While the United States and the rest of the developed world have been focussed on the artificial threats posed by al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Iran, and North Korea, there has been one of the greatest human slaughter in recorded history going on in the Sudan! The Americans, the European Union, and the African Union Peace and Security Commission have only given light lip service to this human rights tragedy.

   In 2005, the CPA, “Comprehensive Peace Agreement”, was forged as a plan to bring the northern and southern factions of Sudan to peace. But, because nobody is watching what’s going on there, the north continues to receive aid and weapons from the Chinese and others. A violation of the CPA. They continue to dominate the more tribal nomadic peoples of the South.  When you combine this with the genocide taking place in the western part of Sudan, Darfur, this is a recipe for sure cataclysmic and disastrous results. To date, there have already been over two million people killed and over five million people displaced  to basically wander and run for their lives throughout north central Africa! Without outside intervention, this bloodshed will continue unchecked. It probably will worsen, in fact, by the increasing military power of the North.

    So now you ask the question, how could the good people of the United States continue to basically ignore this? Secretary of State Clinton has proposed ending the conflict, the genocide, and dividing the country into two entities by 2011. How? It can’t happen without a full court press by our military and diplomatic channels.

   It’s time for people to wake up. This situation can be resolved by keeping the eye on the ball. The “ball” being ending the genocide, ending the raping and pillaging of innocent civilians, and doing what’s right and proper for human decency. The United States should even consider a unilateral move on the situation as it appears getting help from other nations will be too difficult and time-consuming. Let’s get our troops out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. By staying there longer we only stokes the flames of hatred toward us by not only the terrorists, but also the whole Muslim world.  Listen people, al Qaeda is not a viable threat to the security and continuity of the United States of America. The fear mongerers from the right will tell you different, but it’s simply not true. Please use your common sense. North Korea is a threat to South Korea and maybe some of the rest of the Pacific Rim. They don’t, nor will they get the ability or means to deliver a strike at the U.S. Iran is beginning the implosion that most level-headed experts on the country said would happen. That problem will take care of itself.

   The United States has to stop being the receiver of 9-1-1 calls from around the planet.  Other than human rights violations or genocide, as the U.S. answered the call in Bosnia, we need to take care of business at home. We have an ignored and worn out infrastructure, for what we wasted on the Iraqi debacle, we could have built and repaired countless roads and bridges at home, built hundreds of needed health care facilities, hundreds od schools and so on. Let’s start taking care ourselves first.

   But, we do need to get involved militarily in Sudan. This human carnage has to be stopped. I’m in favor of a heavy fast military occupation, diplomatic relation then need to be established and peace needs to come to reality in this area. If the U.S. doesn’t get involved, a catastrophe  of unheard of proportions will result! Then the God-fearing fine people of our country will say, “Why didn’t we do something to stop this?” That’s my point. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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