As the Senate winds its way through the process of putting together a bill that will pass once concessions have been made to every whining Senator and special interest lobby.  This is a tedious process because way too many fingers are in the pot. I think this is a result of the President running away from his obligation and responsibility to see to the bill’s passage. I’ve been pointing this out since last May, and now, finally, even progressives are questioning the President’s management style.  Hello, what took so long? Due to the President shirking his responsiblity on the stewardship of this bill’s passage, it has opened so many doors for the naysayers and doomsayers. This should have been months ago.

   What has occurred in the mean time is the build up of furor by the right-wing. Thus, the wing-nuts attack machine has been flourishing, attacking everything progressive and positive regarding the health care bill. You know the old saying; “idle hands are the devil’s maker”. It’s taken too long!

   The insurance industry, who already has many of the office holders in Congress in their back pocket, wink-wink, has had time to run a 1.3 million dollar per week lobbying campaign to see to Congress rejecting any kind of progressive meaningful reform. How many of you feel this is fair? Class, class, Bueller?

   A  “public option” is necessary to hold the insurance companies feet to the fire. Right now, because of anti-trust protection, they can make all the calls, fix rates and increase rates totally unchecked, reject customers for pre- existing medical issues, and cavalierly drop customers for any reason they deem proper.  After approving a “public option”, the protection given to the industry by an old antitrust exemption they enjoy has to be over-turned.

   There also needs to be passed, hand-in-hand, a tort reform act, that will reduce the number of lawsuits brought against the medical industry. Another hand out gone unchecked for the greedy bastards of the legal industry! These court awards have been way out of control for so many years, it’s raised doctors’ rates for mal-practice insurance and even run people out of medicine. Let’s give a cheer to the attorney and insurance pigs who have fattened up on our pocket books. Why can’t people see this?

   Conservatives, relax. There is no section of either the House or Senate bill that will provide medical care for undocumented aliens, that’s illegal immigrants for you less enlightened. Also, you may rejoice in the fact that not a penny in this bill will cover abortion.

   The merged bill that ultimately emerges from Congress for the President’s signature, is so weakened and watered down, you can’t even call it “reform”. Most of it has written more profit, ill begotten, into it for the health insurance industry. Again, on the strength of our weakened pocket books. Even Representative Anthony Weiner(D-NY), once the big proponent of a simple single payer system much like Medicare, has caved in and is now saying “something is better than nothing”. I think the Congress has evolved into a vast cesspool of spineless nere-do-wells. Time to replace Harry Reid with Chuck Schumer in the Senate, the Senate needs to grow some “balls” and start taking  a stronger leadership position because of the vacuum left by a weak president. I also wish Nancy Pelosi would come down off her high pedestal, and get out and learn first hand what’s happening in America today!

    For you deficit watch hounds, the independent CBO has stated that either the House or the Senate bill will reduce the deficit by over 100 billion dollars in the first ten-years, and even accelerate to greater savings in the second ten year period!

   Now, if  President Obama and Congress would just do as I say, all would be good, and we’d be enjoying the benefits of true health care reform! Thank you.

Cam Obert


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