The party of “NO”, the republicans, are so dead set against even acknowledging their is a problem with the present and future condition of the overall ecological condition we live in. Why? At the bottom of their reasoning is if anything is done to address the issue, it will mean a tax increase. Once again, it’s about their ability to keep all of their money! They can hardly agree that it takes revenue to operate a country. I think the greed factor that has pushed this whole economic collapse, now has even invaded global warming, dirty air, dirty water, quickly losing animal and plant life to extinction, changing climate, and melting polar ice caps. I don’t see how they can ignore this. They say there have been climactic changes in the past. The changes in the past were natural occurences, but now when man is pumping millions of tons of fossil fuel based pollutants into the air, it only exacerbates the “natural phenomenon” . You see, prior to the industrial revolution, there was no artificial addition of pollutants into the atmosphere.

   Now the “righties” are screaming the “global warming” period we are in now is a total fabrication by the scientific community! This latest blast by Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and Fox News, is because of an intercepted e-mail between scientists working on the global warming problem. Because scientists disagree on details of the whole scientific situation regarding global warming, the right-wingers actually believe it’s made up bunk! What does the scientific community have to gain by cooking a scheme like this? How does the “right” think with researchers working around the globe on the problem, could a secret like this to be kept under wraps? The paranoia of the “right wing” astounds me! They are against anything and everything they view as being forward thinking. Do they simply want to live in their backyard underground bomb shelters and count their money?  Be careful righties, the Chinese, the Latinos, and the Jews are coming after you and your money! Oh, and while they are getting your money directly from you, the Blacks and poor are responsible for your high taxes because they all free load off the government. Oh my God, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, and when it hits, all your money will be gone. What has Obama and the rest of those” left- wing  commies” done with your money.

    Oh, I forgot, the righties like this, President Obama has committed another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to find the less than 100 members of al Qaeda that are there. But isn’t that going to raise your taxes? But I guess that’s okay, as long as we kill those blood thirsty Muslim savages, right? Because we all know, every practicing Muslim in the world is a terrorist hell-bent on getting your money and killing you!

   The flat-out negative, selfish mentality of the right-wing in this country is sickening! Everything they act on seems to be for enriching themselves and getting rid of people and things they feel threatened by. What a sad sad way to go through life. I’d rather go through life being fat, drunk, and stupid! Thank you Dean Wormer. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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