate. Also, when a woman’s legal right to choose has been dangerously compromised because of the same guy that got his state extra federal aid in perpetuity, what are we left with?

   We are left with a bill that will guarantee even more unregulated billions of dollars to the insurance industry, more record-setting profits in the future paid for by premiums set by an industry that enjoys anti-trust protection. Why do you suppose when the House first addressed the anti-trust issue, it was quickly and very quietly removed and swept under the rug. Can you say huge campaign contributions! What a corrupt mess! It’s an industry that enjoys a state sponsored monopoly. The states do regulate premium charges to a certain extent! Again, follow the money.

   It didn’t take the senate more than a day to kill a “public option” provision. This should be at the heart of meaningful health care reform, and it was removed by the Senate almost as quickly as it came into the Senate in the House bill! Follow the money, are you seeing a trend here? I can’t understand how Democrats can go to sleep at night with that decision. How do we change a broken down corrupt system without drastically changing the playing field? Oh, oops, silly me! I forgot, the “public option” doesn’t write out checks for campaign funding nor does it spend 1.3 million dollars a week lobbying Congress to see to it marching to their beat. If Americans can’t see this clearly I don’t know what else to tell you.  Also, now that in the Senate version, a woman’s legal right to choose has been severely compromised, I wonder how much it took the Pro-Life lobby to get to Senator Ben Nelson. Ummm, follow the money?

    My last hope for any kind of productive outcome would be if the House members in the conference committee stick to their guns. But I can’t be real optimistic because there is that unlimited pile of money by the insurance and Pro-Life lobbies that will go into hyper-space speed in disseminating the loot to the members in committee. Wow, what a system! I’m sick to my stomach about this. I guess there is nothing we can do about the lobbyists, since most of them are former politicians working on “sweetheart deals”. We can’t count on them to stop their own gravy train. We can, however, turn up the heat on Congress to address the anti-trust protection the insurance industry enjoys. We can turn up the heat for tort reform to get a handle on run away medical malpractice suits, which gives the insurance industry yet another reason to gouge it’s policy holders. I’m not sure why the Democrats are not in favor of opening up the market for people, vis-a-vis buying insurance over state lines. Fill me in please.

   We do hold the re-election card. We have, as responsible citizens, the power of the ballot box. I think a lot of incumbents, from both parties, will be going down in flames in 2010. The American public is angry and the White House and the Congress are not doing what the people want right now. They want jobs and their representatives focussed on  fixing the broken economy. Keep in mind, I have no problem with the things the White House and Democrats were trying to get done, but it’s how they’ve bungled it and given the right-wing the time and format to foment the anger of the country.

  Thanks Senate. It only gets worse! Thank you.

Cam Obert


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