I was speaking with some very close friends of mine last night, and the topic of the media came up. I was astonished to hear that she(I’ll not use names) not only gets most of her news and information from Fox News but likes the way they promote high morals and values. She said there’s no way she could watch MSNBC. I can only guess that it is because liberals or progressives don’t share her idea of what values are. I’m wondering if folks that are forward thinking, progressive, are also immoral and have a low sense of values. I am amazed that liberal-minded people are thought so little of by the right. Since when do your political views or ideas of governance determine what level of values you hold?

   Let’s look at the leaders of the right. Rush Limbaugh, gets caught on a plane with an overabundance of Oxycontin and Viagra. He was on his way to a tropical island by himself, so why all the drugs? We did find out he’s an addict on oxy or “hillbilly heroin”.

   Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell had their personal failings, while sermonizing from the pulpit. Pat Robertson, a man of the cloth, called for the Bush administration to kill Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, some man of the cloth!

   Then there are the mischievous boys from “The Family” on C Street. At least three current and former members of this very conservative group of politicians have been caught in extra marital affairs or with hookers. All the while espousing their “old-fashioned conservative values”.  I don’t care if they cheat on their wives and pick up hookers, that’s their business, but in the eyes of moralistic and religious persons, they are dirty rotten sinners.

  Before we close the book on that phony idiot, Sarah Palin, I guarantee you there will be some kind of exposure of her and her family that will sink her in a hurry! GUARANTEED!

   Now look at the hate spewing pundits from Fox News. Bill O’Reilly kept referring to the doctor in Kansas as a murderer. After harping for weeks about this, along with the dumbest human being to ever walk the face of the earth, Glenn Beck, they finally succeeded in tipping a crazy man over the edge. He  walked into the doctor’s church on a Sunday morning and shot and killed him! There’s your morals and values for you. Glenn Beck was so obtuse on the subject of illegal immigrants, banging that drum day after day after day, that he tripped a crazy guy over to murder three cops in Pittsburgh. Both of these murderers had documentation that they were being led on by these two morons from Fox. As far as I’m concerned O’Reilly and Beck have the blood of these innocent murdered people on their hands!

   They preach HATE!  People say they don’t watch MSNBC because it is too liberal and that Fox is their choice because of their conservative views. I will tell you right now, loud and clear, you will not hear a single commentator on MSNBC spew hate and threat at the opposition. They simply don’t. They do, however, point out all of the flaws of the right-wing, because they read, research, and understand before opening their mouths. The promoters of hate and violence on Fox are unrelenting. They don’t let facts get in their way, they just promote hate and violence. By that dunce Beck accusing President Obama of being racist, how much did that moronic statement figure into or add to the 4oo% increase of threats on the President over his predecessor in the White House? 

   Sean Hannity, that smug little dunce with his degree from the University of None, every day without fail, devotes his air time to flat-out attempting to paint President Obama in a bad light. Hannity hates the President, and makes no bones about it.  He is a master of lying and tricky editing to make his points. He is incapable of actually reading, researching and understanding much, therefore he is unable to debate any issue. Actually, all of the Fox front liners are incapable of smart reasonable debate of the issues, because they just don’t get the facts. Ergo, the tea-bagging parties, etc.

  Just because you are conservative, doesn’t mean you own the rights to morals, values, and Christian belief. Christians are not haters, they accept and help people of all races, religions, countries of origin, sexual preference, gender, and political viewpoints. Christians are accepting and forgiving, they don’t call good citizen doctors a murderer. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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