Sorry if this is starting to sound like a broken record, but as the inaction by this President continues, his favorability ratings, therefore his ability to pass legislation, keeps falling.  It’s falling because everyday that passes and nothing happens, it’s like gasoline for the right-wing to pour on the already raging forest fire. Who is advising the President? Can’t someone in the White House tell him to start making some decisions, to start leading Congress, and to start leading this country to the goals he set and the promises he made?

    President Obama is a good man. His vision for our country is good. His ability to mend fences abroad is good. That’s why I supported him, and still do, and why the country elected him. But, along with that , a President needs a strong ability to lead and manage. This is where the issue is. I have been saying since last May, Obama’s lack of management skill is getting him into trouble. His own personal staff should have been telling him and guiding him in the right direction. They have not done that. Generally, former governors make better Presidents because they have the executive leadership experience. President Obama, coming from the U.S. Senate and prior to that the Illinois State Senate, comes from a background of consensus and compromise.  I guess that is one reason why former legislators don’t generally do well in presidential races. John Kennedy is probably the most recognizable exception. But with a strong-willed goal oriented staff, Obama should be able to do better. I think it’s time he start looking at his staff, particularly Raum Emanuel, and think about some changes, before it’s too late!

   He and his staff ruined the health care reform movement by themselves. Never took  lead, left it to these incompetent bums in Congress, Pelosi and Baucus. Opened the door wide open last summer for the idiots, “birthers”, “town hall crazies”, Fox News rallies, etc. Had this been pushed through from the beginning, the “wing nuts” would have never gotten that foot hold!  What do you think of that? Geez, I’m starting to sound like Sid Hartman! Anyway, now it will languish in the Senate until after the new year. This could have been done last summer!

Afghanistan, the next management debacle! The President should have made a decision a long time ago. He’s had all the information he needs for months!  What was once a strong point for him, even with the conservatives has now become yet another albatross around his neck. By dragging his feet, the conservatives have turned on him and now the lefties are getting angry about it. Congressman David Obey(D-WI), has called for direct taxation to pay for an expansion of our presence there. Senator Carl Levin(D-MI), has now echoed Obey. So now we start a movement to start paying directly, via increased taxes, to support this quagmire(not Glen) in Afghanistan. As Joe Scarborough says, and I agree, why is it every time there’s a flare-up on the planet the 9-1-1 call goes out to the United States. There is no reason for us to stay involved in that mess!

   Now with all the mismanagement being done by the President and the White House, even the imbecile Sarah Palin has tied him in approval ratings. Is it time to take me out and shoot me? At least the leading pundits on the left are finally starting to question what I have been questioning since last May!  Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. sistersue Says:

    I’m backing my President. He inherited alot. More than any other President that I can think of. He hasn’t even been in office for one year. I have his back.

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