The news about Tiger was old and worn out by Thanksgiving weekend. As usual, the media has totally overblown the importance of the news and beat it into the ground! Whether it’s politics, sports, or anything else that would subject a person to this blood thirsty 24/7  news cycle, one has to ask who would want to get involved?

     Since coming on the scene while in high school, Tiger Woods has been the model of  professional decency. When you watch and listen to him speak, he is a very sincere intelligent young man. Through out his professional career he has been very supportive of the game of golf, he has pioneered programs for under privileged children for golf, sports and most important academics and education.  He is a solid backer of helping kids go the right way. When he speaks of his childrens’ programs, there is a warmth, sincerity, and heart-felt feelings. He has been a wonderful son for his widowed mother. He is protective of her and sees to it she has all she needs. You could see a change in Tiger when his first child was born, daughter Sam. The pride he showed was immense and warm. When Charlie, his son, was born, again his pride was shining strong. Tiger is a great father, choosing to spend as much time as possible with his family, rather than playing in more tournaments or doing more public appearances!

    Like all men, Tiger is not perfect. This is a situation, in my opinion, that could have been avoided. Simply by Tiger not getting married, and Elin not wanting to marry a sports icon that’s worth over a billion dollars. Men in Tiger’s stratosphere are powerful! One of the things that comes with power, is being with many women. It’s what they do, sorry. Michael Jordan did it, Bill Clinton did it, Jack Kennedy did it, and countless others. Why do you think corporate CEO’s and upper executives need “office suites”. You don’t think women are diddling these men every day? Of course they are! Probably the most worshipped sports icon in the history of this country is Babe Ruth. I’m pretty sure the Babe had at least one woman at every stop during the season. He was famous for his drinking and swashbuckling. The difference, back then our society wasn’t driven by the thirst for dirt, or at least they didn’t have the sleazy media tracking him down! Also, back then, the press respected public figures’ private lives. I guarantee you that more presidents have had affairs in the White House than just Clinton and Kennedy. I’ll also tell you the press probably knew about every one of them, but out of respect for the person and the office, didn’t report it.

    So, it’s time to bury the Tiger story and turn the media attention to a target more befitting mainstream media coverage, like, oh, “The Family” on “C” Street in Washington. The difference between Tiger and The Family” is Tiger is a hall of fame caliber athlete, whose claim is to win golf tournaments and be a great dad, while the members of “The Family” pontificate publically on subjects like marital fidelity, belief in God, being good Christians, pro-life, and anti-gay issues. Yet, how many of these politicians have strayed from their own marriages? Almost too many to count!

    The long and short of it is, Tiger Woods is still one of my favorite athletes in the world. My opinion of him is not one bit diminished. He will continue to be a great golfer and a great father. You see, the one thing Tiger has that almost nobody in the world has is an iron strong will and focus. He is the only athlete I have ever seen that can “will” himself to win, regardless of the level of his game that day. I think he will get through this, hopefully realize he shouldn’t have been married and won’t make that mistake again! Unfortunately, the public will take longer to come around to Tiger’s side. Tiger has never pontificated about morals and values, and the only hypocrisy he’s guilty of is in terms of his own wedding vows. Leave it alone now and refrain from fueling this media frenzy. Thank you.



  1. soune Says:

    thanks for ure help i was serching BABE RUTH not jungle boy

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