Yesterday, after watching the gutless cowards of the United States Senate watering down the health care reform bill even more, Howard Dean had enough. He called out for the Senate to just kill the bill and start over again.

   The sequence of events go like this. Last winter, President Obama threw the responsibility of getting a bill passed to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Well we have since found out Harry Reid is probably the most worthless majority leader in the history of the Senate, completely spineless! Nancy Pelosi, threw the responsibility of constructing a bill to a few committee chairpersons. Max Baucus’ committee took the lead, and fell apart. When the public option is what the President wanted, Baucus himself backed down! Well after months of squabbling in the House, a compromised bill went to the Senate.

   Now the Senate has been wrestling with this for the last three weeks, mostly keeping an eye on Joe Lieberman and what he is thinking. Oh, they also worry about getting Olympia Snowe on board. Oh, then there is the abortion concerns of Ben Nelson. What a gigantic mess. Is there any wonder why Howard Dean wants to kill this thing? This is no longer a health care reform bill, it is a monument to lousy management from the White House, kowtowing to a select few of the squeaking wheels, the power of the insurance lobby in D.C., and what a mess the U.S. Senate is.

   If President Obama had managed this project from the beginning we would have avoided this whole disaster. He wanted a public option in order to level the premium playing field and keep the insurance companies honest while delivering affordable coverage for the whole population of this country. Had he led this through from the beginning we would already be enjoying real health care reform. The delays caused by the mismanagement of this legislation opened the doors for the tea-baggers and other wacko groups to get enough air time to start scaring the stuffing out of many members of the House and Senate, especially the ones with weaker support at home. This whole thing has become so political, and the conservatives are gaining huge chunks of support around the country. A party strategist for the democrats toured Massachusetts last week and reporting the party is in “deep doo-doo”.

   As you know, I was ahead of this problem last spring. Now, look at all the leading liberal and progressive politicians and pundits are begging the President to grow some balls and start running this country as a President should! Why did it take them so long? I’m no genius, but I’ve been on top of this problem for many months! Thank you.

Cam Obert


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