I heard from several people yesterday with regards to my critique of the management style, or lack there of, of President Obama. To be clear, I support him 100% and really hope he will be a very successful as President. I understand he came into office with probably the biggest overall overhaul job any new President has ever faced. What has been sorely lacking, however, is a clear plan, with a strong lead, to get this done!  Example, President Obama, to his credit, has thoroughly researched the Afghanistan situation, unlike his predecessors, and apparently will go ahead with what he wanted to do almost a month ago! More ammunition for the right!

    The President missed the opportunity to address the jobs situation by several months. He should have set out a clear plan, and lead it, early this fall. Now he’s waiting for a finished health care reform bill to come out of Congress, that’s going to be diluted, convoluted, cumbersome, and probably will not have a public option! That in itself, will cost his party many seats in Congress and many governorships. If he had started a jobs building effort earlier this year, he would at least have something moving in the right direction in time for next fall’s elections. The American public is actually more concerned about jobs, the economy, and now the deficit, than they are about health care.

    Would somebody please tell the “wing-nuts” that Sarah Palin is a celebrity, not a political figure!  You’ll notice on her book tour that she has not granted a single interview to a main stream news organization. She chatted with Oprah and Barbara Walters, but that’s certainly not hard-hitting journalism. Oh, I forgot, she made the rounds on all the Fox News evening shows. Wow, they really dug in, didn’t they!?  The reason she can’t be considered a political figure is simple; SHE IS TOTALLY IGNORANT OF THE ISSUES IN TODAY’S WORLD!!!  When will the extreme right wake up to this obvious fact? 

     Same-sex marriage denial is an out-right violation of Americans’ civil rights! On January 11, 2010, the federal court will be looking at California’s Repeal of Prop 8. I hope the court will recognize the right of marriage to any couple that wishes to be wed.  I still don’t understand why people are opposed to same-sex marriage, Neanderthal thinking!

    For those of you that aren’t living in Minnesota, you’re lucky! No, just kidding. But, we do have an absolute idiot for a governor who has lied and colored the truth about taxes since day one. He claims to have cut our taxes, but now the local entities, cities and counties, have had to raise taxes to cover for his cuts! The bottom line is, the tax payers are no better off than they were before. Our state, along with many other states, now charge “fees”. The politicians in control think this is different from taxes. This is bullshit, with a capital B! We aren’t that stupid, except maybe the ones that support these dopes.

    My two favorite teams, the Minnesota Twins and the St. Louis Cardinals have the major leagues’ MVP’s this year. Congratulations to Joe Mauer of the Twins and Albert Pujols of the Cardinals. I think Albert Pujols, barring major injury, will finish his career as perhaps one of the greatest baseball players of all time! It is so fun and gratifying watching him play the game.

   May you and your family and friends be blessed at this time of year. It is a time to take stock and count our blessings. Be well and peace! Thank you.

Cam Obert



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