The obvious goal being the day when same-sex marriage is recognized and legal in all states of  the United States. That day is coming, slowly, but be patient because some things have to happen first.

    Proponents of same-sex unions need to use that term, “union”.  The term “same-sex marriage” frightens many people. They believe legalizing same-sex marriage will destroy the very sanctity of marriage. That has deeply rooted religious bases. But let me make a couple observations here. Traditional hetero marriage in this country is failing miserably! With divorce rates nearing 60%, what are the traditionalists protecting? A failing institution? Why? The religious traditionalists will say marriage must be a joining of man and woman for the purpose of propagating the species. Just let me point out here, the globe can’t support and feed the population we have now, so why worry about adding more mouths to feed? Secondly, what about straight married couples that choose not to have children? If the choice by a loving committed couple is to be childless, does it matter if they are straight or gay? Also, on the subject of children. Statistics show that children raised in a same-sex union or same-sex married household show no signs of being anything other than normal kids, good, bad, or indifferent!

Now let me lend some common sense to the discussion.  Aren’t children raised in a loving two parent home way better off than one’s raised by a single parent? Wouldn’t allowing loving and committed couples the opportunity to adopt kids and raise them as their own be better for the children, the country, the world, etc? Of course it would!

     So, proponents of same-sex marriage need to hang tight for a while. As noted in columnist Steve Chapman’s column in today’s Star tribune, the opposition to gay marriage comes mostly from Americans over age 65. By contrast, Americans under age 30, favor same-sex marriage rights by an almost 20% margin!  The state of Maine, by popular vote earlier this month, overturned the state’s same-sex marriage law. Opponents cheered. But, the media didn’t cover as much what happened in the state of Washington. Washington voters, with a 52% total, agreed to accord domestic partners all  rights that married couples receive.  The importance is the use of “domestic couples” rather than same-sex marriage.

     We need to be patient now. We’ll have to live under “seperate but equal” for a while until public sentiment moves the proper direction. It really is a civil rights issue, not a whole lot different from what the African-American population had to live with until the mid 1960’s. It will change eventually, the “morally good” people of our country will come through. This is a terrible wrong being done to a segment of our population that demands to be righted. Keep the faith! Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. roger tweed Says:

    Why do states conduct marriages? Isn’t that just the state adopting a religion-based ritual? And didn’t religions co-opt marriages from pagan rites?

    And why is marriage defined as being between two individuals? Couldn’t three or even more adults care better for children than one or two?

    Shouldn’t communal living arrangements of multiple adults and their off spring be granted equal protection to so-called “marriages” and “families” under the law. Didn’t ancient and pre-historic humans live that way?

  2. jodie fahey Says:

    The issue is we saw this all coming when David Duke became a Senator in Indiana in the 70’s, Us Liberals allowed all this religious right bullshit to happen because we got fat and lazy. So yea we can blame everyone else that the Constitution has gone off course. But the truth is we got complacent. So now we have to fight for equal rights, Oh Yea that didn’t pass the ERA. But we have to really fight, not march in nice outfits. Go back to grass roots and underground movements.
    Here is an idea, lets all meet at Starbucks and talk about it. AND DO NOTHING……

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