I didn’t submit a commentary yesterday because of the big day at the Mall of America, I apologize for that. Anyway, my wife Karen and I took off for our annual date at the Mall. This really is the only time I venture to this place each year! With Karen directing me where to park, we actually got pretty close, we arrived at 9:15am and entered the Mall at Macy’s.

   The fun now begins! Karen, whose legs are about 10 inches shorter than mine took off in the lead! It seemed for the next six plus hours I was struggling to keep up with her. She was prepared with lists in one hand and coupons in the other. Of course, her mind functions like a well oiled computer, she had to make sure the monetary value of the gifts for the kids was somewhat equal. Flashback to my Dad when we were kids, explaining every year how difficult it is to balance this with four kids!  As we moved quickly through the Mall, keep in mind, this is the biggest mall in the United States, we were actually making great progress. My aching feet and lower back will attest to that!  By 2:15pm, we were ready for a break. We stopped at Kokomo’s, a Caribbean themed eatery and bar. Karen had  Jamaican chicken jerk sandwich and I had the pressed Cuban sandwich. Both were delicious and we able to wind down a bit with the help of a couple 24 ounce bottles of Pacifico y Clara cervesa fria!!!!  We only had two stops left in our day of shopping and it went smoothly.

    While scurrying around the Mall of America I noticed a couple things. The Mall was not as crowded as years past, testament to our present economic situation. It seems, other than Karen and I and a few others maybe, nobody was really enthusiastic or upbeat. Again, perhaps the economy at work. One thing that wasn’t different was the look on the faces of husbands chasing their wives through this whole “death march” day! The kids and teens all seemed to be happy and having a good time. Oh the blissful ignorance of youth! I also noticed how many people shop in an indoor mall with their winter coats, jackets and sweaters on! I was wearing only a tee-shirt and jeans and the sweat poured out of me all day. That, however, is mostly a result of being 70 pounds overweight and in horrible shape! I was wearing my University of South Carolina tee-shirt, I had to publically show my pride in South Carolina for the two political and intellectual giants in Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. Jim DeMint! Anyway, I digress. On this coat and jacket subject, why in Minnesota do people wear their jackets and caps while driving or riding in a car? Don’t their cars have heat? They really do look like backwoods hicks! Remember the driving scenes in the movie “Fargo”? It’s reality here. I personally don’t wear a coat or jacket until it goes below zero. I still don’t however, wear them in the car.

   Upon arriving back at home, my back, knees and feet were killing me. I had to rest, so at 4:30pm, I laid down on the couch to catch a nap. The beer also did me in! How do people drink during the day? On the rare occasion I do, it’s always the same result, headache and long nap! I didn’t get off the couch the rest of  the evening!

   That was my date for the day at the Mall with Karen. It was a lot of fun and productive! We finished the shopping for everyone. Karen, the human dynamo, after a brief rest, stayed up and wrapped all the gifts! What a trooper!

    I hope you all can relax and enjoy the preceeding days of Christmas. They truly are my favorite days of the year. Today we watch our niece Sydney in a holiday play, do some baking, and attend a close friends huge 50th birthday party tonight at Nyes. I can’t wait to get out on the floor and polka! Tomorrow brother Tom and sister-in-law Ruth arrive for an overnighter with us on their way to Indiana for Christmas. We will all enjoy son Michael playing a holiday gig with one of his quartets in the afternoon then dig into Karen’s lasagna tomorrow evening for dinner!

   Anyway, enjoy the holidays and peace be with you. Thank you.

Cam Obert



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