I have taken up feeding the birds on a pretty serious level.  I have two large tube feeders one with a mix of seed, the other with safflower seed. The Chickadees love them both as do the White Breasted Nuthatches. I also have a suet bell in a steel cage with sunflower seeds. The Chickadees and the Piliated Woodpeckers and Hairy Woodpeckers love this! I hung a thistle feeder for the Finches. So far, I’ve fed Scarlet and Yellow(Gold) Finches. I have a platform feeder loaded with sunflower and golden safflower seeds. This attracts my two nesting pairs of Cardinals, they’ve been residents of my backyard for a few years now, Blue Jays, Black Eyed Juncos, and of course Chickadees. I find feeding the birds is very fulfilling personally, and when I just sit on the couch and watch the feeder activity, it’s very peaceful. Until….the squirrels show up! Damn rodents, they ruin it for everyone! I live trapped and removed the only red squirrel I had, but now it’s the two gray squirrels that are my enemy! I have two live traps baited and waiting in the area, but the snow has completely buried them. Rats! I’ll dig them out today. Yuch, snow!

    I recently joined a Facebook group called; “I survived Minnesota winters, so don’t f**k with me” Ha ha, I hate it so much in Minnesota because of this ridiculous climate and winter here only exacerbates my feelings. So, especially in winter, you won’t want to cross me. You ask why I stay here? My wife loves Minnesota and won’t leave. Every time I tell  her we need to move to South Beach, she responds with, “send us postcards!”  So here I am, forced to spend another winter in the godforsaken frozen wasteland!

    Which leads me to wonder, why do we have such a huge influx of immigrants from warm climate areas, Somalia, Ethiopia, Laos and Southeast Asia, and Latin America. When Minnesota was settled by Scandinavians and Northern Europeans, those immigrants were at least somewhat used to the cold, though never as cold as it gets in Minnesota. Immigrants from warm climate areas at least have a choice when coming to America, and many choose Minnesota for their home. I don’t get it, maybe these immigrants are not the brightest ones in the masses of new Americans!  Oh well, we enjoy them and the diversity it brings to our state.

    Well, I need to get to work, have to shovel my decks and patios in the backyard, it’s supposed to go all the way up to 10 above today, so I need to take advantage of the warm spell to get my outdoor work done. If you live in Minnesota, I’m sorry! But anyway, stay warm, feed the birds, and have a nice weekend! I’m sure I’ll have a doozy for you on Monday with what’s happening in the world at this time! Thank you.

Cam Obert


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