Question One),  Please define “victory” for me in Afghanistan. This was a question I also asked throughout the Iraq occupation the U.S. was involved in. In Iraq, the U.S. has pulled out under the guise of the Iraqi’s having a stabilized government. Let’s face it, the government is at best incompetent, more corrupt than anything, and it won’t last. Once the U.S. is completely out, all hell will break loose.  These are three factions of Islam, that hate each other and have for centuries. There will be a massive attempt at a land grab and power struggle. Not all of Iraq sits on oil rich land. The only way Iraq functioned well in the past, was under an “iron-fisted” ruler, Saddam Hussein. He squelched anything that sniffed of a political thorn in his side. And please, if you are a conservative or “war-hawk”, Saddam never allowed any form of terrorism to breed within his borders. Remember, our invasion of that sovereign country was based a huge lie perpetrated by the Bush administration.  The Iraq led by Saddam was never a threat to the U.S. in any way, shape, or form. The conservatives dodged answering the question about victory in Iraq by the U.S. pulling out of there. The result can only be the incredible cost in dollars that contributed greatly the world-wide economic collapse and more importantly, the human cost of thousands of our troops getting killed or becoming mentally or physically disabled for the rest of their lives. That doesn’t count the tens of thousands of Iraq troops and innocent civilians that lost their lives as a result of a purely imperialist invasion by the U.S.

    So how is victory defined for our occupation of Afghanistan? It really can’t be done. Evidence every government official, political pundit, and military expert when asked that question, can not answer it. We have a geographical area of the globe that is inhabited by virtually primitive tribes who generally have never been cohesive with other tribes, so how do the invaders define who the enemy is? The Afghani invasion in 2002 was a mission to find Osama Bin Laden and his chiefs and kill them or bring them to justice.  But, they have all left for the safety that Pakistan offers them. They did this by sneaking through some of the worst terrain in the world to try to conduct a traditional military campaign in. Ask the Russians! Has the U.S. learned anything from the Russian debacle? I think not, President Obama just authorized another 30,000 troops for Afghanistan! So the U.S. will have over 100,000 troops to find the remaining 100 al Qaeda members left in the country!  “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!”  The “good war” has  changed. The enemy now resides in the remote mountainous regions of Pakistan. Traditional war making won’t work there either. Why doesn’t anybody listen to Vice President Joe Biden? He gets it. It won’t work any longer with troops on the ground! We need to eradicate al Qaeda  now with advanced technology which the U.S. has. Bring the troops home and make quick work of the task in Pakistan by using advanced technology. There is no declared war for which to claim a “victory”.

    Question Two),  Why does the U.S. insist on more troops in Afghanistan or, for that matter, any troops there at all? I have already answered this question with some reasons why the U.S. should not continue its occupation there. One major point to make, however, is the Taliban represent no threat to the United States what-so-ever! They only have eyes on ruling Afghanistan. So let them! They are going to eventually rule there anyway, so let’s end the charade. It only costs billions and billions of dollars and countless lives.

    You can’t give Dick Cheney any credence on anything about war and the military. That “chicken hawk” sure didn’t hesitate getting his five deferments to avoid serving in the Army and potentially going to Vietnam! There’s a real flag waver for you! His loud mouth daughter, Liz, pontificates her weak arguments on Fox News network, is a huge war monger! She’s never served, but doesn’t hesitate in pushing troops into endless quagmires to be killed or maimed! Liz Cheney’s husband, Philip Perry, was considered a very dangerous person in the Bush administration. An extreme right-winger war monger. He too, never served in the U.S. military. Readers, please be very wary of Washington D.C. war hawks! Now days, almost none of them has served in the military, but don’t hesitate wanting to send troops into the pointless meat grinders.

    I look forward to hearing your answers to these important questions, please write. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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