This will be a Sid Hartman like column. For those of you that don’t know Sid, he’s the 89 year old sports columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Sid has been with the paper for over 65 years now! He is a Minnesota sports “homer” to the nth degree! His columns the past few years really have been nothing more than lists, although, give him credit, he still shows up for most Gopher major mens’ events and is out at Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves practices almost everyday. The old tape recorder is always with him! Now, in reference to the Gopher mens’ sports, Sid is not a fan of womens’ sports at all. Title 9 be damned, he says! He claims the new Knight-Ridder Hockey arena on campus was the biggest waste of money ever at the “U”! Even though my daughter Katy was a competitive gymnast for about 15 years, and I went to most of her meets, all around the country, like Sid, I’m not much of a womens’ sports fan!

So that leads me to today’s first jot: Kudos to Danielle Justice for her solid work in the nets for the Gustavus Adolphus hockey team! She is a graduate from my hometown high school, Alexandria, and her and her family have become close friends with a troublesome cub reporter from the Greater Alexandria area. Great job, Danielle and I’m sure between you, your mom, and that cub reporter, I’ll stay up to date on your season. Good luck!

The Minnesota Twins unveiled their new uniforms for next season, their 50th year in Minnesota!  They look great! Now, if we can just get winter out of the way, our new baseball world starts in April at the new Target Field.

I’ve begun following the NFL again thanks to the excitement that Brett Favre, Adrien Peterson, Percy Harvin, Jared Allen, and former University of South Carolina Gamecock Sidney Rice, have brought to the Minnesota Viqueens this year. I’ve always been a Favray fan, but because of my disdain for the Green Bush fans, I couldn’t fully enjoy his talent!

Looks like the Wild are starting to come around to the new system under a new coach. I look for them to miss the playoffs this year, but they do have a promising future. They are more fun to watch this year too! It really helped dumping that malingerer, Marion Gaborik finally. I see he’s been “hurt” again this season with the Rangers. Good riddance!

I can’t think of a more rotten franchise in pro sports right now than the Timberwolves! They are last in scoring, last in points allowed, and last in deficit point differential in the NBA! Where they went wrong, was drafting and trading before putting a coach in place. Now with Kurt Rambis as coach, he’s been trying to force the”triangle offense” made famous by Phil Jackson. Here’s the problem, the ‘Wolves don’t have Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, or Kobe Bryant to run it! Do you really think the Jonny Flynn can handle? Not a chance. They have a very ordinary roster of players and a bad system. Ricky Rubio can’t help this train wreck!

The Gopher football team backed into a bowl last week by beating the feared and much hated South Dakota Jackrabbits 16-13. The All-American Gopher quarterback, Adam Weber lit up the Jackrabbit Defense with 94 yards passing and 2 picks! A huge day for the gifted talent, Weber. The team will get killed this week in Iowa City and then go on to another embarassing loss in the prestigious Insight Bowl!

The Gopher hockey team is struggling through yet another ordinary season. They have the top recruiting class in the country every year, but now have to count on getting nobody hurt the rest of the way in order to make the WCHA playoffs. With these great recruiting classes, why’s this roster so thin? It’s definately time to dump Lucia!

Tubby’s round ballers will have a very good, if not great season, in spite of losing three thugs from the roster for legal and discipline issues. The team is pretty deep and talented, and fun to watch. I’m glad Tubby and the Gopher hoopsters will keep us interested in this God forsaken frozen wasteland!

Our spirits will rise in the spring. The Twins will get going for another good season, the trade of Go-Go Gomez to the Brewers for JJ Hardy was a masterpiece, and of course, John Anderson will have the Gopher baseball team on top of the Big 10 and probably into the college baseball playoffs. Thanks for reading this, and please make comments and posts. I love to hear from you, as do all the readers!






Cam Obert






  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot. The Star Tribune today ranked our high school(Irondale) girls’ hockey team at number 8. They will be lead again this year by juniors Meghan Lorence and Gina McDonald, last year’s top scorer and third top scorer in the metro area! They should be good again.

  2. Bob Annen Says:

    Rice is having a fantastic year! Go Cocks!

    You didn’t mention the Ground Squirrels girls hockey team who have star outstate players like Ann Schleper and Sarah Ericson. They are great!

  3. Patty Says:

    Awww. You DO like girls sports. High five buddy. We’ll have you up in Alex bundled up with the Super Fans before you know it. Go Cards!….and Irondale, too, of course.

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