As I said yesterday, why did it take so long for people to get on board with me? I think it’s because everyone has been rooting for President Obama to succeed so hard, they’ve maybe kept his leadership shortcomings to themselves. Now look what we are left with! A Democratic party adrift without leadership.

   I root for the President as much as anyone, but I’ve taken a more pragmatic view of his presidency than most progressives. I guess being a manager at an executive level for many years allowed me the insight to critique others’ management style. He has fast become one of the worst managing Presidents in history, certainly since the great Jimmy Carter’s failed term in office.

    The failings have been coming now in a domino effect. First the overzealous arm twisting in the house by Rahm Emanuel for cap-and-trade. Oh, hello, the Senate needs to pass it as well! The political chips were blown there.  Then came the failed attempt by the White House, sans President, to end “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies for gays in the military. Then came the stimulus package with no governmental oversight. Now, granted, this started under President Bush, but who in the new administration has been asleep at the wheel? I’ll give some of this blame to Congress and the Congressional Budget Office. But remember, President Obama is the CEO of our country, he is the general manager of governmental affairs, therefore it starts and ends in his office. The dominos continue to fall, a leaderless stewardship of a national health care reform bill, has floundered and has now, for all intents and purposes, has failed.  Finally, the President’s delay of a decision on Afghanistan has cost him even more now, politically. I believe it was the wrong decision to escalate the troop levels for occupying a sovereign state that is no threat what-so-ever to our country’s security, but he knew what he was going to do three weeks before announcing it.

    Today, the President, the democrats, the President’s vision and goals have all bottomed out in the polls. President Obama is singularly to blame for taking his party down the tubes. We voted him into the office to act on his campaign promises. So far, not so good!  Had he been a strong leader from the start, this could have all been avoided. He’s lost the confidence of the American people because of all the time wasted due to mismanagement. The tea-baggers, birthers, town hall trouble makers, and the rise of audience for such idiots as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh is the result of the rudderless sailing of the White House. In today’s poll, the tea-bagger movement now has a higher approval rating than the democrats! (republicans as well) Here comes the rise of a third-party!

   President Barack Obama is a fine man. He has great ideals and a super vision for where he wants to lead this country. He has made progress in mending fences around the globe, destroyed under the “cowboy” regime that preceded him. He has tried to reach out to world of Islam, a relationship destroyed under Bush. This is important stuff, America reputation around the world was ruined under Bush. Now we have a chance, through diplomacy, to build relationships and gain allies to help stabilize the world.

  My advice, fire Rahm Emanuel and bring in Tom Daschel. To hell with his income tax screw up, he made it right. The White House needs someone who knows how to get things done with Congress without alienating so many people. Right now it’s also time to get rid of the rest of his Chicago people in the White House. He needs Washington experts in there. He needs his staff to  put him in charge, show some balls, and get after it as Ron Gardenhire, the best manager in baseball says a lot. He has gotten so much bad counseling from his staff.  Next, after making these changes ASAP, start working on jobs and the economy. This is what America wants, right or wrong. Get something done and start getting your supporters back behind you. Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    If I seem somewhat pissed off in my comment today, I am. I feel let down by the lack of leadership being shown by my President. I so badly wanted to get the public option approved as part of the health care reform bill, and when we have to rely on the whiney Harry Reid to arm wrestle with Lieberman and his ego, and Nelson with his antiquated right wing ideas, of course we lose! Just for laughs, check out how much the insurance industry has paid for Joe Lieberman. It’s laughable! Can’t anyone of the opposition to him in D.C. see this and point it out what a schill he is?

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