Fox's Tea-Baggers

An intellectual power meeting!

They all spread the hate and lies!

The morning idiots!

    Why is it that time and again, MSNBC, Comedy Central, and mainstream network news programs, are calling out Fox News for erroneous news reporting? Because either MSNBC, Comedy Central, and the mainstream network news programs take the time to research prior to reporting or they are just operated by far more intelligent people than Fox. Actually, both are true!  There is something going on here, however, that is much more insidious. The viewers are being manipulated by this shoddy news operation. You see, Rupert Murdoch, the grand poobah of Fox, has an intense hatred of President Obama and the whole “liberal agenda”! Murdoch has admitted this publically and makes no bones about it! Now, in order for Fox to keep stoking the flames of hatred, he has ordered his network to “fix” the news in any way possible to make the “haters agenda” look stronger. And because America has become a nation of followers to the 30 second sound bite and bumper sticker politics, this works perfect for Fox! Evidence the growing list of deliberately “goofed up” news reports by Fox, that always paint the picture of destroying Obama or anything else liberal. The Fox executives know it’s the screw ups their viewers remember. Pretty simple isn’t it?

    If this isn’t testament to what a rotten to the core organization Fox News is I don’t know what else to tell you.  I think their staff of on air personalities are either whores for Murdoch or just plain evil people who routinely espouse hate and very unChristian like views. And to think the conservative movement in this country claims to have hijacked Christianity for their own.

    Don’t get me wrong, certainly MSNBC and Comedy Central have a liberal slant. The difference with them is they read, study, research the facts, and check with more than one source before going on the air with a story. As a whole are they smarter than their brethren at Fox? Without doubt. Are they kinder and more compassionate than their brethren at Fox? Certainly, there are no haters on the other networks now that Lou Dobbs is gone. Watch, he’ll show up on Fox sooner or later! The commentators from the other networks do savage Fox. But Fox does bring it on to themselves with their corrupt sleazy form of journalism or commentary, and I use those terms loosely in this case!

   I do look forward to hearing comments from the other side but, sorry if you defend Foxes form of journalism you won’t make headway with me. Fox, and Rush, Laura Ingraham, Michele Malkin, Anne Coulter all run fast and loose with the “facts”. To me, they have no credibility, because they are routinely caught in their lies and half-truths to advance their agenda.

    As a side comment, have any of you ever seen a bigger group of absolutely empty-headed morons in your life than the Fox Morning Show? How did these idiots get where they are today? Steve Doocy was the comic dufus on the old Panorama noon- time show on WTTG, channel 5 in Washington DC!

   Oh well, the wing nut haters won’t take the time to actually start analyzing the garbage coming from these sources, so the ignorance will continue. Thank you.

Cam Obert

P.S.  Have you ever heard of a news organization invent stories, the tea-bagger parties, and have producers as cheerleaders at these events? Wow!


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