I’M SICK OF “PC”(political correctness)! ARE YOU?

     “Political correctness” is a term that became a mainstream reality only in the last 20 years or so. It probably started in the American workplace somewhere. Exactly where “PC” shouldn’t be! Being overly “PC” in the work environment has stifled worker’s creativity and their ability to think freely about how they go about doing their tasks. Now workers have to measure carefully every word they use and every body move they make for fear of being written up or fired. Now companies and governmental institutions watch what employees are doing on their work place computers. If there is nobody around and you open a “racy” e-mail etc., then, God forbid, you forward it, that’s grounds for termination and possibly a ticket to hell in the after-life. It’s out of control! Some employers now utilize their favorite minions to spy for them, to turn in “PC” rule violators! LISTEN UP PEOPLE IN A WORK ENVIRONMENT; if you don’t like the language you hear, move! If you don’t like the bawdy jokes being told, don’t listen! Don’t ruin it for everyone at your work because you are over sensitive! There’s no doubt in my mind the law profession is the driver of this bullcrap! It probably began with some worker offended by some insignificant happening at the workplace, a dirty joke or something. They went to the boss to complain, and the boss told them not to listen to it if it offends them. Well, that wasn’t good enough, so an attorney told the worker to sue the company. They did, they won, and the rest is history! Is it any wonder why trial lawyers are held in such low regard?

Oh, there is such a great need for tort reform in this country. The legal profession seems to be calling the shots in every aspect of our lives. I believe it’s the lawyers that are a contributing factor to high malpractice premiums that doctors must pay to cover themselves, why the medical industry keeps raising their fees, and in turn why the corrupt insurance giant in this country use this as an excuse to rape us even more on our own insurance coverage! But, I digress.

    “PC” has invaded our private lives too. No matter where we go, no matter what we say, we will upset somebody with something we said or did. Even married couples have yet another wedge to spread them apart. We can hardly be ourselves in our own homes anymore! Ever heard the term “fun hater”? Usually people bent on political correctness!

    In the huge build up of our economy many years ago, this crap wasn’t even heard of. Let’s go back to being creative, energetic, having fun, and getting America moving again. If it takes a dirty joke, the release of gas from someone who ate the wrong thing, the scratching of private body parts, or the forwarding of an adult themed e-mail, then let’s do it! Get back to work  America and stop worrying what others are saying or doing!!! Thank you.

Cam Obert


One Response to “I’M SICK OF “PC”(political correctness)! ARE YOU?”

  1. sistersue Says:

    Sorry, I believe in political correctness.

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