I hope most of you feel the same as I do regarding this blemish on the American political, that’s a laugh, and celebrity scene. I can’t understand why the major networks keep giving this woman coverage. I see why Fox News does it. Fox is operated by a bunch of horny men that seem to just want to get in her pants. Did you see the way Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly ogle her? Enough to make me want to puke! But I am disappointed that the other news organizations keep covering her under the guise she may be a candidate for something. Chris Matthews has a sick infatuation with Palin as well. Wake up wing nuts! She is not nor can not be a candidate for office!

    She can not run for office because the American people overwhelmingly feel she is not qualified for political office, 60%  in the latest poll. Combine that statistic with the latest approval poll showing her at 27%! So, if she is not qualified for office, if the American people don’t like her, why the coverage? She tried to throw her political weight around in the New York 23 election, by endorsing the conservative wing nut for the office. Not only did her candidate get killed by the democrat, it is the first time since the Civil War, that a republican will not be seated! The republicans I’m sure are cheering for Sarah with that screw up! Here is proof of just what a dim bulb she is; she came out claiming the Army should have been “profiling” Major Hasan so they could have dealt with him before he performed his “jihad terrorist attack” on Fort Hood! Is she racist or just plain stupid? I vote for stupid.

   The experts advised her after the 2008 election republican debacle to go home, lay low, and study the issues. Obviously they felt she was in way over her head intellectually in that campaign. Another reason why she is not going to be a serious candidate for anything is she simply didn’t do what they advised her to do. She has been seeking camara coverage almost every minute of every day, she’s made an uncountable number of stupid or ignorant statements, she still can’t address policy or issues, but did finally start to read!

   Her list of periodicals that she reads are The Frontiersman, a Wasilla Alaska newspaper, NewsMax magazine, a rag that makes The Weekly Standard look liberal!, and occasionally The Wall Street Journal, though I doubt she understands it!

   Her new book, “Going Rogue”, is a best seller, I guess thanks to sales from the $5 and $7 discount book sellers. NewsMax magazine is offering the book free to new subscribers. This book is chock full of lies and half truths. Fact checking researchers have found so many errors that it’s really a journalistic joke! This will come back to haunt her, if she runs for an office. The worst part of the book, however, is how she is “fighting down”. She attacks the “little people” of the last campaign, the staffers. What serious political candidate has ever gained traction by attacking staff personnel? Very weak and very shallow!

   The only thing left that I would have any interest in, from a human interest point of view, is what Levi Johnston knows and when is he going to spill the beans? Again Palin being a pillar of maturity, engaging a 19 year old in a public family drama!

    The bottom line, as I see it is, Sarah Palin is no different from any other denizen of the trailer parks of America. She is not smart, she shoots off her mouth, always proving to us how dumb she really is, and based on her “back assward” of going about her business she’s done! Next stop for Sarah Palin, a talk show on Fox News Network, where her radical wing nut views, her racist commentary, and her downright stupidity will fit in perfectly! Glenn Beck will be the perfect first guest for her. An idiot interviewing America’s number one fear mongerer!!

Thank you. Cam Obert




  1. roger tweed Says:

    She is going to make her living being a potential candidate. You can make a lot of money that way.

    Al Sharpton and Ralph Nader don’t have a chance to win any of the contests they enter, but they do it every chance they get.

    And unlike those two (I liked Al better when he was into carbs), she has held elected office.

    She may be stupid, she may be uninformed and dangerous, but then again so are a huge number of American Citizens. Lots of people live in trailers. Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most successful entertainers in this country. WWE is still on network television, even though people know it is fake. Reality TV is still on every network even though most people know it is really scripted. They don’t care!

    In a society so devoid of quality but loving quantity, Governor Palin fits right in. The airwaves were made for her. Put on the weather channel if it gets to be too much. At least in the Spring you can watch a ball game instead.

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    That really is a sad statement made by Roger about what our society has become. We seem to know the numbers, but we can’t seem to identify quality!

  3. sistersue Says:

    Angry crowd shouts at Sarah. How quickly they turned. They bought her book — she didn’t sign it. Some said they were returning the books to the bookstore. Too funny.

  4. Patty Says:

    It doesn’t matter if we’ve “had enough of Sarah Palin”….it will be a long time until we “see the end of Sarah Palin”. It will probably turn a huge segment of America away from television to reading books and taking long walks.

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