My brother Chris, me, and friend Tommy Nyvold with Dad find a tree!

A beautiful Fraser Fir!

    My son Michael and I went out last evening in search of the perfect tree! I had Michael with me because he hasn’t been through a formal Christmas tree search and acquisition process with me yet, at least at an old enough age to understand!  As you will recall from my Thanksgiving Day report, if done properly, securing a Christmas tree is no easy feat!

    With the trailer attached to the car, off we went on our quest. I had my pair of leather palmed work gloves and a pruner on my belt. The search was for the perfect Balsam Fir or Fraser Fir.  Both varieties are sheared and trimmed in the field in July, so finding a nice shaped one isn’t too difficult, they all look nice!

    It was a breeze this year. The first lot when checked out was the one closest to home. I had gotten a tree from them a couple years ago, so I do like their product.  As Michael and I went up and down the rows of trees, I was teaching like crazy. To his credit, he asks lots of thoughtful questions. The lot attendant  followed us for a couple minutes, then after hearing decided we didn’t need her help. A little later, I actually had to teach her some things about the business. She was very grateful! I guess I just can’t get out of the training mode after all those years doing it in the auto business!

   Believe it or not, after over an hour at this lot, we found this year’s perfect tree! It’s a 9.5 foot Fraser Fir. A truly beautiful tree. This one comes from the “Fraser Fir homeland”, the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina.  The frasers from North Carolina are more expensive than ones from our area, but it’s a great tree!

    Then the work began. The tree was tagged at $90.00, about $15.00 over what I wanted to pay for a tree. So I had to become a car salesman negotiator again! By the time I was done, we walked out with this tree for $85.00 including tax. She was pretty tough, but it was still about $10.00 I saved. She asked me after why I do that and my response was; It was done to me thousands of times in my career, so now I don’t pay list for anything except groceries.

   Friday evening, I’ll put a fresh cut on the trunk, set it in the stand, and bring it into the house. I’ll water it a lot the first week. After it’s been up for a day or so, the decorating starts. I plan on doing that on Sunday. Remember, let the bows fall for a day in the house before decorating!

   It was a fun time with my son, I’m teaching him a valuable lesson that I got from my Dad, the Christmas tree master. Someday, Michael will take his son with him for the same lesson! Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Beth McKay-Teeuwen Says:


    Merry Christmas. Great story. Did you have the woman in tears?


  2. Dan Bennington JR Says:

    This brings back many memories, including the time we went shopping for the perfect Fraser tree.

    Thanks for the memories


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