When President Obama addressed the country last night, I was not surprised by one thing!  He is obviously trying to stay true to his campaign promise to make the focus of the war Afghanistan. By my estimation, it’s too late. The brain trust of al Qaeda has moved into Pakistan. al Qaeda is the enemy, not the Taliban. al Qaeda is bound to disrupt and kill around the world, as evidenced by their record so far. The Taliban, is nothing more than a large group of  Afghanis hell-bent on the take-over and ruling of Afghanistan. Let them have it! A country made up of dysfunctional tribal groups that have fought with one another for centuries. The Afghani people really have no desire to join the 21st century, nor do they care to have a functioning democracy. They have also made it very clear to the world, they do not want occupying forces in their country.  HELLO, WASHINGTON ARE YOU AWAKE?

   That being stated, the problem is in Pakistan. Because Pakistan is a sovereign country with a functioning government, corrupt as it is, the U.S. needs to work there. It has been proven time and again, traditional military operations don’t work in this terrain and climate. Why doesn’t the President and Secretary Gates use CIA and Pentagon Special Forces to get the work done? Because it is in Pakistan, the U.S. will need Pakistani corporation.  This kind of operation seems to make the most sense to me.

    Apparently, the Nato allies have come to this same conclusion. The original call to Nato was for 10,000 troops with our 30,000 troops. Guess what? Now Nato has scaled it back to around 3,000 troops. What makes us so smart? Why are we always taking on these international 9-1-1 emergency calls unilaterally? I’ll tell you why.

   We have a Defense Department that thrives on warring situations. They wait for the policies to drawn up by the “chicken hawk” civilians to send us into one dead-end quagmire after another. They are called “chicken hawks” because the loudest proponents of war and international bullyism comes from people who have never served in the military! They cavalierly order more troops into harms way only to satisfy their own sick goals. This group has been led by Dick Cheney since 2001. Cheney, by the way, got many deferments to avoid Vietnam. Has Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, many of the executive staffers in the Pentagon, and many members of Congress served in the military? President Obama, another non-server of the military, has been pushed by this extreme right.  He needs to stop trying for bipartisanship and concentrate on getting the job done.

    Listen up folks, the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan is not a war! The Afghanis are not our enemy nor is the Taliban. So I ask you, why are we there? Don’t tell me we should fight until we win. Did you know that not a single neo-con of  “chicken hawk” has ever been able to explain what victory is in either Iraq or Afghanistan. You know why, there is no such thing as a victory! These are ancient societies and cultures. Their hatred of others within their own geographical area is deep-seated. Once the occupying forces leave the area, it won’t be long before the bloodshed begins anew, just as it had for centuries prior to the U.S. occupation.

   Now President Obama is in a predicament at home. The right hates him and will attempt to block anything he tries to accomplish. The left is now angry with him for his decision to escalate the U.S. occupation in Afghanistan. The fence sitters, independents, people in the middle are becoming more anxious about his handling of the economy, jobs, and health care reform. The President has a huge job ahead of him! Why would anyone want to be President? Thank you.

Cam Obert


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