…..Keep an open mind, and be ready to evaluate the content yourself!

     President Obama has put himself into a no-win situation on the Afghanistan problem. I think by not being strong from the beginning of his Presidency, by not stating the objective last March and pushing it through as Commander-in-Chief, he has vilified by the right as a weak  foot- dragging leader, and by the left for listening too much to the “chicken hawks” on the right!

    He stated in his campaign that Afghanistan is “the war”. You won big with that as a cornerstone of your platform. Now most of your supporters are disappointed with you on this issue. Why? Because you have let it drag out, thus giving time for criticism to get stronger and stronger as it flounders along.  As Commander-in-Chief, you run the military. General McChrystal should have been fired by Bush for flat-out lying to Pat Tillman’s family and the whole country about the his tragic death. That being bad enough, then he acts way beyond his responsibility as Field Commander and goes to the press to state his case for troop escalation before discussing it with his boss, the President first. Why is this man still in the Army? “Give ’em hell” Harry Truman would never have stood for such an act of insubordination!

    I personally am not in favor of any troop escalation, in fact I would like to see us out of there now! There are less than 100 al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the Taliban will regain control after we leave, regardless of when that might be, the central government of the country is a joke, totally corrupt, the Afghans have spoken via polling they see the U.S. now as an occupying force, and stability will never come to the country because it is a disjointed group of territories run by war-lords. This is an “unwinnable war”, and we need to get out now!

    Now to my original point, tonight’s televised address to the country. When the President is finished tonight, the right-wing on Fox News will savage him for being weak, foot-dragging, and doing too little too late. I did see, however, that the “Bush Brain”, Karl Rove said he will be delighted and will support the President wholly if he comes through with at least 30,000 troops! Yea Karl! Now the lefties on MSNBC, will savage the President if moves to escalate the occupation even more, especially the “way left”, Ed Schultz!

    What I’m saying is the pundits’ reactions will be predictable and political. With that being said, watch the address and listen carefully. Formulate your own opinion, then exchange, discuss, and argue with friends later. It’s a great exercise in mental stimulation. Please, don’t be swayed by the pundits. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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